Should You STOP Eating Carbs For Fat Loss ?

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so yesterday I made a video about

lipolysis and the insulin response as

one variable that you can consider when

choosing your eating protocol and so

this video today is a follow up of that

video just to clear up a few things and

so the question is should we eat the

carbohydrates when losing fat and so to

be clear you can eat carbohydrates and

lose fat you can eat no carbohydrates

and lose fat you can carb cycle and lose

fat you can be in ketosis and lose fat

there are many eating protocols you can

follow to lose fat as long as you are

maintaining the scientific parameters of

calorie deficit however I firmly believe

that the quality of your nutrients

matter and yesterday's video where I

explained the process of lipolysis was

one example of how you can factor in

this concept of how the quality of what

you eat matters in relation to how it

affects the processes of the body and so

when you are deciding whether to eat

carbohydrates or how many carbohydrates

to eat or what type of carbs to eat

there are many variables which you need

to consider for example your training do

you follow an intense training regimen

such as cage hajeck and he's an Olympic

lifter he's also a nutritionist and he's

just started his YouTube channel which

I've linked down below or do you have a

more moderate training intensity another

variable to consider is are you naughty

or are you enhanced and this is a huge

factor in determining how you eat

because if you are chemically enhanced

this will impact the fat loss processes

and I'm coming at this from a natural

point of view and I believe that if you

are natural you have to give more

attention to detail when losing fat and

so I do eat carbohydrates I eat

vegetables because I believe in the

nutrients of vegetables and so most of

my carbohydrates come from quality car


sources I do also eat junk food from

time to time occasionally but in

moderation and when I do eat these

simple sugars these refined sugars for

example the ice cream that the chocolate

I will make sure that I'm training on

that day to keep my insulin levels low

and stable I will also make sure that I

factor that ice cream into my overall

caloric deficit for that day and if I do

these things it eating that ice cream

will not have a significant impact on my

overall fat loss process another

variable is your medical history I have

many people comment on my channel that

they follow a ketogenic diet because

they have immune disorders and this is

benefited them greatly and here is the

important concept and I want you to

understand where I'm coming from because

of course we want to lose fat and most

certainly caloric deficit is perhaps the

most vital concept in losing fat however

I also believe in being healthy and

having a healthy well functioning body

where you're able to play with your

children where you're able to exercise

where you're able to move around and

have a constant energy source throughout

the day and so most certainly I believe

that the quality of the nutrients you

eat are important and so my last video

about lipolysis was just one variable

for you to consider with fat loss it is

not that be all and ends all for what

you should eat but it was one idea and

one concept for you to consider and my

channel is a platform of ideas for you

to interpret and fit according to your

lifestyle you should choose an eating

protocol according to your lifestyle and

your needs and the issue I have with

this concept of only calories matter

only calorie deficit matters for fat

loss is that I've seen examples of

people who stay this however they are

consciously making quality decisions

when they're eating for example they are

consciously choosing protein sources for

muscle maintenance

in this process of fat loss that

consciously choosing the dietary fats

they eat and the carbohydrates they eat

if they do eat carbohydrates now it

could be that they're eating vegetables

or potatoes or white rice or brown rice

or ice cream that is their decision

however at some point in that

decision-making process they've made a

conscious decision as to the quality of

the nutrient they are choosing what

nutrients fit their needs if not why

wouldn't you just eat junk food all day

if only calories matter of course the

quality of what you eat has an impact on

how your body functions and also like

this idea by dr. Andy Galvin who says

that we should actually rotate our

eating protocols as we do with our

training we have macro cycles and we

have mesocycles within our training and

micro cycles and we rotate our training

to constantly adapt and stress the

muscles so I'd like to thank everybody

who is part of this community and who

watches these videos and comments and

shares these videos I really do

appreciate it and so I'm James linker

this is shredded sports science thank

you for watching and I'll see you soon