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hey I'm Bradley from OTT cigar review

and these are the top five reasons you

should quit cigar smoking now it's

always interesting to me that we've

never done a video like this I know that

there's a lot of people out there that

are anti cigar anti smoke and everything

else but you know I kind of wanted to

address this as somebody who enjoys

cigars loved cigars review cigars is in

the cigar business so I'm gonna be

honest I'm gonna be blunt with you today

you're gonna hear some things you

probably never heard before and I'm

gonna reviewing this epic deal with

Cornelius Anthony these are wonderful

cigars if you look a little bit right

here we have two really good epic deals

there's five of these cigars that come

in either a black or white ashtray for

your enjoyment pleasure if you do smoke

cigars if you don't see smoke cigars

you're gonna probably watch the rest

this video if you do smoke cigars please

do click on this deal cuz you're gonna

love it if you do why in the world would

I ever do a video telling people not to

smoke cigars well the fact of the matter

is I'm kind of a fair guy I really want

people to know that I you know I listen

to them I listen to what people's

concerns are my kids are in school and

when they tell their teachers that you

know my dad works in the cigar business

my teachers get really really worried

about me worried about my kids and

everything else like that so I'm gonna

answer some of the top five reasons I

personally think that you should quit

cigar smoking if it's for you reason

number one cigars are making you sick

every time you smoke them and you're not

willing to put in the work to figure out

why now cigars are kind of a science -

believe it or not there is a way to

smoke a cigar there's a way not to smoke

a cigar there's things that you have to

like literally cigars that I would never

recommend anybody smoking on an empty

stomach there's light cigars heavy

cigars flavored cigars all types of


but the fact of the matter is if cigars

are making you sick every time you smoke

them and you can't get past it I would

definitely say cigars are probably a

hobby or lifestyle you don't want to get

into and maybe that's a reason you

should quit the second reason why I

think you should stop smoking cigars is

maybe you can't afford the habit now we

do sell cigars here that a bundle cigars

they're like two to three dollars apiece

but maybe you're deeply in debt or you

don't have enough money to spend on a

hobby right now that's a perfect time

for you to stop please because believe

it or not we at TNT believe

that cigars are like a lifestyle and it

can be an expensive hobby to be honest

with you so when you're smoking cigars

as you begin the hobby as you begin the

lifestyle you usually start with cheaper

cigars and work your way up the reality

is as you work your way up cigars can be

as much as fifteen to fifty dollars a

piece when you get into some of the

really really really really high quality

stuff now doesn't mean you can't get a

really good cigars for cheap you can you

really really can but if you don't have

the money to invest in that and all

you're gonna do is complain about how

cigars is too expensive and you can't

afford it and you wish you could have

one all the time but you can't afford it

maybe that's the reason you should stop

smoking cigars possibly reason number

three on why you should stop smoking

cigars it's ruining your relationships

now I'll say this I'll say this I think

everybody should be able to put

relationships in front of hobbies I

really believe that and if you have a

significant other or spouse or a

girlfriend or boyfriend that this is

coming between your relationship this is

just a hobby

this isn't like everything all-inclusive

this is not like a religion I just want

you to understand that you shouldn't

sacrifice everything for cigars I'm not

one of those people that sacrifice

everything for cigars I'm in the

business of cigar I enjoy them as a

cigar smoker in as a hobby but the fact

of the matter is you should never

sacrifice your relationships for cigars

so if you have a conversation with your

spouse or your your significant other

and it's coming between you don't like

the way they don't like the way you

smell your breath I'm gonna answer that

a little bit all these other ones all

these other reasons they have for why

they don't want you smoking cigars

you should probably quit smoking cigars

so I'm gonna take a second and tell you

about this cigar that I'm definitely not

gonna quit smoking and this is Cornelius

anthony's senior sugar or senior sugars

and this is a great great rich dark

cigar if you like complexity in your

cigars through like boutique cigars

Cornelius Anthony is not somebody should

ever pass over because they have some of

the best cigars out there and we've got

a great deal for you right now that you

guys see over here in this little corner

or on this corner I can't remember the

eyes gonna pop up sky I think it's gonna

be on this corner and click on there so

that you can get your deal and you get

five of these not this one it's a

mixture of them in every single one of

these cigars that are in this deal I

have smoked them personally and I kid

you not

every one is better than next this

happens in my favorite by nature of fact

I enjoy a dark Maduro cigar that's more

chocolaty and dark woods and earthy and

this cigar does not disappoint in any

way shape and form reason number four

that you might want to quit smoking

cigars is you're easily offended when

people assume that the cigar industry is

part of big tobacco now you've seen

these truth campaigns you've seen other

things like that and one of the things

we're fighting as an industry is to show

people that we are completely different

from the big tobacconists the guys that

do cigarettes and other other forms of

tobacco premium cigars are handmade and

there's so many people involved in this

and they're not marketed to children

that's a big deal that's a real big deal

so if you can't stand people just

assuming outright that you're part of

the big tobacco problem then maybe

quitting cigars is for you because I get

this all the time people assume this all

the time because I work in the industry

when I fight when they find out I work

in cigars my kids teachers other friends

of ours they get really upset and

they're like wow yeah I didn't know that

you're part of the you know you're anti

truth campaign or your anti this or anti

that and you're anti kids I'm not that

whatsoever and if you do your research

on the health risk of cigars you'd be

surprised how actually healthy they are

for you in comparison to anything else

you could do that's risky with your life

the fifth reason why maybe you should

quit smoking cigars is you refuse to

take care of your teeth let me just say

this as somebody who brushes their teeth

day in and day out who works in the

cigar industry and maybe has a cigar too

to add a UH dental care in the cigar

world is very very important to us every

single one of us has mouthwash everybody

sing one of us president teeth in the

morning sometimes in the afternoon and

night depending on me cigars we've had

many many cigar smokers get cigar breath

and that's because you don't take care

of your mouth you don't brush your teeth

you don't use use mouthwash let me just

say this if you're a cigar smoker you

have to brush your teeth you have to


lutely have to use mouthwash and the

real Listerine not like the fake stuff

not the stuff that like the kids use but

the stuff that burns your mouth

incessantly and it kills all those germs

all the bacteria because while you're

smoking I mean you're putting smoke in

your mouth and it it can cause if you

let it major major dental problems a lot

of cigar guys lose their teeth because

they don't take care of them in major

cavities and so on and so forth and most

and worst of all is the cigar breath can

you imagine going into a business

meeting where you're negotiating

something having that cigar breath it's

just foul I know it's Val I smoke cigars

all the time so that's why it's

important to take care of you if you

can't take care of your teeth save

yourself a whole lot of money at the

dentist and just stop smoking cigars

well thanks so much for tuning in we do

have many other videos here for you some

informative some more fun I hope it gave

you something to think about I hope you

gave you I hope it gave you something to

maybe talk about with your friends if

you are planning on quitting cigars my

recommendation is you don't and just

make adjustments to your lifestyle to

enjoy cigar smoking all the more I'm

Bradley from tnc cigars calm you can

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