How to quit cable and stream TV the right way

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until just a couple of years ago cutting

the cord meant making a lot of

sacrifices back then there just wasn't

that much TV to watch and if you were a

sports fan forget about it but that's

all changed now it's a great time to cut

cable or satellite for internet TV but

like all things there's an easy way to

do it and then there's the not so easy

way here's how to cut the cord the right

way step 0 make sure your internet

connection can support streaming it

takes a lot of bandwidth to begin with

in the more people who are streaming the

more 4k video streaming you might do the

more bandwidth you need make sure you've

got at least 10 megabits per second

service I actually recommend 50 megabits

per second or better if you can get it

that should be good enough for most

families that might do 4k streaming or