Disable - Hold To Quit Google Chrome

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hey everybody its Shawn Seymour Happy

New Year hey in an effort to bring you

more content this year and help fill out

my channel I'm gonna be bringing you

some more technical videos and this one

came about recently because I upgraded

my operating system after upgrading my

operating system Google now wants me to

hold the Apple button or command button

and queue in order to close Chrome I

know why they did this because those of

us that have multiple tabs open at once

the command W and or Apple W are very

close to the command Q for those of us

that don't need that this really slows

down my workflow so it's really simple

fix all you have to do is go up to the

menu the file menu click on Chrome and

then click on the check box there it is

it says warned before quitting after you

do that you'll notice that when you hit

command Q or Apple Q it disappears

Chrome quits

and you're on to the next thing alrighty

hey I hope you found this video helpful

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technical videos coming your way if

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