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so you're out to dinner and you see the

way they're rocking with fresh bread for

tortilla chips with wok and your mouth

is just watering the waiter puts the

bread down and you tell yourself you're

only gonna have a piece and it's fine

but girl who are you you know you're

gonna X out on that it's you're one of

those girls that has a hard time saying

no to cars and no matter which diet

you're on it's always the carbs that are

the hardest part of you to let go you

love the breads you love the tortilla

chips you love the pasta and the sweets

and all other carbee things if you're

ready to find out what's causing these

crazy carb cravings and how to fix them

give this video a thumbs up and let's

get started the reason number one why

you're craving carbs like crazy is

because your nails don't have enough

protein and fat if all your meals are

carp heavier even if it's healthy carbs

like oatmeal whole grain toast Zico

bread some whole grain pasta or just a

lot of fruits and lots and lots of

vegetables and not enough fat or protein

you are going to crave carbs more for

example if you're just having toast with

jelly for breakfast or if they go with a

little bit of cheese cream or just

oatmeal with fruit girl I promise you

you are going to crave cars by lunch and

you're just going to be out of control

the rest of the day so a study done by

the Journal of nutrition in 2006 had

participants eat 50 grams of glucose aka

carbs and then they asked them to

combine this glucose with fat and

protein both fat and protein decreased

the glucose response in the participants

and protein worked three times better

than fat so how do you fix this how can

you implement more protein

c'mere so here are some examples if

you're gonna have apples have a with

peanut butter if you're gonna have

toasts in the morning have it with some

ice but I have oatmeal and protein

powder to it let's not kid ourselves it

will be very hard for us to get

deficient in carbs because trust me

there's nothing in the world that can

for make me forget about eating my carbs

it's harder for me to remember to eat

that protein in fact so what I always do

and a trick I have is i prioritize fats

and proteins and think of the carbs as

an admin so when I'm making food when

I'm perfect sex I'm like okay fat and

protein and then I'll eat carbs anyways

because they're just delicious reason

number two why crazy broke carbs is your

menstrual cycle around the time of your

period or when your menstrual

menstruating menstruating you will be

burning more calories a lot of people

don't know that but they taught us that

in school you burn about 300 to even up

to 500 if you're really lucky calories

because your body's doing more work when

is trying to release all that also you

have a lot of hormone imbalances during

this time like your hormones are going

up and down during this time so you are

craving carbs and that's perfectly

normal but that doesn't mean it's

outside of your control here are the

tricks that helped me fix this whatever

I have my period I avoid keeping really

Carvey foods at home like I will not buy

them the week before I really will not

because I know for a fact I cannot

control myself during this time but I

will let myself indulge a little bit I

will for example go get dessert with my

husband at a restaurant are on two

faiths and we'll split it in half

yes I'm asking you to share your dessert

Oh God all I can say is think ahead and

plan your food cut around your menstrual

cycle reason number three why you're

craving carbs is you're not eating

regular meals if you get yourself to a

very hungry point your body is smart and

they will

the quickest source of energy for it

which is cars because it's easily broken

down and you will crave it especially if

you ate something very carb heavier and

then you fasted you're going to crave

more carbs so what I recommend is think


think protein in fact like I mentioned

before plan ahead and meal prep meal

prep can be life-saving if you don't

want a meal prep whole meals prepare

snacks ahead of time higher protein

snacks so you do not give it into those

carb cravings reason number four is that

you have hormonal imbalances which make

your insulin all over the place insulin

is a hormone that helps take glucose

into ourselves to be used as energy some

women with hormone imbalances especially

one with PCOS have a lot of insulin and

when you have a lot of insulin it acts

as an appetite stimulant so it's hard to

stay away from carbs completely honest

so here is where the keto diet are a

very low protein diet becomes very

effective with PCOS for some women

because they're keeping their diet

relatively low carb they did they don't

have these spikes in insulin so their

appetite for carbs and maybe other foods

as well is decreased so it's a little

easier for them to lose weight you

already know that keto and low carb diet

is not for you because you've tried it

or you just simply love a lot of foods

that these diets restrict you can follow

another approach is by eating low GI


Oh regarding hey you guys we need to

know is hai ji foods are foods that

raise our blood glucose quickly and low

GI foods raise our blood glucose slowly

so low GI foods what are some examples

you can posit screenshot at Trinette put

on your refrigerator so you know which

puts out Logie I actually included

fruits that are lower in GI their

vegetables and so on so it's like a good

source for you guys to print and look at

when you want to know what carbs will

raise your blood glucose the slowest so

that you'll have less carb cravings

number five reason why you're overeating

carbs is your stress eating now don't

even click out of this video of thinking

and it's just stupid I can't stop

stressing it much stress anyways this is

not helpful hold on stress eating is a

huge problem and until you address this

issue none of the other things that you

see on this channel or anywhere are

going to help you because even if you

are perfect that maintaining and diet

and then some stress comes along you're

gonna be out of control binging so

basically if you're eating sugary

starchy things science has shown that it

kind of makes you feel better because it

blocks the receptors in your brain or it

works in a part of the brain I don't

know exactly don't remember but that are

responsible for stress so when you're

eating sugary and starchy carbs it does

make you feel better

that's why no one craves a salad when

they're feeling down but they're craving


but the thing is once you eat it you

feel a little better and then BAM

it will go off and you'll feel just as

donnas you did before and you'll feel

even worse because you just binge on a

lot a lot of chocolate so how do you fix

it how do you help yourself de-stress to

get rid of these crazy cravings I

believe that the number one answer to

this is exercise find a workout you love

maybe swimming maybe dancing something

but find it and get moving moving

increases those endorphins and just

makes you feel amazing I promise you

that once you exercise for four weeks on

a regular basis you'll be hooked so I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if you

guys would like more on these videos

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once again I'm so grateful for you guys

and I'll catch you guys soon bye