Is caffeine safe during pregnancy? | Nourish with Melanie #55

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you're never more exhausted than when

you're pregnant am i right so you just

want maybe one coffee to get you through

the day but maybe you've heard people

say you can't have any coffee during

pregnancy but then you're wondering will

one hurt

what about decaf coffees what about Cola

what about tea and then you end up with

a million questions well today on

nourish I have my friend and colleague

an expert leading prenatal dietitian

Elizabeth Hamel joining us

so for you to learn and listen to the

latest evidence on coffee and pregnancy

stay tuned


Liz well thank you so much for joining

us today on nourish before we get into

our topic today can you just tell us a

little bit about what you do so I've

been a dietitian for around ten years I

have a private practice working with

clients trying to conceive who are

pregnant or young children and it's an

area what all those areas I became

really passionate about when I was going

through that process so trying to have a

baby and then being pregnant and having

young children to feed so it's something

I really love helping other people with

fantastic so today we're gonna delve

into the topic of coffee and caffeine

and we obviously get we obviously get

decaf coffee as well and we find

caffeine in other foods and beverages so

I really want to ask you which is the

problem the coffee or the caffeine so

the problem is actually the caffeine

itself not the coffee and as you said

coffee caffeine standing a lot of

different things yeah and so well what

is actually the risk of consuming too

much caffeine unfortunately there is a

risk to consuming too much so somewhere

over the two or three hundred milligrams

per day and we start increasing the risk

of miscarriage and also having a baby

with a low birth weight right so decaf

coffee it doesn't have any caffeine in

it does it so is it safe decaffeinated

coffee is perfectly safe to have it does

have a very tiny amount of caffeine but

it's around three milligrams per

teaspoon so you'd have to be drinking

you know 100 cups anybody was drinking a

hundred cups of decaf today yes right

you have other problems so how much

caffeine does coffee have and how many

coffees then can we actually have a day

during pregnancy so it depends on what

type of coffee you're drinking so a

teaspoon of instant coffee contains

around 60 milligrams of caffeine so you

could be drinking you know 3/4 cups of

that a day percolated coffee contains

around 100 milligrams per cup and


shot of espresso coffee so that's what

you find in your cappuccinos and lattes

that contains around 90 milligrams okay

but just one thing to remember is that

if you order a regular or a large you

could be getting two to three shots of

coffee per cup so it's a good idea just

to check how much is going in and you

can always ask them to cut it back if

you need to yeah okay so essentially

we're saying that two to three cups of

coffee small cups of coffee a day as a

maximum it would be what you'd be

recommending it would be perfectly fine

fantastic okay now I find that a lot of

my pregnant clients tend to develop a

taste aversion for coffee during their

pregnancy anyways that's something that

you find and do you know have you done

any research into the reason why it's

definitely something I find it's one of

the most common reported tasty versions

it's up there sort of in the top ten

it's thought to be related to other

hormonal changes so rising HCG levels in

early pregnancy often associated with

nausea taste changes taste diversions

appetite changes those sorts of things

fantastic so yeah isn't it I just think

it's miraculous the way that our yeah

our body's changed to protect us against

things that are that we shouldn't be

doing naturally yeah it's just

incredible so what other foods and

beverages contain caffeine that we might

need to be aware of well it is important

to be aware of them just because it the

the amount of caffeine you consume can

add up through the day if you're getting

it from lots of different little sources

so things like energy drinks can contain

up to 110 milligrams in a serve Cola

soft drinks around you know 40

milligrams or so tea as well so black

tea has around 50 milligrams green tea

has around 30 milligrams can also be

found in chocolate so about 60 grams of

chocolate will contain somewhere between

30 or 40 milligrams with milk or dark

right and it can also be found in

medications and supplements and things

as well okay so maybe more like one to

two cups of coffee small cups of coffee

a day and then a little bit of tea or a

little bit of chocolate yeah

okay might be a better idea haha

fantastic well thank you so much for

joining us today Liz wasn't it fantastic

to have her advice with us now if you

want to get in contact with Liz we'll

put her contact details in our show

notes below so just have a peek there

and so it seems that as we said a cup or

two of coffee a day is quite safe during

pregnancy but if you ask somebody who

drinks you know multiple cups a day it's

really worth cutting down to help to

reduce your risk of miscarriage during

pregnancy now we've got some other tips

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nourish you did a great job thanks this

is really not acting like you should be

really proud are you proud of what

you've just done could a job you did

he's always very I was very impressed

yeah I think you did a great job you

brought in a whole lot of stats and it

just flowed and yeah it was great it

should be really proud thank you