WEANING COLD TURKEY! | Stopping Breastfeeding | What to Expect

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hey guys welcome to or back to my

channel and Vanessa can be and today I'm

gonna be talking about stopping

breastfeeding called turkey so this is

something that I contemplated for a long

time I was going on holiday for a week

away from the kids and I basically

needed to stop breastfeeding my daughter

was 14 months old and I did start to try

doing the you know cut out a few today

and all that sort of thing and it did

kind of work but then I got ill and then

I ended up just feeding her because I

didn't want to have to do all sorts of

crying and all that sort of stuff so

basically it got a week and a half

before I was going away and I was still

feeding her a lot she was being food but

whenever I was there she would just want

to feed on me I'm sure a lot of other

moms out there can relate so I needed to


so basically me and my husband decided

okay we'll just stop cold turkey so in

this video I'm gonna let you know what

to expect from stock and cold turkey so

I wrote down day by day how I fell and

how it was so luckily for me I had my

husband who could sleep in the bed with

Maya so we're cool sleeping so it's

normally me him and her but during this

time yeah I know there's a cot there

it's this evening very deceiving if she

fled tonight it would be good but you

know she doesn't so I was lucky enough

to have him and he volunteered himself

up to sleep in the bed with Maya whilst

this process was going on so that I

could sleep in another like in our spare

bedroom on my own whoo or so I thought

it would be with so day one I stopped at

9 a.m. on day 1

that day was fine that night however my

boobs were not too bad but did feel like

they were getting fewer mile walk up a

three thirty minutes and cried with my

husband and I was in the other room -

like not make her smell the milk and all

that sort of stuff

D - my boobs were like engorged by this

point I was like couldn't really move

properly what could move properly but

you know when your milks first coming in

it feels like that so they were just

really really full I didn't want to

express too much because I didn't want

to create more milk but when I was in

the shower I would express a little bit

to just ease that sort of like very

intense feeling so that day pumped by

hand three times for five minutes

definitely used cabbage cabbage was a

lifesaver you put it on you put the

cabbage in the fridge then you peel the

leaves off and you put them on inside

your bra and and it basically just like

cools them down apparently it's got some

anti-inflammatory properties inside the

leaves which help to you know help you

with the situation but I don't know

about that all I know is that it makes

them feel better when they're cold on

them when they're very engorged that

night Maya only woke up three times so

it was much better than the night before

she woke up three times crying and my

husband like just soothed her you know

patted her held her all that sort of

stuff and that night for me I could only

sleep on my back I was like but I

literally could barely move side to side

just thinking about it a little bit it

was not um it was an unbearable but it

definitely wasn't comfortable so this

basically went on day three you know

they were much like I don't want to say

sore cuz I'm not trying to fit anyone

off but they were much more full let's

say engorged

I didn't wear tight bra like some people

suggest because I didn't want to get

mastitis I've had mastitis before and

that was from wearing a bra that was too

tight when I was breastfeeding in the

early days and it was horrible

so I bore one during the day like a

breastfeeding bra but at night I didn't

just so that I didn't get so yeah

basically this went on for let us say

about it five or six days they were

engaged after that it started getting

less so by I'd say a week and a bit

they were going down so they were like

no engorged anymore it was just kind of

normal milk was still a little bit

coming out but for me

'lord milk never came out some people

say you know their t-shirts are soaking

and all that sort of stuff that never

happened for me and so by one and a half

weeks I'd say that was it back so I'm

also literally by the time I went in the

holiday my boobs were back to how they

were before I was breastfeeding

although tiny little bits of milk I mean

tiny would come out from time to time

but nothing to really speak of so yeah

in a week and a half that was it gone

stopped breastfeeding I was away on

holiday for a week my I was actually

surprisingly fine when I wasn't there

apparently she was just like much better

she would sleep through the night like

everything when I wasn't there as soon

as I got back of course and I then

started sleeping in the bed with her for

the first time and she was waking up or

she still is this is only like a couple

days after I get back from making this

video she was which she's waking up

loads in the night like five six times

like morning and crying and I think it's

because you know she associates me being

in the bed with her with milk so you

know I'm hoping that this just gets

gradually better as time goes on but I

do feel really sorry for her little baby

mommy's milk

mm so yeah if you can do the slow way do

it because this way obviously can cause

mastitis and it is extremely

uncomfortable but it's bearable for a

week and a half the other way from me

probably would have taken months and I

didn't have months at the stage so yeah

anybody's got any questions or anything

just comment in the comments box below

let me know how you enjoyed this video

and I hope it goes well for you if

you're just starting your journey on

stopping breastfeeding your child and

obviously breastfeeding is the absolute

best thing for your child and if you

can't continue definitely continue the

only reason why I stopped is because I

was going away I'm obviously just a

person giving my own experience to you

guys not like a professional please

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