How to Quit Chewing Tobacco on 'The Doctors'

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we actually have Gruenbaum burns on the

phone he wants to send you a very

important message when GRU was only 17

he actually developed mouth cancer after

only four years of chewing tobacco he's

actually had his lower jaw half his

tongue as well as some of his neck

muscles removed and I want everyone to

listen to Gruen carefully if you're at

home and you use tobacco and you in

particular Scott his story is so

powerful growing can you hear us yes I

hear you

so you have the floor shot man I tell

you what so many times I could face to

face with people like you it's not

happening man for those it's really not

that big of a deal and I was diagnosed

with cancer at a very young age from

this product

I mean it's proven it's known that I was