I QUIT Caffeine & It's Changed My Life - Withdrawals & Benefits

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hey guys how's it going it's rob i hope

you're doing good out there

so today's video is going to be a little

bit different from what i normally talk

about here on this channel

but i want to make this video for two

reasons firstly

what i'm going to talk about it does

relate to my overall productivity

here on this channel whether it's

recording music making music anything

like that

what i'm about to talk about it really

does tie into that sort of thing so

i want to make it for that reason

another reason is that by making this


it makes me feel a little bit more

accountable if i make this video and i

put it up on the internet

the last thing i want to do is put up a

video on the internet which is basically


lying so by it being on the internet in

my mind

it's going to hopefully make me stick to

it a little bit more so if this is the

first time you're seeing me

maybe you didn't find me through my

normal content maybe you found me

through the title of this video or the

description or anything like that then

welcome to my channel

normally i make guitar videos whether

it's guitar covers lessons and that sort

of thing so if you're interested in that

please consider subscribing if you're

new here so as you can see by the title

in this video today i want to explain

what i've been going through for the


month which is i've totally quit


from my diet it's been a month to the


now that i quit caffeine so i just want

to talk about it because

it's been a bit of a journey so i'm

going to talk about first why

i want you to quit caffeine then i'm

going to talk about

the sort of withdrawal process and

basically how the last

month has been for me actually trying to

get it all out of my system and

get past it and then finally i'm just

going to talk about the pros and cons

how i'm feeling now and that sort of

thing so let's just get right into it so

why have i

chosen to give up caffeine basically

for as long as i can remember i've had a

bit of an addiction well

i'm already downplaying it a bit of an

addiction to soft drinks i don't

drink much tea or coffee or anything

like that so

it's not like i've had to give up coffee

and you know wake up in the morning and

have a cup of coffee to get my day

started because i've never really done

that but i have had an addiction

to soft drinks mainly like full fat

pepsi and things like that and i've

always downplayed it and i've always

made excuses

but i've always known in my mind that

it's it's an addiction

but i've also always had it in my mind

that i know it's bad for me but i will

give it up

at some point i will just get around to

it at some point

i will give it up but with that sort of

mindset the goal posts were forever


and that day never came but anyway last

year 2019

i joined the gym and i just started

working out and stuff like that and

through doing that that made me start to

make better choices with my diet as well

more in terms of

eating not just better food but more

food because sometimes

when i was drinking these soft drinks

they would fill me up so i wouldn't

actually eat a lot of food

so that was kind of keeping me skinny


even though i was having like a lot of

sugar and sort of bad things

i wasn't really eating a lot of food so

i was still just skinny and pretty much

all i was consuming was bad stuff so it

was it's really not good

but anyway i joined the gym and i

started eating a lot more food because

otherwise for me

the gym would be pointless i need the

calories to be able to sort of build

muscle and that sort of thing so that's

why i joined the gym

and obviously then think i actually need

to eat food now

and in doing that it got me drinking a

lot more water as well

so i was getting a lot more water in my

system because obviously when you're

working out

the last thing you want is like a soft

drink it's it's just not gonna

feel good you're gonna feel horrendous

whilst you're working out and probably

afterwards as well

so immediately i was eating better

drinking a lot more water and i did

actually cut down

my soft drink intake and last year i did


try to cut down well completely stop the

caffeine thing as well

but i made excuses last year and i

didn't fully commit to it

because what i basically did was i tried

to switch my soft drinks to the

caffeine-free versions like


pepsi or caffeine caffeine-free coke

something like that but i didn't really

fully realize how much caffeine is in

other things like

chocolate for one there's a lot of

caffeine in chocolate and

like chocolate-based cereals and things

like that so

i was just not having the caffeine


but i was still having caffeine and

other things so

it wasn't the best situation also i made

excuses like

if i was out having a meal somewhere i

would just get a normal coke or a normal

pepsi because

there was no caffeine free option on the

menu that sort of thing

so that's that's what i told myself

