Install Citrix Workspace for Mac

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hello everyone this is a quick tutorial

on how to download Citrix workspace for

Mac inside the document just scroll down

to step one download Citrix click on the

link and then click the download Citrix

workspace app for Mac it's saved this

will save it down to your downloads once

it's finished downloading double click

on the download at the bottom left this

will start opening up and installing

your application to install double click

on the icon hit continue continue and

continue again agree to the license

agreement and then hit the install

button make sure to enter your password

for your Mac after the installation is

complete it continued and closed you can

keep the download or move it to trash

head back on over to the documentation

and scroll down to step 13 click on the

link hit allow

and scroll down again to install the

reference save the download and once

that's finished downloading again open

up that download scroll on up to where

you see your download and double click

this will extract the file down below

into your download right click or

two-finger click and copy the extracted

file on the left hand side head over to

your Mac icon expand your library tab

scroll down until you find preferences

and two-finger click or right click

again to paste the item make sure to

enter your password in once more and

that's it you should be ready to go with