Information Technology Presentation given at BNI Referral Masters by SC Systems

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which for that year and more lives of

Steel five different organizations seven

years ago when I was a student I work

for IT company is now feather and

influences on our system

goes down to five seconds so I passed

seven years I made a lot better it's the

typical knowledge time for for another

IT service provider to know when

something goes down as 15 to 30 minutes

so five seconds difference I've been an

item since all the kids all want to do

starting a company is it's truly exactly

like that gonna test the fact that it

was impossible to get me to do obviously

the anything outside of what I wanted

and so I really hated school I couldn't

read a novel of my life in that way and

what I knew every command in the boss

5.0 mad reference from asking is a copy

I read that pink colored colored by the


fast forward going through school is fun

when a night my last degree that I

thought actually graduated before when

with GPA that was working a full-time

job 60 hours of work when I'm not

working to go boxing love the sink to

complete a shower at Clark refer to this

car karaoke sorry and a Christmas tree

yes in a giant structure equal three

stories by Viking volunteer for an

organization called a CI versus David

Google start on the border together it's

so get your business their providers

these days pretty much block of service

you know it's not their staff problem

there's a long but it's also typically

it's a lot of pro sense a lot of IT

companies they grow into great and the

typical life cycle for a prefer for a

great acting companies about five 10

years when they get to the top of that

they unfortunately start to stop and

that's by trying to avoid

they get really big got a lot of clients

neither they don't transition things

properly or they don't was the right

process in place and that leads to a lot

of problems

another reason is security breach

clients get security breach is no

frankly a lot of things weren't set up

properly really a lot of stuff that's

done to hack people these days isn't

that sophisticated it's just because

you've had a password password because

someone configured a device that you

owned and they just took it out of the

box plugged in the internet and someone

look up that model they just typed in

the default password now that entire

access to network

we're design you know a lot of people

lots of companies get busy they don't

have process and then that leads to

things getting rushed getting

inexperienced people to deploy something

and that gives you a less unless solid

infrastructure that really costs you

money in terms of productivity in greed

you know I've seen I've seen some

horrible charging policies it's America

because one of the one that I saw the

recent client just for 20 minutes at

work they got two hundred dollar bill

because the minimum charging $200 so

they call someone

bust and they literally just plugged in

some static columns this is actually

should be number one

text text will work 60 to 80 hours a

week enamel emits and I've seen it I've

done dependent organizations like that

it's it's unbelievable hub giving most

technicians are it's been almost all

technicians because that's what you

signed up for you guys who stay until

the job is done

so that that's four in the morning

sometimes that's five days later loves

me and a lot of companies don't give

back their tax which is really important

if you don't take good care of your

people they can't take good care of your

clients and it's a really vicious cycle

and you don't service with people at a

service or clients a little scary that's

out there every 25 seconds someone's

trying to happen it's true you

any one of those on the log into the

router at home you can actually see the

log of something every time something

was blocked constantly seeing no ice in

the past two weeks I've just seen

personal friend have the coffee on their

yahoo accounts hacked like they just put

a simple password their email address

was on the floating around on the

internet by the to Bob lists or through

another email address there got hacked

they were that actions going to strike

default passwords in that account and

then take the toy your account to change

your password they take like your

contacts and download your financial

information you can walk next to town

and that's just one example of something

that's trying to happen people are using

Gmail Yahoo Hotmail and so on people of

West serves they need to be updated it

need to be maintained and that's that's

a classic fall that's happening today

and it's a real threat for small

businesses across lovely lovely horse

our new stuff services things like

drop-offs salsify full all great but the

problem is is up is a data and personal

information stored outside the

convenience store is it is in violation

of Canadian privacy laws for period I'm

very aware of this because the Privacy

Commissioner uses a client

and it's very clear on what their stats

was so camp will contracts and Dropbox

vessels credit checks and deals or Gmail

because it's not a Canadian soil just

has to be backups I'm sorry we'll

survive isn't busy like I said going

back to the fact that you know a lot of

providers who grow really fast it like

process people just pack stuff and you

know there's a lot of great guys out

there okay wrong but some people just

rushing and when you rush it give up

that date network we have too many bad

days bad dates of your network you set

out of that with the falls apart and it

just cost you more money to own it and I

mean can and have you stopped working in

it then it doesn't fix it back that was

a really important a lot of people that

do bus different text backup signal by

external hard drive they run these

things to copy they think it's running

know what tests it and one looks at it

no one takes off site your building

burns down you know I work for a 135

million dollar IT company and we had two

government accounts two separate

government Council but did not have

backups right for a year two separate

government accounts you think that that

would be a problem I thought that alone

work for that with me and I saw it

happen points and just people got busy

the right processes are in place and you

know frankly it's that it's that I was

so upset it's one thing to set up out

that's really pushed me to start

approximately four thousand dollars a

year per employee is lost two is lost to

issues into technology that cost you in

terms are positive so that's why it's

really important if a provider and

that's exactly the time something that

I'm trying to build and that's where we

were mission our mission is to enable

our clients to do business better by

providing the right technology advice

products and services that meet their


our vision is to be the premier IT

company IT service company of choice for

the vertical zero percent for small

organizations to provide investment cost

technology services to every one of our

clients we deliver essentially it's a

peace of mind productivity and stability

and give people networks that are built

to last and that's what they deserve

we do this through our services

consulting an advisement operational

support whether it's just monitoring a


procurement getting you the right

products the guy who shop

it's all retail I don't think so that's

someone's cellphone that should be off

our target market we're looking for

referrals is established nonprofits it's

a really underserved market they really

need help

construction engineering and

architectural firms it's a great a very

fast rural sector in this region and as

a result they get what you call the

technical term as a hairball network or

things just get added to it nothing

works together properly and then when

they explode they really need to have

and thirdly franchises franchises these

process when they put up other

franchisees into the market needs to be

predictable and we're very closest

oriented we bring that to the table

which is really helpful the franchise's

growth so in closing what I want to say

is that what we're trying to achieve

in the entire life and execution of SD

systems we want to build lifelong

relationships or clients we want to ask

that was good leadership for the people

that we

company will have a company that's built

a lot we want to take the industry and

make it better

there's just a lot of things that really

need to be changed and the best way to

do those by getting into the market

raising the bar so I'd like to thank

everyone for coming out and I'd like to

say that together we can serve our

clients better Thank You Sean

so if you have a question for Sean

please write it down and