What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Quit Smoking?

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hi I'm dr. Mike Evans and I think

quitting smoking is a journey for some

that says short journey full of

resilience but I think for most it's a

long journey along a fair if you will of

quitting and relapse a complicated

relationship that can have as much to do

with the person's relationship with

themselves as with the cigarettes what

starts as a pleasant sensation

opportunity rebel or even to belong is

replaced by less pleasure and a feeling

of being trapped a daily or hourly ride

of nicotine withdrawal and then another

cigarette which brings relief most teens

who smoke think they will quit in their

20s and actually don't till their 40s

stopping smoking about making a change

and that is something we're not too good

at what I think can change I think of

two concepts where you all right and the