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not eating carbs pasta breads and chips

is really hard

how can i give them up so

this is a question about addiction um

i'm going to point you to an an expert

in the field

that i think is an expert in the field

of addiction as it relates to keto

and carbohydrates and that is oh man

and and now my like i need some

exogenous ketones right now

um somebody on this live stream helped

me out he

is the he calls him the carb addict


uh robert siwis dr robert silas he is a

bariatric surgeon

who has struggled with weight his entire


and he is now doing a lot of speaking

uh he was at low carb usa i think he's

probably been at metabolic health summit

and he talks about carbohydrates in a

way as an addiction that is just

really fascinating and really compelling

um it is really hard

uh to overcome this idea of like

that these are staples in your diet

pasta bread and chips

one of the ways that i deal with these


cravings or maybe feelings of wanting to

have some of that stuff

is that every now and then we will take

a break

from keto to have some of this stuff

now it's not very often but we have some

very specific ways that we do this

and we like to call those our guard

reels so we create

very specific parameters around which

we're going to

indulge in maybe a poly eyes pizza

or some popcorn or something like that

and the way we do that is we

tara and i hold each other accountable

to a start time

and an end time and it's always planned

so it's

it's we always plan up front when we're

going to do it and then we set those

parameters around okay we're going to

start at this time and we're going to

end at this time

and it's always within a one calendar

day window

typically it's within one meal that we

do that

we've been doing keto for over three

years now and

it took about two years for us to really

get to the point where we could

manage those uh sessions i'll call them

those times away from keto

to where we didn't spiral out of control

afterwards so it has taken us a long


to reframe our relationship with those

types of foods

it takes time it takes effort it takes a

lot of struggle to

overcome the feeling that you want to

eat pasta you want to eat your favorite

pizza especially

in these specific times right now when

we're all stuck inside

and seeking comfort but those cravings

are really

just a a feeling

a desire to feel differently than you do

now and you think that the thing that's

going to make you feel different

is that thing and typically what happens


you go after the thing and then you feel


crap afterwards and you're like why did

i do that

now if you create those specific

guidelines you can

be okay with it and it can be a healthy

part of your diet

it's just when you get out of control

when it controls you

that it becomes a problem so create

those guard rails

find an accountability partner if you

have a spouse if you have a child

a child is one of the best ways to do it

because they will hold your feet to the