Why I quit Chewing Gum (research article provided)

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hey you guys tannaz Silva here and today

we are going to talk about gum chewing

I'm not chewing any gum because I really

can't I'm cleansing I'm not allowed but

anyway I wanted to give up gum chewing

anyway this year that was one of my

resolutions come a long way

all rights taking me a while I started

the habit of chewing gum probably as an

early teen in order to suppress my

appetite because I thought I was going

to help me lose weight you know also I

did it because it you know it was

subside cravings and give you good

breath and especially as I salsa dance

we're like this close with people when

we're dancing and so in what I'm a smell

like me dragon breath so I just

completely wanted to give up gum and

it's pretty cool because in the

Brazilian culture you see everybody

bring their toothbrush with them and

they're always brushing their teeth

after they consume their meals it's an

awesome awesome habit to adapt to I'm in

the process of trying to adapt that

habit but it's a lot it's pretty hard

because it's really inconvenient to

bring your toothbrush and toothpaste

everywhere with you so I also attached a

link on the bottom with some if you want

like the facts and the research there is

a link below that I attached in the

description box of an article that I

really liked by dark dr. Mercola

you can also go on the computer find

your own research if you're a research

rat and you want all the facts and

statistics we're just going to go over a

couple of basic things because I don't

want to get too far into detail on more

like a feeling type gal and so we're

going to cover a couple things today on

on kinda like using your body's

communication system as your best

reference now throughout the years of

chewing gum I always knew that it wasn't

actually the best thing because it

created a couple of things number one

never chew gum before you're hungry

because it's going to increase your

appetite it does not decrease your up 2

it's going to increase your appetite I'm

going to tell you why your body thinks

that it's about to eat something so all

of your Salvatori glands the enzymes

your system the at natural acids in the

body they start to produce and function

because they think that something's

coming in the system so they're getting

ready to work they're getting ready to

break things down so you can digest it

well guess what there's nothing going on

in your system because you're chewing

gum so what you're doing is producing

extra Salvatori glands which therefore

can cause an adjusting gas bloating I'm

I feel like bubbles in your chest maybe

cup a couple of like burps and stuff

like that because you know you're not

putting anything in your system so and

also if you're chewing gum as an

appetite suppressant let's have a little

chitchat here that is a policy that's

that's lies if you think about the

leanest people in the world who who

comes to mind to me bodybuilders bikini

models Fitness competitors those people

are really lean I mean they have the

leanest percentage of body fat and

they're eating anywhere from 6 to 8

meals a day they're eating 6 to 8 times

day that's a lot so they're eating every

two to three hours and that's to get the

metabolism speeding up and functioning

so that they're burning fat at their

maximum capacity there's a really cool

analogy that I learned that I want to

share with you to kind of explain this

into a simple way because I'm a simple

kind of kind of girl and I like to stick

with the ABCs things don't need to be so

complicated so if you are familiar with

a furnace or a fireplace at North I live

in Florida it's beautiful here so we

have no need for those but the analogy

of your metabolism go goes really well

with a furnace or a fireplace so say

it's freezing freezing out all right

the the heaters broken and all you have

is your fireplace you have logs and you

have mass you're going to get started so

you need to generate heat all day long

at your maximum capacity because it's

freezing out and you want to keep warm

so you're not going to go and throw like

10 logs in there

and go away because eventually that fire

is going to come down and it's going to

get a little colder and then you know

fill it up another five hours come up

here and then it goes cooler so in order

to generate heat at it

maximum capacity you're going to throw

in logs every two to three hours so then

this way the fire the heat is pretty

steady all day long the same applies to

your metabolism you want to fuel your

body every two to three hours in order

to keep your body burning fat at its

maximum capacity I thought that was a

really cool analogy and it's now the

next topic is going to be cravings I

would use gum chewing all the time for

cravings especially when I was getting

ready to do bikini competition because

you had you can't eat certain foods and

so the first thing you want to do is if

you can't have the junk food you're

going to pop piece of gum in your mouth

and that's also going to affect you know

your jum lining is more that you chew

gum the more it's going to create an

imbalance in your mouth also secretes a

lot of an ejection with all the summit's

with all the you know stomach acids and

stuff like that

firing off thinking it's getting food

but also cravings lasts anywhere from

two to five minutes so if you can find a

different tool something to substitute

instead of the gum that would be ideal

I'm going to share with you a couple

things that I've adapted to use to get

me off the gum and when I'm is going to

be tea I love tea I love it or you know

you can make like a thing of ice water

or like make cold tea or you know I

squeeze lemon and orange juice and put

some mint leaves and like a cold jug and

I drink it it's awesome or make hot tea

and I'll put mint leaves in or in hot

water and it's very good for digestion

and I just have a bunch of different

types of flavors of tea and they just

kind of keep me going also I've adapted

a strategy or a tool called tapping and

it's called tapping or also called EFT

which is emotional freedom technique if

it's more for work for craving try to

understand where the cravings come from

where where do I stand an emotional

level just kind of check in with myself

and tell myself that it's okay to feel

this way and to just let it go and that

foods not going to you know it's not

going to settle or satisfy what's really

going on and the same thing with gum

we're just kind of numbing out

whatever's going on so we don't really

have to deal with it when it's really

important to deal

allow the emotion to come up to the

surface and then let it go so what

you're done with it you know it doesn't

consistently turn into patterns and

behaviors that we don't that aren't

going to do us any good in the long run

and aren't going to allow us to feel and

look our absolute best so everything

that we talked about I am just

generating in to allow you to to guide

you to looking feeling and being the

best version of yourself because you

matter and you know you deserve to feel

that way and I just want to you know

that's my ultimate mission throughout

these videos is to give you as much

support tools and strategies to be able

to teach you how to connect with

yourself and that's why with a lot of

the videos I'm not going to get more to

the research if you want research I'll

attach a really cool article just to

give you the facts but you'll feel these

things within your body of you know the

benefits or the disadvantages of

whatever it is and today we're talking

about gum chewing so I knew these things

intuitively but it's things that we just

kind of ignore until we really have to

deal with it where you develop something

like TMJ or a jaw imbalance or severe

indigestion or gastrointestinal

disorders and and you can't you know it

gets to that point but why should we

allow it to get to that point do you

know what I mean so also another big

reason for gum chewing is dragon breath

so I salsa dance I know we're like in

each of those phases like this and it's

so important to have good breath because

I'm sure nobody wants to be dancing with

me if I have nasty garlic breath so I

really love it like as I mentioned

earlier a lot of Brazilians they've

adapted the brushing the teeth I was

sure to brush my teeth before I go or

also you know you can pop a piece of gum

in there for like thirty Seconds to a

minute and then be done with it you know

everything in moderation if you use it

you use it I listen I love gum don't get

me wrong but it doesn't do anything good

for me and so I wanted to point out a

couple of things here of it really does

prove that so that's about it for today

if you have anything that you'd like to

share with everybody else watching this

video and even myself I would love to

learn from you any tools tips strategies

techniques that have helped you overcome

your gum

chewing or things that you just

absolutely love about going anything

about gum related or doesn't have to be

gum relate or whatever anything to

support the community go ahead and leave

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remember to look feel and be your

absolute best today because you deserve

it alright peace out