How To Create a Quitclaim Deed in California - CA Quitclaim

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okay today let me show you how to create

a quitclaim deed in California the

quitclaim deed is used for primarily a

couple things one of the main things is

after divorce to deed off the former

spouse and it's also used to transfer a

property from your name into your living

trust and the problem with what happens

with most living trusts as people go get

a living trust and then that they think

that's the end that's essentially

worthless a living trust without having

funded the trust in other words retiling

the assets into the trust it's just a

waste of time so let me show you how to

retitle those assets one of the first

things you're gonna do and we're going

to provide you a link to this form the

end of the video one of the first things

you're gonna do I'm gonna do the

handwriting in red so you can see it

obviously you would do it in black it's

at the very top you're gonna want to put

in your name and since I'm Tom caught

with Tom Cox law I'm gonna put in tom


alright then the next thing I'm going to

do down here is put in you know the

mailing address 41:20 Douglas Boulevard

Granite Bay California nine five seven

four six now you'll notice that this is

where once this document recorded mail

it to so if you're you know if you're

deeding yourself off the house to your

former wife then you know you're going

to want to pay particular attention to

this address because you're going to

want to get a copy of this feedback and

what will the county will do is they'll

go ahead and stamp it once they recorded

in six to eight weeks later they're

gonna mail it back to you know this

address right here okay so you wanna you

want to know that you and so in most

cases in the divorce you're not going to

send it to your home address you know in

the case of doing a living trust you can

the next thing we want to do is is pick

up the assessor's parcel number you know

what stop I'm Tom Cox a Tom Cox law you

know going to be preparing your own


quickly indeed I mean this is your most

valuable asset and you're jeopardizing

the title of God so what I've got done

for you today is I've actually hired

someone just to do these deeds and

you're going to only pay $47 so we

typically charge 97 for those which is a

great deal to have it done prepared by

professional and also help accounting

form which is more difficult than this

grant deed or quickly indeed completed

so that all you have to do is print

these documents and ship them off to the

County Recorder and know that they're

going to be done right instead of

getting it rejected as a matter of fact

the rejection rate especially on that

county transfer form is very high when

people do it by themselves so why waste

time getting it back just do it right

the first time

just go ahead and visit the site right

down below we have a special link for

you and that will take you right over to

that area where you're going to get $50

off and get the quitclaim deed or grant

deed and the county champ transfer form

completed the same day for forty seven

dollars thanks so much I'm Tom Cox with

Tom Cox law