How To Stop Binge Purge Cycle // Bulimia Recovery

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Hi everybody, so today I'm actually using my computer camera

because my normal camera is kind of pissing me off right now because

Yeah, it's simply like

overheating so many times and shuts off and and it's very distracting

so today I

really want to talk about purging and why it's very important to stop the purging from day one in your recovery from an eating disorder

and my story or my example is that

when I started my recovery from bulimia and orthorexia the first thing I did

was to stop purging from day one

purging through vomiting and I was able to do it because I became

painfully aware of

the fact that all the purging, all the dieting, all the restriction

basically is one of the biggest reason why I was binging in the first place

Because when you are restricting your body and you're depriving your body, then your body's natural

biological reaction would be to binge and this is what your body does and this is not, you know,

you going crazy around food, this is kind of very

biological reason for the binges

Yeah, and I became aware that if I'm purging

you know, even just once then it's gonna lead me to the next binge

Absolutely. I had been through the same cycle over over over again

I tried to restrict, I tried to eat...

or I try to diet, I try to eat in a way

my eating disorder thought is "good" or "healthy" or whatever and

then I would binge because I was restricted and then when I would binge I would feel so bad

I would feel so guilty and then I purged

And the purge essentially is, you knowm same way as dieting and restricting and your body is not getting what it wants and

to get enough food because you're purging it all out essentially and

what it did was just

continue the cycle of restriction. After the purging

yeah, maybe I would feel like I don't want any food for a while, but then the binges came on

more and more because my body was

still deprived all this time and

when I really finally understood this cycle and then I simply

told myself that I have to be crazy to purge ever ever again

Because I was so aware now what I was doing and what was, you know,

one of the biggest reason why I was bingeing in the first place

And I believe that once you are aware of something then

It's simply not an habit anymore

but it becomes a choice. And I realized that now when I'm aware that

purging is actually leading me to the next binge, purging is one of the biggest reason why I am binging in the first place

I was so aware of it now

then I couldn't do it anymore

because yeah as I said I would feel like I would be a crazy person

to purge and then hope that the binges will magically go away

So yeah, I really committed to stopping all the

purging from day one in my eating disorder, but if you know anything about me or my recovery

Or my recovery from an eating disorder, then you maybe have heard how you know, yes

I stopped the vomiting but actually I started to over exercise in my recovery because I wasn't aware that this is

another form of purging

so again, like don't do as I did but stop the

you know exercising or purging through exercising as well

Basically, if you are serious about the recovery from an eating disorder and overcoming the binge eating

if you want to recover as soon as possible, if you don't want to

you know delay your recovery, if you don't want your physical and mental health to get worse

then you need to stop purging through vomiting, through exercising, through laxatives or whatever

and also you have to stop any kinds of, you know, restriction, dieting

restricting calories, restricting types of foods, so any type of restriction or compensation behavior

you have to stop if you really want to

have normal hunger cues, and if you want to start your recovery from an eating disorder. You absolutely need to stop purging and

And also know that when you stop purging

or restriction then the normal eating it doesn't come overnight

like when today you're purging and then you feel like okay from tomorrow I'm not gonna purge and then the next day

you have extreme hunger and

then you're wondering like "oh my god

this is not working!" then no, like you need to give it way way way more time

And for the binges to start go away and your hunger to normalize you need

time and consistency with the recovery and

your body needs to learn to trust you again,

your body needs to recover physically and repair all the damages and and it's gonna take a while

But if you stop restricting and purging then the healing process is already

going full-on. So the recovery is already happening, even though you might not see it from day one

but I promise you like you are already doing way way way way way better and

And yeah

And since it doesn't happen overnight that your hunger cues

don't balance out overnight when you finally stop all the restriction then what happens is that many people panic and they

start to doubt the recovery and

maybe the eating disorder will, you know, sneak in and start to tell them like "Oh,

just purge one time" or "just restrict little bit here and there"

like "just this one time, it's not gonna be a big deal", but

actually, like no you need to stay consistent and there is no "one time" in eating disorder recovery

Like yeah, this is the eating other voice

This is what's beneficial for the eating disorder, the "just do it one time"

but it's not beneficial for you or for your recovery. If it would be up to your body

then your body would want to never ever restrict again. Never purge.

Yeah, never do those, you know, unhealthy behaviors ever again

Your body doesn't want to purge one time.

Not even once. This is what the eating disorder wants so

Yeah, like don't fall into the trap of like "oh just one time, just a little bit"

No, like you need to go into the full recovery

in order to see

the most results and get over this quick as possible

Otherwise if you're just gonna purge a little bit here and there it's just gonna be like a slow torture

You're just gonna prolong your recovery. You're gonna stay in quasi recovery. It's just not gonna be worth it.

Yeah, like stop all the purging from day one

Yeah, like purging is no way helping you

It's not helping you to like control your weight or control your food intake or something

Actually, it's making everything worse, and I don't want this for you

I want you to be in full recovery mode and I want you to be recovering

And that's why, you know, really committing to all the recovery, all the recovery things and no purging,

no compensating, no restriction

Eating according to your hunger as much as you want, use the regular eating, use the MinnieMaud calorie guidelines

To start your recovery

Yeah, and give it enough time, enough consistency and

remember that once you are aware of something,

the behavior that is really sabotaging your recovery,

Then know that it's not a habit anymore. It becomes a choice.

You have a choice if you're gonna restrict or purge or if you're gonna follow recovery and wait it out

Yeah, so basically this is my video today and

Yeah, stay strong in your recovery, I know you can do it

Okay. See you in my next video