2 Most Important Supplements to Break Your Caffeine Habit (Withdrawal) - Dr Mandell

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too much caffeine will tax your body a

weakens the immune system increases

yeast infection candida albicans it

increases blood pressure it makes the

blood more acidic obviously causing more

potential pathogens and problems that

can occur within your system a captain

puts a tremendous toll upon the liver as

well as the adrenal glands the organs

and tissues are overworking as a result

of excessive stimulants going on in your

body the bottom line is you need to cut

back your caffeine if you stand caffeine

you're going to burn out your system

kind of like over revving your engine

never lit allowing it to rest so the

engine can function normally again the

most common withdrawal symptoms of

cutting back caffeine are headaches

irritability dehydration fatigue

muscular tension nausea lack of appetite

constipation lack of concentration

disorientation forgetfulness those are

just a few of the common symptoms of

withdrawal most of us like to do things

fast although we have to face these

symptoms of withdrawal so if you're

going to do this on a cold turkey basis

I advise you to take time off of work I

advise you to get a lot of rest

obviously lots of water

good nutrition lots of vegetables

juicing in other words you need to detox

you need to cleanse your system because

your body is going to show many symptoms

as a result of this detoxification so

decaffeinated coffee green tea lots of

fluids water with lemon that's one of my

favorites first thing in the morning

drink that water with lemon lemon being

very acidic makes the blood very

alkaline having the opposite effect of

what lemon naturally is outside the body

but this lemon helps detoxify the system

giving your body the faster way to

recover for

is caffeine withdrawal the first

supplement I recommend is panax ginseng

red ginseng it usually comes in pink

shirts you can speak to a homeopathic

doctor you can go to nutrition store but

red ginseng the more aged it is the

better the red ginseng helps stimulate

and repair the adrenal glands caffeine

is like putting a knife to the adrenal

glands the adrenal glands has a

significant effect through our whole

entire system and body adrenaline causes

the fight-or-flight situation to make

you to make you feel very jittery to

increase blood pressure constricts

vessels so caffeine is causing these

detrimental effects to your body but

although while taking it you're feeling

the high red ginseng is stimulating

completely in a different way it helps

avoid that brain fog it prevents the

withdrawal headaches it prevents that

jitteriness because it is working on the

adrenal glands and keeping your body

functioning strong although once you get

a headache it is recommended that you do

not take the red ginseng this ginseng

increases blood supply to the brain what

caffeine does it decreases blood supply

to the brain constricting the blood

vessels and that's commonly what causes

the headache the second supplement you

should be taking for caffeine withdrawal

is magnesium caffeine depletes magnesium

from the body magnesium is one of the

most essential minerals that the body

needs it regulates the muscles it

regulates the nervous system it causes

the muscles to stay relaxed prevents

jitteriness prevents nervousness allows

you to rest most important magnesium

must be taken where it's chelated so

make sure you're taking a good

magnesium chelated supplement and there

are many to choose from so there are

only two ways for caffeine withdrawal

cold turkey or cutting back little by

little but either way supplementing

these two supplements of red ginseng as

well as magnesium will tremendously help

your body feel much better

remember magnesium is deficient and the

majority of people out there and that is

one of the most important minerals that

our body needs to sustain life and

proper function make it a great day

I'm dr. allamandola