How to quit cable and stream TV the right way

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until just a couple of years ago cutting

the cord meant making a lot of

sacrifices back then there just wasn't

that much TV to watch and if you were a

sports fan forget about it but that's

all changed now it's a great time to cut

cable or satellite for internet TV but

like all things there's an easy way to

do it and then there's the not so easy

way here's how to cut the cord the right

way step 0 make sure your internet

connection can support streaming it

takes a lot of bandwidth to begin with

in the more people who are streaming the

more 4k video streaming you might do the

more bandwidth you need make sure you've

got at least 10 megabits per second

service I actually recommend 50 megabits

per second or better if you can get it

that should be good enough for most

families that might do 4k streaming or

have multiple people watching on

different devices at a time if you're

not sure what kind of bandwidth you're

supposed to be getting check with your

internet provider next test your

internet connection I like to use test

my net and test during peak hours

because that's probably when you'll be

watching too if you aren't getting

anywhere near the speed you were

promised talk to your provider but even

if you are close say 25 to 30 megabits

per second you should be okay okay so

now that we know your Internet's all set

up the next thing you want to do is

choose an antenna we've got the mo who

blade their latest right here it's about

40 bucks it's super slim and felt it'll

even hang on the wall but you don't have

to spend that much for a great antenna

if you live relatively close to

broadcast towers you can go with a ten

dollar antenna and still pull in great

reception an antenna is gonna get you

all your over-the-air local network

stations including ABC CBS NBC Fox even

the good ol CW this is great for sports

and news plus there's a ton of sub

stations as well which provide all kinds

of retro TV shows like well we have

old-school Superman here and there's

other content you might be interested in

too of course there will be plenty you

don't want to watch but you can remove

stations you never watch on most TVs to

make channel flipping more convenient

Smart TVs with the streaming apps built

right into them have gotten really good

over the last few years but at the end

of the day nothing beats a set-top box

and this streaming set-top box from


amazon firetv cube is for our money the

best one out there it'll even control

your entire entertainment system with

voice commands with that said you can

get a simple Roku streaming stick or

amazon firetv stick for 40 bucks or less

and have all the streaming features you

need and don't forget there's also the

Apple TV 4k if you're one of the Apple

faithful crowd but just keep in mind

that'll set you back a lot more money

here's the fire TV cube and you'll

notice that the interface puts amazon's

content first but you can access all

your favorite apps and if you do a

search for content you want to watch

show me

Charlie's Thoreau movies it will show

you options and where to watch them dig

a little deeper and you can find out how

much it will cost you on which platforms

that includes watching for free when you

subscribe to a service that has what you

want and like I said this device will

control your whole entertainment system

to just tell it to watch ESPN and it

will turn on your TV and get you to the

right channel in no time that leads us

to our next step pick your streaming

services for our money the best three

out there are Netflix Amazon and Hulu

and if you want live TV we like both

PlayStation View and sling TV with

DIRECTV now a close second

Netflix brings you some of the best

original programming like Ozark stranger

things in glow Amazon is quickly

catching up though with plenty of its

own great original programming there's

some crossover with Netflix but Amazon

has a lot of kids programming you won't

find elsewhere Hulu is where you're

gonna go to get all of your network TV

shows that you just can't miss you do

have to wait for a day sometimes two to

get at them but if you step up to their

live streaming TV service you can watch

live or use their cloud DVR service if

all you want is live streaming TV check

out sling TV it offers great packages

and cloud DVR much like you're used to

with cable but with a fresher interface

PlayStation View offers more of the same

and DirecTV now well it's basically

satellite TV service over Internet no

matter how you like to mix it up if you

stick to the basic principle of

combining over-the-air TV with excellent

streaming hardware over a solid internet

connection with the best streaming

services you can make the transition

from cable or satellite to streaming TV

without missing a beat