anyway so i didn't fully commit to it

basically but then

i was still doing better than i was i

was still drinking a lot more water and

that sort of thing so i was happy

you know it wasn't ideal it wasn't like

i would completely

quit but i was doing a lot better one

thing i did also do as well is that when

i went to work

i would only take water with me to work

and if i had

any soft drinks or anything like that i

would leave them here at home

so that when i came home at the end of

the day i could have soft drinks at the

end of the day

as a little bit of a reward that sort of

thing so if i could last the entire day

just drinking water

keeping myself hydrated at home at the

end of the day then i can have a little

bit of a treat

a little bit of a reward of a soft drink

that sort of thing which isn't ideal

as well because you know i was basically

drinking more caffeine

or all of the caffeine at night when i

get home and you know i'm going to talk

more about that later as to why that's a

terrible idea but then 2020 happened

and suddenly i had to start working from

home so

there was no separation between me and

the soft drinks throughout the day they

were here and so was i

so i just started drinking them more

throughout the day

and not only you know because they were

there but also just to sort of

cheer me up a little bit because you

know this has been a hard year for me

with work and stuff like that through

you know the whole course of the


so it was just like a bit of a vice that

just cheered me up a little bit but i

did start to drink quite a lot more of

them and the whole water thing

really kind of took a dive and i was

back to my ways of just drinking a lot

of soft drinks

and i found that when i started doing

that my productivity really took a

nosedive as well

there is some sort of relationship

between diet and the way that i eat

and things that i do and my productivity

as well and when i have a lot of

caffeine my body gets used to it

so it kind of depends on that to just

function normally which

isn't good at all so i was kind of

getting caffeine

and then my body was kind of having

these crashes as well because once the

caffeine effects kind of wear off a

little bit

you kind of get really tired so then you

have another drink and then you kind of

pop pepped up again that sort of thing

and that's how i was basically existing

through lockdown

to be honest not even like hyped up or

anything like that from the caffeine

because my body was so used to it that

the caffeine just made me feel normal

it wasn't like i was like hyper or

anything like that i was just normal

so i was kind of going between normal

and then these crashes there was a lot

of times where i didn't really feel like

doing anything i didn't feel like being

productive i didn't feel like recording

any music making video or anything

like that and it's far too easy to just

not do anything like that when you're

not in the mood for it but anyway let's

fast-forward a little bit

and the lockdown eased and the gyms and

everything finally reopened because that

was another thing that was

sort of making things go a little bit

weird is that i wasn't exercising

because the gyms were closed

and i just don't feel like home workouts

work for me i have to go to the gym

to be fully in the mood for it so not

going to the gym also was a contributing

factor to why my diet

kind of fell a little bit like that and

i kind of went off the rails a little


anyway the gym has reopened so i finally

started going back to the gym and

immediately when i did that i kind of

made the decision right i'm not just

gonna go back to the gym but

keep this diet that i've got again this

really bad caffeine

soft drink diet i'm gonna try and do

something about it so

it was about a month ago now that i made

the decision to go to the gym

again and i've been going every single

week and

i just thought right cold turkey i'm

quitting no more caffeine i'm just gonna

stop i remember the last one that i had

the last caffeine drink

and i i said right after this no more so

that's what i'm going to talk about next

is the withdrawal symptoms and the

actual process of giving up caffeine

i knew it was going to be a task i knew

it was going to be horrendous because

i've tried to do it before

for me anyway it was just trying to keep

myself hydrated all the time trying to

drink as much water as possible to avoid

any sort of headaches or anything like

that but it still doesn't work because

your body is still fighting

these sort of urges and well cravings i


it's craving the caffeine that it's used

to and when i'm not giving it that

caffeine it's kind of freaking out a

little bit so

for me the only real side effect that i

really noticed

or the withdrawal symptoms is just

really bad headaches

that was another thing whilst i was on

the caffeine as well or when i was

drinking soft drinks if i didn't drink


because my body was used to a certain

amount if i didn't have that certain

