How To Quit Chewing Tobacco Fast ?

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this video will help you to quit chewing

tobacco if you chew eight packets of

tobacco per day that is equal to 40

cigarettes per day putting tobacco in

your mouth for 30 minutes is equal to

smoking 3 cigarettes per day death rate

is very very high for oral cancers in

India the age is tenderized death for is

really very high now let's tell you

something about the data of these the

value of the nicotine in Indian market

nicotine in BD is twenty six point nine

milligram per gram in cigarettes it is

fifty cigarette it is 15 milligram per

gram in good car it is three point five

milligrams per gram this data will help

you to calculate the nicotine that you

are taking and this will help you get

paper than nicotine when you need it now

this video is divided into four part the

introduction that we have covered the