How To Quit Dipping Tobacco Cold Turkey (Low Stress way!)

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Hey say you want to quit the backhoe huh

that's awesome

in this video I'm going to be telling

you how I quit tobacco cold turkey so I

did it with complete ease and you can

too okay so I was packing over a 10 a

day my addiction was extremely bad you

know I felt like I needed it every

second I knew I needed to quit but I

just simply could nothing was working

until I started doing this one thing

okay so I'm gonna tell you how I did

that but I'm in the need you guys

started taking notes so once I started

to be mindful of everything that was

happening when I would pack tobacco I

noticed all the negative stuff about it

so instead of just not buying the

tobacco and not buying it made me think

about how much I actually really wanted

it so I continued to buy the tobacco and