amount in a day

i would get a headache my body was like

i can't function properly because i need

more caffeine so

that was another reason why i wanted to

quit because i'm sick of having

headaches all the time if i don't have

the right amount so i don't like the

dependence of it and i don't want to be

dependent on

anything so yeah headaches

are pretty much the only thing that i've

really noticed and

you know there are some sort of times

where i was really tired

as well struggling with tiredness

because the caffeine boost that my body

is used to wasn't there as well um

so it was just a case of for me just

putting up with

headaches every other day that sort of

thing whilst my body was

fighting it and sometimes i remember one

particular day it was really bad and i

consider it more of a migraine

and i was teaching because i'd teach

guitar lessons and

it got to like halfway through the day

and i had to cancel the rest of my

lessons for that day

because my head was so bad and i

literally came home and sat on my couch


with a cold rag on my head and just lay

there throughout the rest of the night

because i was

my head was hurting that much and i

couldn't even look at any light or

anything like that

and i really think that was due to the

sort of caffeine thing but that was like

the worst it got

two weeks tops i reckon it lasted for

the whole withdrawal symptoms

so i'm actually a month into it now and

for the past couple of weeks i've

actually felt great

so as far as withdrawals go tiredness

and headaches that sort of thing

so anyway after those two weeks i

started to feel

a lot better and now i want to talk


the pros and cons and things that i've

noticed and how i feel now because as i

said i'm a month into it now i haven't

touched caffeine for a month no


well actually in terms of chocolate

i can still eat white chocolate because

there is no caffeine in white chocolate

because it's milk based

as opposed to the sort of cocoa bean

whatever it is that makes chocolate i

really should probably know that

anyway so yeah i've been having white

chocolate only if i have any chocolate

at all

that's another thing as well is cutting

out these caffeine drinks

and drinking more water well all water

to be honest is

i'm also cutting down drastically on the

sugar the sugar is another aspect of

probably why

the withdrawals were hard because it

wasn't just caffeine it was sugar as

well that my body was used to

so i kind of went cold turkey on that as

well so

now my body isn't running on caffeine

and it has a lot less sugar in its

system in my system

so the main thing that i've noticed is a

my energy throughout the day is just

maintained now i don't feel

these peaks and lows it's just my body

just runs

and i don't have any crashes or anything

like that it's just

how my body is these days so that's

great throughout the day i'm just really


energetic and that sort of thing even

first thing in the morning

and i've never been a morning person in

my life i've always been a

late riser and also i stay up late at

night and that sort of thing so my

my day is kind of shifted towards

staying up late and getting up late

and that's how i've been for a long time

the first thing i've noticed giving up

caffeine is that at night time

i get tired at normal time

and when i go to bed i go to sleep

i'm out i fall asleep pretty much as

soon as i actually put my head down on

the pillow and close my eyes

i don't remember anything else i'm just

asleep there's no caffeine to sort of

keep me

awake there's no drugs in my system

stimulating and that sort of thing

so sleep is great and that's another

thing sleep is really important

just for life in general and i've

realized that now especially through

exercising sleep is important for

recovery and that sort of thing

so what's the point going to the gym and

trying to exercise if you're not

recovering properly because that's just

not going to work and it's not going to

be good for your body

anyway sleep has been fantastic not only


when i wake up in the morning naturally

i've started to wake up

really early kind of like seven o'clock

between six and seven is when i

naturally wake up now

and not only that when i wake up i'm

so wide awake that i immediately want to

get out of bed

i don't want to lie in bed all morning

and just stay on my phone and do stuff

and just kind of lie in and laze about

i'm already so wide awake and full of

energy that i just get up

i've actually started to go to the gym


seven o'clock in the morning when i wake

up i don't even have breakfast i get up

and i'm like i'm wide awake

go to the gym because it's nice and

quiet then because there's nobody well

there are a few people in

but you know it's not busy it's it's a

nice sort of

level of business in the morning and i

can just get in get my workout done

get out get home get showered and it's

not even nine o'clock

by the time i finish that it's not even

eight o'clock sometimes it depends when

i go but yeah it's

