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hi guys can with bits and bytes and

today I'm doing something a little bit

different than what you've seen on my

channel lately and this because it's

very time specific for me and so it just

makes sense for me to do this since I

went searching didn't find a ton of what

I was looking for and so I thought a lot

of you may be searching too and this

video might be perfect for you so I'm

going to talk today about how to dry up

your breast milk supply naturally

pain-free without really any engorgement

or risking mastitis how to troubleshoot

how to work your way through it

so that it's easy and natural so if

that's something you're interested in

today stay tuned and let's get to it


alright guys so before we get started

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before you go okay so a little bit of

backstory I am kind of that eight and a

half nine month postpartum point with my

son and we didn't plan on stopping this

early but the way that we did stop would

work for you no matter what point in

your breastfeeding or pumping journey

you're at for a little bit of backstory

his teeth came in and it was just

causing lots and lots of damage and at

first I just tried to pump so that I

could heal up and then start

breastfeeding again but every time I

tried to like give him that second

chance third chance fourth chance

it just got damaged all over again and

so it was just way too much there was

blood in the milk and so it wasn't

something that I was able just kind of

able to fight through and deal with the

pain because it was just a big mess so

it was time we had to wean and then I've

had to work on drawing up my milk supply

so you're here though because you want

to know how to do it so that it's not

pain full you don't have all the

encouragement you don't get the mess

diagnosed all that kind of stuff so I

have some tips and tricks of what worked

and would work for you this will work

for anybody I will preface this though

as saying I'm not a doctor or a health

care professional I'm just telling you

what worked for me and just to try the

true methods that work for most people

who want to go through and dry up their

milk supply naturally so a few things

that kind of worked on just the weaning

side for my son he was exclusively

breastfed so he wouldn't take a bottle

until we found one specific bottle that

did work so Justin

you're the same but I was with that I

just wanted to share we tried a few he

wouldn't take them he would fight and

scream and just I was scared he wasn't

gonna eat because he wouldn't take

anything but the como Toma bottle really

really worked well for him for a few

reasons from the top down it does look

like a boob coming at you even with the

little comb workings here like it's even

designed to mimic that and then because

it's like a squishy silicone bottle it

feels like he can squish it if you know

what I mean so this one worked he took

it right away whereas he refused

everything else so if you're looking at

something to wean your baby off onto so

that they'll take a bottle if they're

not this one is awesome I'm in no way

sponsored at all for this video I'm just

sharing with you things that worked so

this will worked great for us and now

this is what we're using for bottle

feeding another great thing that I

really like is the candy kind I'm not

sure which way you pronounce it system I

had this when I was working and had to

pump but we haven't had to use it the

whole time I've been home breastfeeding

however I used the system again when I

was pumping to try and heal up and then

going through this drying up process so

you will probably need some kind of pump

throughout this process you can

technically dry up your milk your milk

while still breastfeeding however I will

say I think it's a lot easier if you

just go ahead wean to a bottle and then

start drying up using the pump because

you can then control how much milk is

being taken out whereas breastfeeding

it's harder to stop your baby and they

get confused so I really like this

system I'll have a link an affiliate

link down below if you are interested in

kind kindiy system and you want to go

get a starter kit there I also like it

because it's good for baby food so now

even though we're not gonna be using all

this pumping supply stuff I can use all

the stuff I had for baby food storage

and so nothing goes to waste

okay so now that that part's kind of

done talking about and your kid is being

bottle fed and everything like that how

do you dry up your milk and then how do

you avoid all those problem things that

can happen if you a rush it or be trying

go cold turkey please don't do either of

those things if you want to avoid

horrible mastitis in pain so what I have

done is I started in a go slow so first

thing you need to do is decide how many

times were you either a breast feeding

or if you're a pumper how many time to

re pumping every single day so you want

to look at that number or look at that

frequency and what you want to start

doing is about every other day try and

stretch those periods out and drop just

one of those pumping or breastfeeding

sessions every other day doing it this

way let your body slowly adjust it

doesn't make you over full for too long

which is what could cause a clogged duct

and would lead to mastitis I had

mastitis once with my first kid horrible

horrible pain that you want to avoid so

my second kid I got smart and I did not

do any of those things so a few

different things you can do if you do

happen to get a clogged duct okay

obviously you can work on just some

gentle massage manual expression heat

can help if you do have a clogged duct

although if you don't get a clogged duct

you want to avoid heat actually

and look to things more like cold

compresses however if you do get a clog

deduct he can help release it one other

thing that I found and I used when I had

just one little clogged duct and then it

got fixed instantly and came out when I

tried this is there's a little device

called a low V I don't know if I'm

pronouncing it right

my mother-in-law sent it to me when my

son was born as a just-in-case item and

apparently it comes very highly

recommended and I will say it looks a

little funny but this is it and it is

USB powered so you can just plug it in

and charge it that way

no batteries or anything to replace and

basically what you do is if your pumping

I suggest doing it while pumping or

while breastfeeding and not just alone

so what I did is I hooked up to my pump

and I turned it up kind of to a high

power suction and then you use this

little part here put it on the duct

that's clogged and believe me you'll

know which one it is it'll be hard and

it'll hurt or gonna be sore at least

because there's that backed up milked

and they are in the duct and basically

you turn it on and you just kind of rub

out the clogged milk duct so like if

this right here is the clogged milked up

you should kind of start at the top and

while this is on push and express it out

it worked really really fast for me when

I did have that wine at clogged duct and

then it was no issue moved on just like

normal so I just wanted to share that

little tool because it was hopeful for

the one that I did get temporarily but I


other issues any other time so I've only

had to use it the one time now what you

want to do to avoid getting those ducks

though there are a few things you can do

I know a lot of places online you're

going to tell you to try cabbage leaves

in your bra and things like that but

