Here's How to Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days

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do you know what makes you sick and

overweight it's not fat

the answer is sugar and the average

American consumed is about a hundred and

fifty two pounds of sugar a year that's

roughly 22 teaspoons every single day

and our kids they consume even more 34

teaspoons every day making nearly one in

four teenagers pre-diabetic or type-2


this is the reason that 70% of Americans

and 40% of kids are overweight and new

science proves that sugar is

biologically addictive in fact it's

eight times as addictive as cocaine

now this addiction is not an emotional

eating disorder sugar and flour which

actually raises your blood sugar more

than table sugar hijacks your tastebuds

your brain chemistry and your hormones

and your metabolism so the question is

how do you break the addiction and take

back your health you see the more sugar

you eat the more you crave but here's

the good news it takes only 10 days to

detox from sugar the key is to consume

powerful addiction reversing foods that

rewire and reset your brain in your body

it's like a total body reboot and here's

how you start first

make a decision to break the sugar habit

next quit cold-turkey

by stopping all forms of sugar and flour

and artificial sweeteners which actually

also cause diabetes and obesity

hydrogenated fats and msg which makes

you crave more as well as all processed

and prepackaged foods next don't drink

your calories eat them eliminate soda

sports drink sweetened teas sweet

coffees juices except green vegetable

juice next add protein to every single

meal especially breakfast with eggs

whole eggs not egg whites nuts and seeds

fish chicken or grass-fed meats next you

want to eat the right carbohydrates for

10 days eat only non starchy veggies

like asparagus green beans mushrooms

onion zucchini 2

fennel eggplant lots of varieties of non

starchy vegetables any good fats at

every meal including nuts and seeds and

avocados coconut butter and omega-3 fats

from fish manage your stress when you're

stressed your cortisol goes up which

makes you hungry and crave sugar next

you want a quick gluten and dairy for 10

days now it's not easy but after 2 to 3

days you will have more energy you'll

feel better you'll have fewer cravings

and a whole host of symptoms can go away

and lastly you need to sleep

we found that less than 8 hours of sleep

a night increases your hunger hormones

and drives you to overeat so remember

the first step is to make the decision

to break the sugar habit then you can

end your food and sugar addiction and

your carb cravings so it's time to renew

it's time to reboot your health what are

you waiting for the time is now