how to solve citrix problem using Windows 10 latest version

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hi my name is Calvin Johnson in this

video I'll be showing you how to resolve

problems that involves a citrus

application so if you try to UM you open

a program try to open a program using

the citrix apps and you receive an error

message so I'll show you how to resolve

it in the latest Windows 10 fashion so

if let me just go to my citrix

application here you how the Citrix

Receiver so let me click open files

location and then I'll click again the

open file location' so first of all if

you try to open a Citrix application at

all you try to open an application using

a Citrix Receiver and you receive an

error message the first thing you need

to do is you need to go and check if

this file is actually associated with

Citrix because this I told the files

that control the citrus application when

you're trying to open it so if you see

that okay there's a different programs

less associated with this WF 0:32 honey

WF is a 32 then or automatically you

know you have a problem then secondly

what we need to do is we need to check

if the Citrix application is is the is r

dot is a client is really associated

with the Citrix up so what you need to

do is you go to your settings press the

start menu and then click settings and

here you click apps so on uh apps we

just click default apps here you can

just scroll down and then choose click

choose default apps by file type so I'm

glad it's gonna take some time to arm to

load because I have a lot of

applications on my computer so let's

just wait for the apps all the apps so

we display well okay what we are trying

to look for here is the dots

it's a file okay let's just scroll down

a little bit and go to the dots

I see a think I'm still energy okay I'm

still here I need to check okay this you

have to look at the dots I see a tiny

citrus I see a client so first of all

you have to make you have to be sure

that the clients connection manager is

associate this file is associated with

the clients will receipt to its

connection manager so if that is not a

case what he does need to do is you need

to click on this file then here you you

can receive kind of a drop down list of

application that you you need to be

associated with a these are clients as

you can see it's already reached and the

file is as you tell which they is a

client so then they there you can choose

which file you want to open your citrus

connection might end with what it has to

be the citrus connection manager and

again if that does not resolve your


I think let me show you another option

what you can't really do to resolve the

connection problem with Citrix so what

you need to do you need to go to like

show hidden icons here and here I have

the Citrix Receiver on the task bar of

my computer so right-click on a Citrix

Receiver and then click advanced


so if I click advanced preference it's

going to show me some other options of

my Citrix so here you have the option to

reset receiver so when I click reset

receiver so it's gonna ask me are you

sure you want to reset the receiver it

says resetting with the lights or apps

desktops accounts on configuration on

return with Serato is default setting so

what this actually does is it actually

resets the Citrix Receiver to its

default setting so if you have on the

east side I see if I see a file trying

to being used by another program so when

you reset this file it will as well in

switch to the right program so just

click yes or set miss

so now is trying to reset the Citrix

Receiver so is default settings so like

just wait a lot of it as you can see

searches for see also set to its default

setting then click OK and here I'm gonna

receive a message

ok here we see but may say that I'm

gonna walk just this is a luminol

install I'm through the first time you

receive this this pop-up or this message

so I just click do not show this windows

automatically at logon if you don't do

this any time you log onto your computer

it will display so well because I

created a video some time ago I am on

how to restore how to resolve series

application so I receive a lot of emails

and comments not some people say that's

well they tell me a lot for Katinas

video that it actually helps them to

resolve their problem and some people

some people say that the problem was not

resolved and I believe is because they

are using when I create video I think I

using them Windows 10 facial once this

is 0 7 so right now I'm using version 1

8 0 3 so probably you may be using

version one seven zero three or even

didn't latest fashion of Windows which

is one 9:03 I'm at the moment so if the

latest version of Windows are you having

this problem

so I believe just following the steps

will help you to resolve your citrus

problem and also before I forget

yeah you see also the ICO file you have

to make sure that this file is also

associated with Citrix Receiver ok now

if for example I choose pens here you

see they now have a problem because the

ICO file is now a suitable pen and this

is not supposed to be the case so if I

just click let me just click this file

again and see here I can just choose

Citrix Receiver so Citrix Receiver has

to be the case of the IC

file so check the body I see I see a and

the I see automation boots this is

citrus connection manager and this is

using Citrix Receiver if that is not a

case believe you me you have you see you

keep on receiving awesome error message

and you see that you tell you that okay

there is no citrus its installed arms

through an application will install oil

computer and whereas that is not the

case well thank you very much for

watching my video and please don't

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