actually recent studies have shown those

have no effects whatsoever so don't go

and do this stinky cabbage thing it's

probably not going to help you any

instead what will work are cold

compresses now there's a few different

things you can use for this and I'll

show you one of those now this is I

think from lansinoh I'm not quite when

her wasn't sure but I thought mine it

might target with my first kid and so

these are old but basically it's just

like a little gel cold freezer pack but

it comes in these little sleeves so that

it's not like super super cold on your

skin and you can just put these right

inside your bra and they provide some

cooling relief so if you're feeling like

some pressure or engorgement as it gets

close to time when you should release

milk as you're stretching those times

out longer this really helps with any

kind of pain or discomfort now the

reason you want to go for cold instead

of hot is that cold is going to help

inhibit the milk flow whereas hot is

gonna signal to your body to release and

what you want to be doing with drying up

your milk supply is telling your body

no more release don't make any more milk

don't release any more milk

so expression is kind of key here you

want to express as less frequently as

possible while avoiding the times you do

still need to release milk to avoid the

mastitis and engorgement so cold

compresses really really helped also

likewise you want to avoid kind of any

type of heat thing so hot showers

directly on your front you might want to

turn with your back to the shower head

when you're taking them because any kind

of heat or stimulation in that area is

going to signal to your body to do a

letdown and release

some milk so just a few little tips

there for trying to avoid over

stimulation and the release of milk now

like I said you want to start slowly

dropping off those pumps or feedings

over time so every other day you're

gonna try and drop a pump now obviously

this is all a play it by ear

kind of thing if you feel like you know

what I still feel really really engorged

I don't think I'm quite ready to drop

another session fine give it another day

listen to your body and then push it

maybe a day later what's one more day

really in the grand scheme of things

what I do is I don't try and just drop

all of my pumps or all of my feedings

that are back to back to back I space

out the ones that I take away so for

instance and like I said you'll pick

what's best for you and your schedule in

your body but I found that I was always

the fullest after night time so dropping

that first pump of the morning would

have never been the best thing for me to

do because that's when I was always the

fullest and really desperately needed to

get the milk out so you really want to

listen to your body think about when are

you fullest when are you least full and

decide where to drop your pumps from

there it might be easiest for you if you

find there certain times of the day that

you aren't quite to work on

dropping those first because it'll be

easier for you to lengthen out how long

you go between pumps or release if you

drop those first also I also found it

was easiest if I staggered the ones that

I did drop so I wouldn't want to drop an

evening pump and then the first night

time pump which would be back-to-back

that would be way over filling for me as

I'm starting the journey so maybe I

would stop and do my

morning pump and let go of that one and

then one evening pump and let go of that

one they're kind of 12 hours apart

opposite ends of the day so I don't risk

having two pumps that are gone in a row

in being way overfilled and risk

engorgement and mastitis from not

getting the milk out now if you find

that that is even problematic dropping a

pump altogether like I said if you're

kind of on a tying the schedule of when

you usually would feed or pump just try

and lengthen out how long you can go and

you'll find it by doing it that way

eventually one of your pumps or one of

your feedings will fall off of the

calendar as you lengthen out the time

between each one so if you used to go

three hours between try and see if you

can extend it out for if used to go for

try and extend it to five by doing that

you're telling your body that it doesn't

need to produce milk as often and your

body is still gonna get those signals to

start producing less milk less

frequently and you will start the

process of drying up now as your body

starts getting the hang of it and you've

been going at it for maybe a few days to

a week

your body will probably start producing

less milk for the times you are still

pumping to relieve the pressure and so I

found that whereas I used to produce

four to five ounces per session towards

the end after my body started getting

the signals and I was pretty pumped

now it was only like three ounces and

then it dropped to like only two because

my body realized I didn't need to make

as much milk and so because I was having

more less stored in there each time it

made it easier to drop the pumps as I

went along because I never had that

feeling of being full or engorged and so

I didn't have the pain if you do get

some kind of pain or discomfort great

over-the-counter things to help are

ibuprofen or acetaminophen

those are great they're gonna help a

little bit with the swelling or just a

little bit of like pressure pain

reduction obviously they're not going to

do anything other than that to help dry

you up but they can't help with a little

bit of discomfort as you work on

dropping those feedings

all right so key takeaways first think

about how much you already are pumping

or feeding and start trying to drop

those off one every other day until you

are down to that last once a day where

you can eventually stop

if dropping a feeding isn't really for

you extend the times between feedings to

try and lengthen those out and slowly

dwindle your supply be prepared with a

few little handy tools like some pain

relievers a massager or some cool packs

to help you out as well with any pain or

discomfort avoid hot or warming items

such as showers on the front warm

compresses and yes even maybe some

really fully formed snuggles on the

front side of your body

always always always if you find that

you are getting signs of mastitis call

your healthcare professional you want to

nip that in the bud as fast as possible

and those signs can be things like red

streaky breasts fever things of that

nature however if it's just a clogged

duct you can usually work that out on

your own at home and then lastly of

course give your baby a snuggle and a

kiss because that is best and you're

doing what you need to do no matter at

what point in your journey you're drying

up your supply so give yourself a little

hug to mama

it'll be okay and just do what's right

for your body but I hope this video was

helpful because I want to make sure you

do it pain-free and naturally I will pop

on one little disclaimer there are

things out there like teas and stuff

that you can use they say things like

sage and peppermint can help with supply

reduction but honestly I didn't try them

because they weren't needed you don't

really need those things to dry up your

supply you can do it just with the tips

in this video however there's nothing

wrong with trying those if that's

something you want to do alright guys so

that's it so hopefully this were helpful

tips for you on how to dry up your

breast milk supply slowly and naturally

and pain-free if you like this video

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