How To Quit Chewing Tobacco Fast ?

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this video will help you to quit chewing

tobacco if you chew eight packets of

tobacco per day that is equal to 40

cigarettes per day putting tobacco in

your mouth for 30 minutes is equal to

smoking 3 cigarettes per day death rate

is very very high for oral cancers in

India the age is tenderized death for is

really very high now let's tell you

something about the data of these the

value of the nicotine in Indian market

nicotine in BD is twenty six point nine

milligram per gram in cigarettes it is

fifty cigarette it is 15 milligram per

gram in good car it is three point five

milligrams per gram this data will help

you to calculate the nicotine that you

are taking and this will help you get

paper than nicotine when you need it now

this video is divided into four part the

introduction that we have covered the

week one during the first week but you

have to do the big two and a big three

now decide to put and fix a date

right that date on a piece of paper now

close your eyes and brave it be if I

kill the tobacco after this day God

please give me the oral cancer now it's

time to tell all your relatives friends

co-workers on phone the date and the

plan that you are quitting the tobacco

chewing now paper down your daily

requirement by calculating the nicotine

that you one is using and daily with the

help of the chart that I have given you

earlier now at this time you can use the

nicotine chewing gums quitting tobacco

will be hardest on the table and harder

in the first B now remember that putting

tobacco will be very very hardest on the

day one as well as in during the first

week so have a strong willpower now

before the now since the date is your

day are passing and it is approaching

and this is the right time to go to a

dentist and get your teeth cleared and

have a white smile keep yourself busy

and slowly that day will come

now remember that symptoms will be very

very strong during the first week when

you will pass through that shop in the

market you will have a strong urge to

buy the packet and to put it in the

mouth you have to avoid that and so you

can avoid that by doing this step take a

deep breath hold your breath for some

time take another deep breath and just

start jogging away from the shop don't

good do that again you would have that

feeling again and again do exercise or

start jogging and just slip away from

that situation

drinking ten glass of water and 20

minutes of exercise per day will also

help you a lot it may be possible that

you may feel irritable you're Restless

as well as impatience yeah you will have

the problem of constipation I know that

now too so as to fight with the

constipation you add some fibers into

your diet like eating salad and adding

fibers in your roadie and as well as I

told you that and when came 10 class of

the water will help you further when you

will feel hunger you will notice a

weight gain

when you will have the hunger than Pete

food items you will also have a desire

to eat so eat Edmonds you can also use

the profion

pills so as to reduce the withdrawal

symptoms during distance congratulations

now you have crossed the hardest part

now it's easy to go and cut it for your


remember that craving as strong as it

was in the first week but it will be

very less number of times per week this

time you go near to the top in the

market the arch will come away go near

to that shop or in any place where you

used to eat the vodka the hatch will

come and such a relapse of urge this

condition is known as trigger now take a

piece of a paper and again and write the

three triggers the trigger 1 may 2 & 3

which may be eight plays or maybe an

email now tell to your family about the

triggers they will help you to get rid

of it

now tell those triggers to your family

members they will also help in reducing

it and strengthening your motivation and

again the same thing you have to do the

taking the deep breath and walking away

from the top while jogging now it's week

three you will have very very less

temptations this week since you have

controlled it for 15 days it will be

very very easy and you

we'll be more energetic now don't even

think of eating a single packet

otherwise which will return you to the

same old path follow that taking the

deep breath etcetera and those people

who are able to quit please share your

thoughts blow by making a video response

that will motivate others and a good

thought will be given a good price thank