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hey welcome back guys this is Alchemist

I'll come back with a brand new COC

episode right now and today my friends

we are going to talk about how to stop

playing clash of clans so as you guys

all know it's a very addictive game and

few people are asking me how to stop

playing it to stop playing it we need to

focus on few aspects so let us start

with the first one so the first thing

you should do to stop links you see is

to make your base ruptured so let me

show you how so put your storages and

Town Hall aside and just separate your

base like I'm doing here no walls should

be around the base

so make your storages out your

collectors out let me show you and you

have to follow like this so your base

looks now quite ruptured so when you

have a look tomorrow at this place you

would like not playing this game so the

second step you would need to follow is

get away with your gems so you have to

just waste your gems like this I am just

wasting my gems up

many gems but around 23 you need to get

your gems 0 @ 0 so we are reducing our

gems and when you have let me train few

troops while dumping them so you need to

get away with your gems that will really

help you to stop playing this game so we

have just removed some of our troops and

we're going to train new troops so here

we have 0 gems nose not 0 l3 left now we

have 0 agents so we have zero gems right

now and the base is quite ruptured right

now I'm just making it more ruptured so

the third thing you need for stopped

playing this addictive game is to

motivation so like if your exams are

coming and this game is pretty addictive

and you want to get rid of it you need

to focus on your studies you can

uninstall it for one or two days you

might feel like that you want to play it

again but just control your emotions and

when you do it you will remove its

addiction just remember that you are

controlling the game the game is not

controlling you so hope you like this

video guys thanks for watching do give

us subscribe to the channel and thumbs

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Alchemist signing off peace out