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ex-smokers have read it what actually

worked to get you to successfully stop

smoking just coming off my fifth failed

attempts at quitting frown any advice my

trigger is being at work health care you

only get to break if you step outside

and light up I have the electronic

cigarette but I end up smoking real ones

anyway and he helped I knew I had to

quit my young son was getting older and

was very aware I kept putting it off

because smokers are great at that then

one day my two-year-old picked someone's

grubby old butt up off the ground

put it in his mouth and said look daddy

I'm smoking too heartbreaking I quit

cold turkey the next day so the moral of

my story is that having a really great

reason to quit smoking that means a lot

to you is important edit thanks for the

gold anonymous friend thanks everyone

for your great stories I'm enjoying them

all vaping I haven't smoked since August

and I don't miss it and this is after a

30 year habit same here pack a day down

to nothing gave up the ping when I

weaned myself down to zero nicotine

juice and donated my gear to a friend

no smoking of the pig since October no

more coughing [ __ ] up I'm still in two

minds whether I should bother quitting

the thing I'm only on six milligrams but

I kind of like being mildly addicted to

something but I feel about a million

times better than on real sakes I'll

never go back I felt the same way when I

quit hoping though but I was uh vaping

way too much about half a bottle a day I

was at six milligrams for a few months

then switched to zero milligrams for a

week woke up one day and didn't vape

anymore feels good man I was wasting so

much money on vaping supplies to poverty

in my early 20s I hit a rough patch and

I had to choose smoking or eating I'm

glad you made the right choice fell in

love with a girl who didn't smoke simple

as that

I got self-conscious about my breath and

teeth and the smell of my clothes

I wanted her to want to kiss me all the

time that and she never pressured me to

quit she just said smoke or don't smoke

but quit acting like you want to stop

and then buying more sometimes I still

have one when I'm really stressed finals

week etc it's easy to stop the when you

don't want to be a smoker anymore

I barely enjoy them now yeah man exactly

how I did it

the girls gone now but so are the

cigarettes I'm happy with that result

electronic sick I'm still using it but

am now down to no nicotine in it I

haven't had a ciggy Nall most three

years well done I'm at about six months

still high anak but hoping to drop soon

thank you I'm glad I did it and can

actually breathe again

I don't look at the Essig as having a

negative effect on my health it's only

mental at this point since I am using no

nicotine now I've been using Essex for a

bit now I started off with the

equivalent nicotine mg's as what I was

smoking a day once I run out of the vape

juice I go in for a new bottle and

decrease the nicotine level by two I'm

now almost completely independent of

nicotine I've had a few six here and

there and I can honestly say I prefer

the taste of the vape over the cigs now

be strong and good luck I read a free

PDF copy of the book the easy way to

quit smoking by Alan Carr and quit

cold-turkey dot dot dot I also followed

slash are slash stop smoking around that

time where I found the book

I haven't had or wanted a six since

March 2013

good luck upvote Alan Carr the easy way

to quit smoking audio book for me if you

make it through the book you will quit

at the end if you don't you won't

simple as that no withdrawals


it really is in your head this book lets

you realize that it really was easy

my wife getting pregnant I really just

needed to truly want to quit if you go

into quitting while expecting to put up

a fight you'll win the fight pretty much

this wanting to quit is the main thing

I've tried various things gum eat guys

and the

but the moment for me was it was either

smoking or moving forward with my

girlfriend it's been a month or so now

and yes I've slipped but I am determined

and I am getting the mental cravings

less every day I wrote a $2,000 check to

the Westboro Baptist Church and handed

it to my closest confidante and said if

you even hear about me smoking or using

any sort of nicotine you have to mail

this in in one year you can return the

check to me and l'll reevaluate I failed

quitting at least 20 times before this

with this method it was by far the

easiest time I ever had quitting

I had stakes in the game I couldn't

afford to lose I couldn't lie to this

guy and sneak one either guilt would be

my own hangman note cravings never go

away they just become easier to ignore

it's been eight months and the last time

I thought about smoking was yesterday he

cigarettes starting off at 24 milligrams

nicotine and gradually wounding down 2-0


I kept smoking nicotine free for a few

weeks and finally quit dot I love these

six stories good for you man I haven't

smoked a cigarette in over a year

I was a pack-a-day smoker for around 15

years I quit cold turkey using the book

Callum Carr's easy way to stop smoking

someone posted it to Reddit late one

night and I decided [ __ ] it it can't

