What is a Quit Claim Deed and How Does It Work

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Speaker 1: 00:00 David Soble, and I'm a Michigan real estate and finance attorney.

And I was in receipt of this inquiry from Susan L who's from Walled Lake Michigan.

And she says that back in 2005, she and her mother purchased a small home in Wolverine


they lived in the home together until this year when Susan purchased her home, her own


Recently, when Susan was going through some documents, she found that the deed to the

home in Wolverine Lake had Susan's name on it only it didn't contain her mother's name

on the deed.

So she now wants to prepare a quick claim deed, putting the home entirely back in her

mother's name.

So what she did is she gave me a call and she inquired whether or not she could have

a quick claim deed.

So first of all, a quick claim deed is a legal instrument that attorneys use to transfer

interest in real property.

Speaker 1: 00:50 So when the quick claim deed is properly completed and it's executed, that

means it's endorsed, it transfers any interest that a grantor, that's the person who's giving

the property it transfers any interest the grantor has in that property to the recipient

and that recipient's called a grantee.

But unlike many other deeds, and there are quite a few out there, it does not guarantee

that the grantor even owns the property before they conveyed their interest.