Quitting Caffeine and Coffee Addiction - 6 Months Caffeine Free! How to quit.

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hey what's happening Jack Jones out here

on the trail getting ready for my big

trip and it struck me that it's been six

months now since I've gotten off of

caffeine and gotten off of coffee and I

would rank it up there with exercise and

meditation as far as improving my

quality of life it really has made a

huge huge dramatic impact on my life

overall walk with me I'll tell you why I

quit and why it's made such a dramatic

impact on my life and also how you can

kick the caffeine addiction yourself so

I quit back in September because I

recognize that my daily coffee intake

had really really gotten out of hand and

it was getting to the point where it

didn't matter how much coffee I drank I

would still feel tired like in the

mornings I I would not be able to

function I wouldn't be able to get out

of bed unless I had my coffee and yet

even after three or four cups I would

still I just wasn't functioning

correctly I couldn't think clearly I

wasn't able to produce anything coherent

and I just needed all throughout the day

I was constantly drinking it I was going

through probably about eight cups a day

so 800 milligrams of caffeine it really

reminded me of that old saying like you

can't live with them and you can't live

without them that's what I felt like

with caffeine I couldn't live with it

and I couldn't live without it so in

addition to not being productive not

getting anything done I was having

really terribly disrupted sleep like I

was wouldn't be able to fall asleep

until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning I was

having really bad mood swings I just

felt kind of crappy all the time and I

felt just tired all the time and I

thought maybe well I'm almost 30 now

maybe that's what it feels like when you

get old you just feel tired all the time

I had all these symptoms of ADHD I just

could not stay focused I would sit on my

computer's start to write a blog post

and then click over to Reddit click over

to bodybuilding.com

five minutes later go back to my blog

post and just constantly I would only be

able to get like a paragraph out before

I found myself clicking over to

something else and looking back on it it

really affected my decision-making

because what would happen is I would

drink my morning cup of coffee which was

actually like

three cups of coffee and it would give

me a big boost in dopamine and

adrenaline and then I would be really

excited about just random stuff I took

on some really random business projects

that I really should not have taken on

because that caffeine was giving me an

artificial high which then led me to

make poor decisions where whenever so I

would make those decisions in the

morning and then I would crash and come

down off my caffeine and be like I have

no interest in doing this I'm not

excited about this at all so that's what

prompted me to quit in September I was

just tired of being tired I was tired of

needing this coffee this caffeine to

just keep myself going every day

and I was finally had to recognize that

really nothing was getting done I even

though caffeine makes you feel energized

and feel excited nothing of real value

was Guinea produced so I quit cold

turkey which I do not recommend it was

absolutely brutal and actually quit when

I was on a business trip out shooting a

video in Chicago which I have no idea

what possessed me to do that I had to

interview a bunch of people I had to

shoot a whole bunch of video and it was

like the worst time I could possibly

pick to quit but I had I guess I hit my

bottom and I had decided on the week

before that I was gonna quit so then I

did and I didn't have any caffeine so my

first four days of that was while I was

on a business trip that was super

important heard a bunch of noise over

there it was just a squirrel and in

those first eight weeks I have was not

excited about anything I was not

motivated about anything whatsoever it

was you characterized it as a mild mild

depression that would be a good way to

characterize it and I was concerned that

I wasn't going to be able to get excited

energized or motivated about things

without caffeine which actually that has

turned out to be absolutely not true so

if you are in the middle of trying to

quit caffeine and you're afraid that

you'll never feel excited about things

without it don't worry about it

that'll pass so after 12 weeks we going

off cold turkey I was pretty much back

to normal I still my overall energy was

lower than it had been before

overall my just my drive and my

motivation was just a little bit lower

and I think it's just going to take a

really long time for all that to come

back I mean six months on I feel much

much more like myself and so that's been

you know six months that's a long time

but I was on caffeine also for many

years in my life so it makes sense

alright for anybody out there that's

looking to quit I would recommend not

going cold turkey unless you can spend

about two months doing absolutely

nothing I would recommend cutting your

caffeine intake by half every week you

know if you're a regular to moderate

caffeine drinker so if you drink between

two and four hundred milligrams a day

that should work out fine for you if

you're much heavier user like 400

milligrams plus I would cut your

caffeine intake 25 percent each week

over the course of eight weeks so

otherwise everybody else cut your

caffeine in half every week for four

weeks and by week five that should be

the first week that you go completely

completely caffeine free and just really

expect that the first three months of

this are going to be challenging you are

not going to feel 100% like yourself

you're going to feel slow you're going

to feel stupid you're going to feel

sluggish you're going to feel on

energetic you're going to be less

motivated and you're just going to be

kind of depressed for that time but

trust me after you get through it it

really is worth it there's a few

supplements that are really helpful for

getting off of caffeine one of them is

ruta carp and we're just

Ruta separate not really sure how to

pronounce it but what it does is it

helps your liver detox caffeine

supposedly they've only done rat studies

and it shows that the rats who take it

will process break down and get rid of

caffeine at a much faster rate than the

control rats

so who knows if that actually carries

over into human beings but there have

been some some people's anecdotes that

says it helps I couldn't really tell

when I took it I think you did help but

I think just getting off of caffeine was

a much better option so there are also

what are known as adaptogenic herbs so

these are like rhodiola rosea Luther Oh

Luther ooh root and those can help give

you a boost of energy and fight fight

off the tiredness that getting off of

caffeine brings although I found you

need to be careful with those as well

because rhodiola definitely is a

stimulant in its own right and it's hard

I can't find the research online to show

whether it's working on the same

pathways as caffeine or different

pathways but if the goal is to reset

your body reset your tolerances and rest

then I would err on the side of not

taking anything that might even be a

stimulant even if it's a adaptogen like

rhodiola so I would use those sparingly

for days that you just need to be more

energized more on point if you're on the

fence about whether you want to try and

get off caffeine I would say it is

absolutely worth it just my quality of

life overall has improved so

dramatically my sleep like I never have

trouble sleeping anymore and more

importantly in the mornings I wake up

feeling rested so before it didn't

matter how long I slept I would still

feel tired now after just seven eight

hours usually everyday I feel really

really refreshed and rested and I don't

need to lay in bed for two or three

hours and then finally start the day it

feels amazing and it's amazing not to

need to drink a cup of coffee just to

get going in the morning like I wake up

I do my normal morning routine and I

feel great and I don't crash in the


so usually so this is about 6:30 right

now usually in the afternoons between

like 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. I was absolutely

useless and then I would get another

burst of energy and wouldn't be able to

sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning which

led to all sorts of problems but now I

have just steady steady energy all

throughout the day I don't have crashes

I don't have these really high manic

states either and overall it's just been

it's been wonderful and I highly

recommend it

hey thanks for watching just know that

quitting caffeine it's not easy but it's

doable and it is so worth it and the

most important parts to push through or

between like your second month and your

fifth month because during that time

you're gonna like you're gonna feel okay

but you're gonna feel just a little bit

off and just a little bit tired all the

time and you're going to miss that

feeling of excitement and energy that

you used to get when you drink your big

cup of coffee and you're going to be

really really tempted to get back on

caffeine and I would say just just don't

do it because past month five months six

like now I have all of my natural energy

back and I just feel I'm naturally

excited about things again I'm naturally

motivated about things again and I feel

like myself again

and I don't I don't feel tired all the


and that is so nice so stick it through

you can do it it'll be tough but

anything worth doing in life will be a

little bit challenging so good luck

everybody have an awesome day and I will

see you on the trail