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how's it going what's your name what

Mike okay nice to meet you Samson

Wellington see you the complex

ain't done today I just noticed that uh

when I was standing there he didn't

offer me help or anything and that's a

no-no you know what I'm saying you gotta

ask the customer if they need help with

it if you see me standing there ask me

if I need assistance or anything in the

product you know that mean and just the

way you're kind of putting the boxes

away slow and stuff like that and we

need productivity so

I gonna let you go

if I

because you didn't offer me help I'm

serious this is a random inspection I

just flew out from Bentonville Arkansas

and we're cutting employees who aren't

doing their job properly and not up to

par with their performance so I know but

it doesn't matter we have new people to

fill the spot and somebody new is gonna

be coming in here today who just got

trained to fill your spot so I'm gonna

need the vest it's it makes sense but I

just we can't have this I just you can

apply for Walmart in six months from now

but for now we gotta let you go

exactly that's the problem but I see the

way you're stocking you can offer me

help look that's just what we have to do

I've been talking to management you see

these cameras they're not just watching

people stealing they're watching the

workers come on we got to finish this I

gotta let you go

I'm sorry you're fired though let me see

that and everything get your [ __ ] out

well they hate come on excuse me I

actually got to tell you something

hey excuse me I have something for you

it's Claire no hey hey it's a hidden

camera prank show I'm about to give you

something we what's your name Mike again

okay so yeah I swear to God yeah it's a

prank it's a prank okay so what I want

to do for youse

I want to make your day better man cuz I

know it's hard working here and stuff

like that and people are stealing stuff

probably and dude I just I hope you have

a good rest of your day man I know I

know I know yeah yeah I was like dude I

hope this guy is not fine honestly it'd

be good for the video but I'm like okay

just keep it together

cuz cuz dude like you're like no get off

me I was like oh god so I'm gonna post a

video tomorrow and you'll be in it yeah

yeah I was like you got to get this on

so I don't look like an [ __ ] over

there I'm like dude come on man

[ __ ] I'm trying to make your day better

okay well yeah dude sorry for scaring

you there yeah hope you have a good rest

of your day man yep no problem dude

excuse me oh my god vice president of

operations Sampson Wellington I'm doing

an inspection right now and I saw what

you did

I saw what you did how's it going you're


you're fired so let's get the vest

you're done

it was very against company policy

we've been watching over these cameras

and what you've been doing is not up to

par none of the standards with company

policy we got to let you go we got

somebody out there who's been training

for the last couple of days so they're

gonna come take your spot in about five

minutes okay don't worry about what you

did I saw what you did you're fired

well you're fired so you can't improve

so let me work ethic lack of actual work

you're on your phone sometimes can't be

having that and you're not helping the

customer at hand

so not to mention you took an extra-long

break the other day

yeah so I need the best I need


thank you all right what's this in here

oh we need this we need this we need

this this is for me thanks again yep


well things happen things do happen and

life does go on and you can succeed

elsewhere so I wish you the best

all right thank you have a good day I

should I got to tell you something come


I actually got to tell you something I'm

just kidding we're it's actually a prank

it's actually a prank hey come here come

here come here come here it's just it

just feeling like a CEO firing people

prank but here yeah yeah it's just a

joke just a joke just a joke here yeah

no this is for your lunch this is for

your lunch juice here's $80 just to make

your day better it's just it's just a

funny video

I'm just here this is just to make your

day what are you doing

I'm Chuck just this is for your lunch or

dinner yeah for your dinner here just

take it it's my gift to you here here

what it's just a prank I'm sorry come on

don't cry emotional all right well don't

get me in trouble I know girls get

emotional but here honestly this is for

you whatever you want to spend it on

here all right I'm gonna put this in

your vest okay so you have to take it

ring this is for you I know I know I

know I know I love you all right

well give me a hug I don't cry don't cry

please don't cry I but yeah that's for

whatever you want to spend it on and I

hope you have a good rescue $80 all

right here's a hundred

greedy just kidding all right here's 20

all right hundred dollars all right well

I hope you have a good rest of your day

yeah okay bye good luck

excuse me how you doing

Samson Wellington CEO this complex so I

don't know if you just saw me but I just

walked out with this stuff you didn't

even check my receipt don't try to check

it now and I'm actually here for doing a

random inspection doing different things

to see if our and they're actually

paying attention to their surroundings

now Andrew we got to let you go when I

see something like that that is a huge

red flag so I need that vest you're


I just walked out with everything you're

[ __ ] fired yeah I don't want to hear

it seemed the vest you fight

yeah yes they told me don't you don't

have to check anything no I don't need

anything I purchased everything but you

didn't even check it I purchased that

another Walmart so yeah that's it for

you do you have anything in your cubbies

need to clean out or anything like that

okay perfect

I'll get somebody else to replace you

something just got trained up and

they're gonna be here actually checking

no that doesn't matter

let's go let's let's not make this

harder than it should be come on let's

walk and talk let's walk and talk

well all your stuff is spilling out

you're getting in you're good you're


all your stuffs spilling out come on

all right

yeah you're good I'll leave this right

here and don't wait let's go

I actually got to tell you something

you're on a hidden prank show

Oprah yeah yeah Frank all right and

actually you look so official whatever

yeah yeah

so I actually want to make your day

better I'm not tipping you oh this is

just for my video this has nothing to do

so here's 40 bucks this is this is just

me to you this is nothing Walmart okay

they think it's like some sort of it's

not a tip are you serious well I'm sorry

to make you sad if I did I was trying to

make your day better

cassadee Campbell yeah I hope I didn't

offend you or anything but dude yeah oh

yeah yeah oh god yeah yeah well I'm

sorry you can't take it man

well have a good rest of your day what

would you recommend as far as the the

different kinds of steak I really don't

know I don't know

okay okay so that's an issue my name is

Samson once and I'm the CEO this complex

how you doing so how long you been

working here six months six months okay

so I just noticed your productivity

could be a lot better the way you kind

of walk in we got to move faster okay

because we have to stalk everything here

and make sure everything's good you know

some authority okay sir okay and just

your the way that you help a customer it

needs to be better I need to feel like

I'm at home and just the way that I

approached you and the way that you you

know talk to me it's not good okay so

I'm actually here for a random

inspection and we're cutting employees

so what I need to do is you're fired

you're fired

yes you're fired just like that you're


we got to let you go so I'm gonna need

name badge and everything yeah

or you I'm I'm really yes yes I do



yeah everybody he's cool with this is

this is not something that I talked

about between employees we have to keep

this between us because that's not

professional I have to keep this

professional so I can't I can't talk

about this with him okay so you I am so

sorry but you can apply for Walmart or

Sam's Club within the next six months

but we have to let you go and there's a

couple more people that we're doing the

same to I can't tell you who but I so

I'm gonna need the jacket and everything

yes all right so we can do that right


that's fine we can

no that's all right but now we're going

to leave about three now it's fine it's

only an explanation

man just like just like that I didn't

know any project if 'ti we need customer

support everything and me a lot of

people at least at least 5 to 10 more

people I cannot tell you who because

that's private in the best thank you oh

yeah it's fine it's fine okay oh yeah

yeah well hey well thank you so much all

right okay

just like that back to have something to

tell you man we're on a hidden camera

prank show up and I'm actually right

here it's a prank

well actually I'm actually gonna give

you $100 because you're working hard oh

yeah yeah yeah there you go

here use $100 I hope your days better

man here I do not like what y'all do it

to some more people at the door at the

door greeter oh well not yet we're about

to opera yeah just don't tell anyone I

hope you I hope your day is good man all

right thanks so much