How to Stop Pumping | Exclusively Pumping Tips & What to Expect

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so today I want to get real with you

guys and talk to you about how to stop

pumping for all my mama's out there hey

everyone its Olivia if you're new here

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recently just stopped pumping and I

really wanted to make this video after

it was like completely said and done so

I had on my duct Sentra when I decided

to stop pumping and I will link the

video so you guys can see that that

decision because I was really hard for

me but when I decided to stop pumping I

looked into kind of how how do you stop

pumping and a lot of articles I read

kind of suggested that you just you

basically pump less so every time you

pump you pump less I tried that method

and it hurt it hurt a lot you guys so I

primarily started focusing on the times

that I was pumping as opposed to the

amount I was popping how the pain

differed with the two different methods

was when I pump less I kind of just hurt

a lot all of the time because I never

got that relief of being empty as

opposed to when I started focusing on

getting rid of certain pumping times and

letting myself be emptied all the way it

was kind of a temporary discomfort so

I'd only hurt for a short amount of time

but it wasn't all the time and that was

way better for me especially if you're

picking up kiddos if you're holding them

if you have to give hugs like you ladies

you you feel me you know the pain of

full pips like it's just not cool

so I drew this handy-dandy little clock

here looks god-awful to kind of give you

a visual of how I started getting rid of

pumping time since I know it can kind of

be like where do you start how do you

even start doing that so as I have here

these basically are my pumping times up

here so I pump to 8 a.m. 1 p.m. 6 p.m. 9

p.m. and 12 a.m. so late at night

given some people problem a have more

than this or or less but this is just

the what I'm working with I'm not

a patient consultant so I'm just

explaining to you kind of my method of

going through this process what it boils

down to is you need to do what works for

your body so if this doesn't work for

you then then I would go with something

else I know I'm sorry my baby is kicking

me and being grateful basically how it

started was ice these are my p.m.

pumping times so I'm not showing you in

the morning I skip my 1:00 a.m. and I

went as long as I could so that would be

my tip to you go as long as you can

without pumping so I could go until

about 4:00 p.m. and that's when I was

like okay I cap out I give up and I

needed I needed to get the milk out here

is my tip though focus on getting rid of

one time at a time and let your body

level out in between obviously with

breastfeeding and the pumping you tell

your body how much to make this is just

the opposite of that you're telling your

body don't make milk at this time and

it's going to take a few days for your

body to to completely be able to skip

once not this is going to be a little

bit of a lengthy process so just be

prepared to that so skip to one o'clock

I went to for the next day I can make it

until about 5:00 but even if you're

pumping it for still pump at your

regular six o'clock or your 9 o'clock

whatever you want I keep those times

consistent until you're ready to skip it

so eventually I gets rid of the 1:00

p.m. I go from 8:00 until 6:00 and

that's when you go to the next step so I

would see how long I could go from 8

a.m. and see if I could make it all the

way to 9 which is just crazy and no I

could not do that that hurts so I'd make

it until 7:00 or I'd make it until 8:00

and so it was just every day I would get

a little closer to making it to 9:00

p.m. so obviously when I reach 6:00 or

when I reach 9 I'm pumping pumping a lot

of milk you guys a lot of notes coming

out because it's built up so that's what

I mean by level

let your body level out is that get back

to the normal amount of milk you are

making and then go to skip the next one

the last two are probably harder than

the last one to get rid of basically you

played the game of how long can I make

it so I go from

8 a.m. and I would see how long I could

make if I can make it all the way to

midnight you're probably not going to be

able to that's a long period of time so

I would pump at 8:00 or I would pump at

9:00 my tip for you is when you do this

don't pump at the same time every night

when you have that like give up moment

and you need to pump even if I went for

12 6 pump it eight or pump it 10 or pump

it nine or 8:30 or you know what I mean

do not relieve yourself at the same time

every night because then you're just

giving your body another time to pump so

you're kind of confusing your body in a

way that makes sense you you want to

keep your body on its toes and confuse

your boobs this one is probably going to

take you weeks to get through the whole

process for me probably took a month and

a half and it's going to take shorter or

longer depending on your on your pain

tolerance honestly and how long you can

go without pumping the last pump is

pretty simple when you go to eliminate

the last pump same game start pumping at

different times around when your when

your last pump is your body's going to

start getting confused it's not going to

understand when to make milk and it's

going to slowly decrease your supply

eventually you'll have nothing coming

out at all real quick on what to expect

when you stop pumping because honestly

that's something I wish that I had known

so I want to share it with you guys what

to expect I'll be completely honest with

you it's not going to be a comfortable

process it's going to probably hurt hump

is definitely going to hurt if you if

you do the method that I'm explaining

where you're not like not emptying your

your breasts of milk they're going to

get really firm really lumpy because

you're going to have you know basically

clogged ducts or milk and backed up this

you I couldn't feel the pain when it

started getting towards the end unless I

touched them if I if I ran jumps

somebody else like pushed against them

anything like that

that's when I would really feel the pain

so honestly if you can distract yourself

by doing other things

try to do that this is going to sound

weird but try not to stimulate your

nipples at all because you you'll get

like I'm crazy let down because your

boobs are like yes you need me but you

don't I had to carry the kiddos like way

on my side so they wouldn't like touch

my nipples or anything like that that

would be my suggestion there is try to

avoid any kind of stimulation to to

trigger a letdown like I said it's going

to take probably a month to two months I

was naive when I originally planned on

stopping pumping Elle's like oh I'll

just give myself a couple weeks no

you're going to meet much longer than

that so just be prepared that it's going

to take time I get asked a lot duh did

you get mastitis or did you get clogged

ducts and no I did not get mastitis

somebody's going to join it I typically

get mastitis at the beginning when I

start pumping or breastfeeding I have

never gotten it when I when I leaned off

and maybe that's due to like getting all

the milk out and not trying to shorten

the amount that I'm making I don't know

if maybe that leads to as somebody could

maybe tell me clogged ducts I would say

yes you kind of have to expect that I

took a lot of hot showers in between

times when I wasn't pumping to maybe

kind of help relieve it so yeah just be

prepared for that it's not going to be

comfortable but it is a process that you

have to go through if anybody is

interested I did use the madela

hand pump to exclusively pump for with

my first daughter for two years and with

this one for about three months and it's

held up that entire time so I am super

impressed with the medela hand pump and

I will link it down below so if you guys

want to get it or check it out but

that's it for this video I hope these

tips helped let me know if you guys have

any tips that you'd like to share with

other people thank you so much for

watching I love you guys so much

as always you keep staying simply

awesome I'll keep staying simply Olli

and I'll see you guys in the next video