really a great feeling and that just

kind of sets me up for the day then

because if i get up and the first thing

i do is a workout in the morning

i've kind of got the hard part of the

day over with like the workout i would

consider to be the hard part lifting

weights and stuff

trying to do that sort of thing if

that's done first thing in the morning

then the rest of the day should be

fairly easy easy going anyway because

normally a normal day for me consists of

sitting at a desk

or sort of sitting face to face with

someone teaching them a guitar lesson

something like that it's not exactly

strenuous activity

because i've already done that

throughout the day so yeah i feel great

and i'm loving it i'm really

really enjoying the fact that when i

fall asleep at night or try to sleep

i'm out like a light so that's the main

thing that i've noticed so basically

the benefits for me the pros and cons to

be honest in terms of cons

i really can't think of any the only

cons i can think of is that i

obviously really enjoyed drinking soft

drinks and i kind of miss

having a soft drink because it was

something that i liked and one thing i

did do

is i recently went for a meal at a


and i don't drink a lot of alcohol and i

never really have

especially when i'm eating i don't like

to drink alcohol

with a meal it's just something i've

never done it just

the idea of that just seems weird to me

i'd always like to drink

a soft drink of coke or a pepsi with

whatever i'm eating and that was really

enjoyable for me

so i was at this meal and i very nearly

caved in

and ordered a coke to go with like a

pizza or something like that

so i got pizza i was like i really want

to tell the waiter that i want a coke

but right at the last minute i think i

was about to say the words coke

and what came out was beer so i got a

beer instead i mean it's kind of weird

to me that i consider a beer to be a

healthier option for me now but yeah i

got a beer

and that's what i did i didn't have a

coke i didn't have a caffeine drink i

was so

tempted and i was so close to giving in

and that's the thing

about this whole process is that you

really just have to stick to it you

really have to commit to it if anybody

is wanting to quit caffeine

out there or anything for that matter

let me know in the comments below if

you're struggling with quitting anything

if you're trying to quit caffeine let us

know below

leave us a comment saying where you're

up to in your journey also if you see

any comments of anybody else

saying that they're trying to quit

caffeine then also leave them a comment

and showing your support and

encouragement and that sort of thing

because a little bit of encouragement

goes a long way

especially with something like this so

that's it really i'm a month of caffeine

now i feel

absolutely great the only con being i

actually miss having the drinks just

because i enjoyed them and that sort of

thing but

i really think that will fade and

sometimes i even go to the supermarket

and you know i i even forget sometimes

that i even used to go down the drinks

aisle and sort of

pick up you know some soft drinks or

something like that

normally that was the first thing i did

when i went to the supermarket is i

would get my

my fix of the drinks that i like i would

get make sure i've got

some in for all times and that sort of


so it's kind of weird now going to the

supermarket and just not even going down

the aisle at all

but anyway one thing i will say if

anybody like me

has been kind of addicted to soft drinks

and they're trying to come off those

things energy drinks that sort of thing

i've never really drank energy drinks

and i'm really glad i never really went

down that road

but yeah the soft drinks thing if

anybody else is wanting to do that then

one thing i recommend

i've taken to drinking a lot of these

boiled waters actually sparkling water

and it's just apple and mango flavored

sparkling water so

there's no caffeine in it it's still

kind of fizzy because it's sparkling

water it's just carbonated water

but it's a lot better for you than

drinking soft drinks and that will

really help sort of wean

off it because it still kind of feels

like a soft drink but

it's water so i've been drinking not a

lot of these i might have like one

a day or sometimes i might go a day

without having any and other than that

i'll just drink normal water

or juice in the morning i'll have some

juice with my breakfast

and then water throughout the rest of

the day and maybe one of these every so


just a flavoured water they're really

nice actually as well really like it

so that's it that's all i want to talk

about today and i really hope this video

is helpful

or at least interesting for anybody who

might be going through similar things

wanting to cut down on caffeine or just

curious to know about the

withdrawal side of it or the effects and

also the benefits pros and cons and that

sort of thing so

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