hurt to read it you are told to smoke at

different points throughout the book and

then have one last cigarette after you

finish the whole book well that last

cigarette happened to coincide with the

last in my pack and the next morning I

just wasn't motivated to buy another

pack and I haven't since two things uh

need cigarette and actually wanting to

quit I couldn't have done it cold turkey

I'd tried a couple of times but using

the e cig for a few months worked very

well I ended up using it less and less

as time went on and finally stopped


electronic cigarette and swedishness a

good quality a cigarette personal

vaporizer variable wattage quality

clearomizer and a wide variety of

chooses a cigarette been smoking for 16

years just quit this last Thanksgiving

now cigarettes taste like crap I still

use my vape but I feel great

brushing my teeth a lot made me taste

the yuck

naturally I grew uncomfortable with it

my girlfriend informed me that I was

quitting dot dot dot I smoked for years

and tried a lot of methods to quit such

as patches gum s exact cetera the only

option for me was to quit cold-turkey it

requires willpower but it was the best

way for me for me the most important

thing was to understand that smoking a

cigarette does not help with any problem

I have nor does it make any moment any

more special than it already is for

example if I'm stressed the smoke am ii

wanted to have a smoke in thought that

it is more difficult to deal with stress

after having a smoke the non-smoking me

understands that the only way to deal

with stress is to find the real cause

for it and do something about that

reason smokers tend to give cigarettes

more value than they actually have

mostly it is the ritual the smoking

break having something to do with your

hands going outside for five minutes

that helps not the ciggy also I at a

tiny bit of nicotine gum blended with

normal sugar-free gum for the worst

moments I at in total about twenty

pieces I had some cravings for salt

licorice at the time maybe the taste is

a bit similar for me it helped switching

to the ecig worked well for me as well

as most of my friends I decided to try

them out when they were still very new

there wasn't a whole lot of variety at

the time and the first type I tried

didn't satisfy so I went back to tobacco

but as e-cigs grew in popularity better

products came out and were largely more

satisfying than

Rhett's I don't know if you could

classify this is 100% quitting but it is

definitely a better alternative a

majority of my friends have stepped down

their nicotine levels and are at zero


the only thing left to beat is the hand

to mouth routine and I think that is the

hardest part I can't speak for myself so

I'll tell my dad's story he smoked for

most of his life and had a heart attack

the doctors advised him to quit and he

tried he really did patches didn't work

gum didn't work so he always went back

to smoking until he needed a heart

bypass operation he had a meeting with

the surgeon who told him if you don't

stop smoking completely in three months

time I will not do the operation if you

don't have this operation you will not

live to see your son grow up you

probably won't see Christmas work to

treat for him as I recalled research

suggests that gum touches etc all feed

the craving and the most successful

quitters were those who went cold turkey

I could probably find the source for

that if necessary warm turkey vaporizer

Essig zero milligrams and eventually I

just stopped that to think I just liked

having something to do instead of

letting my hands idle I read Alan Katz

book about quitting the argument that

did it for me was that smoking doesn't

really make you feel better it just

makes you feel worse when you're not

smoking and then when you smoke you get

to feel as good as a nonsmoker feels all

the time vaporizers hands down my whole

family decided to switch to them as well

which helped a lot tried quitting before

only to start back up because everyone

else in the house smoked once we all

quit it was easier than anything else

I've done it was basically a social

stigma that made me smoke edit update

holy ishida I'm overwhelmed at all the

responses and so grateful for the


to help assist to break that habit you

guys that suggested the ping you won top

answer on the board you all pass go

collect $200 I got the ego electronic

cigarette with strawberry 24 milligrams

nicotine juice I committed to it this

time and went 11 days without a real

cigarette thiing I had a bad day

subsequent drunken night and smoked the

real ones and suffered that [ __ ] feeling

I was so mad that I just kept on smoking

then I read more of your responses and

someone said the more times you quit the

more likely it will eventually stick I

thought about that and have now

successfully gone one week cigarette

free just vaping I did admittedly smoke

some of the Swisher sweet on Valentine's

Day but have not caved into buying a

pack of cigarettes or even bumped

accepted offered cigarettes I'm so

thankful for your responses you guys are

awesome thank you for your good luck

vibes I believe they are helping me

succeed bless y'all thanks for watching

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