Biting Nails | How To Stop Biting Nails

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Hey guys you're probably here because you want to know all about

how to stop biting those nails well I'm going to answer that question a lot more many

other questions in this week's responding to your comments where we

look at fun questions we look at science-based questions but most

importantly we look at the evidence Julie Harris yesterday I said I wanted

to have beautiful nails and then today at college I bit off three of my nails

please I need help Julie thank you for your comment I'm going to try my best to

give you the most help I can so for those of you don't know nail biting is

clinically known as Onychophagia and it's commonly a stress-related or

nervous related problem in children and adults and it involves biting the nail plate

the soft tissue underneath it sometimes and also the cuticles around it so let's

begin with some of the problems that you can get from nail biting first of all if

you're biting your nails and swallowing your nails it can put you at higher risk

of getting stomach infections and secondly by biting your nails you are

high risk again fungal and bacterial infections on the nail around it and

this can be very painful and not very pretty to look at this can also cause

complications like cellulitis or nail dystrophy where the structure of the

nail plate can change and it can be a different color and again it's not very

pretty to look at now you can also get things like resorption this is where the

root of your tooth breaks down and is absorbed by your body you can also put

yourself a higher risk of intestinal parasitic infections just by biting your

nails you can also put yourself at higher risk of getting temporomandibular

joint pain and dysfunctions so I'm now hoping to see just how

serious some of the complications are from this little tiny habit of buying

your nails so now that we know that let's look at how you can stop or break

the habit of biting your nails so let's begin with the first thing which is

probably the easiest most simple thing that everyone can do and I just to clip

your nails sure keep them nice and trimmed and this is going to reduce the

temptation to bite your nails the next thing that I recommend which is probably

one of the most important things in my opinion is to find and identify the root

cause of biting your nails because if you don't find the root and stop it from

the root you're probably never going to break the habit so the most important

thing that I would recommend everyone has one of these in

their pocket keep a log keep a log of every time you bite your nails what you

are doing where you were right as much information as possible on it and

overtime review those notes because you may find the correlation of a stressful

scenario that's causing you to buy email so what you're going to do is you're

going to change your behavior to those stressful scenarios and hopefully stop

biting your nails now depending on how comfortable you are with your friends

and family they can also be really useful at helping you stop this cycle

and habit of biting your nails so make them aware that you're trying to stop

and tell them to inform you that you're biting your nails stop they could be

really helpful because sometimes you might not even notice that you're biting

your nails another tip that's really helpful is carrying a small nail clipper

with you you can carry it in your pocket or your bag wherever and the reason for

this is that eventually you're gonna have one rogue nail that's a bit longer

than the other ones and it's gonna be on your mind and if you are a nail biter

you're going to keep going for it but then what you do pull out that nail

clipper quickly give it a clip and that's it cycle broken now an effective

alternative to overcoming the problem of nail biting is carrying a rubber piece

root leaf so whenever you get the urge to bite your nails you can buy on this

rubber piece it can be quite helpful now if your nail biting is in compulsive you

can also try some sugar for you gum this is quite effective and help them keep

your mouth occupied some patients have asked me in the past about those bitter

nail preparation that you put on your nails to help you stop biting them my advice

on them is yes they do work for some people but I think for a lot of people

they're not gonna work because like I said that start the video you need to

find the root cause of your nail biting once you find that cause you can change

the way you react to those stressful environments or whatever it's causing

the nail biting to kick the habit out if you don't find that for just think about

how long do you plan on using this preparation please also remember that if

you are really struggling with nail biting and you just can't stop or break

the habit speak to your health care professional

speak to them so it can investigate further and find out exactly what is

going on thank you for the comment Julie I really hope my tips help you and

anyone else who's watching and also if you guys have any

your own tips leave a comment below because I'd love to read it and I'm sure

everyone else watching this video I'd love to read it too now let's move on to

next comment Pamela Jerousek hi mr pharmacist Wow I am 72 years of age and

just now I'm learning how to use a nose spray good to know Pamela thank you for

your comment this is from the how to use a nasal spray video and this proves to

show that we're always learning at any age we are always learning and I've said

it before and I'll say it again I love YouTube for this very reason that my

video is being shown to everyone so many people around the world and they're

learning new things from it and it makes me so happy when I get comments like

this that's why I love to share them sending you all awesome vibe to Pamela

especially you sending you all awesome vibes Adam Requilman that intro and

then there's a timestamp Adam thank you for your comment this is from me how to

lose weight with exercises from a study there in Oxford Adam I am so happy to

you commented this because not many people comment about that intro and it

really upsets me because we did like this awesome edit where I like teleport

into the scene wire at the start of the video and I feel like not either a lot

of people don't notice it what is just not commenting about it but I do think

before YouTube notice things because they have a very keen eye for detail but

if you haven't seen that video and that's quickly look at that

teleportation scene and let me know what you think below welcome to episode 2 of

how to lose weight and belly fat with the help of science part 1 we were

looking at dietary advice part 2 we're looking at simple exercises that

everyone can do at home to help shrink those waist lines Strixz gaming what

there's three sets of 10 mean please reply Strixz gaming thank for your

comment this is from the how to lose weight video all about exercises that

you can do from a surge of during Oxford's and we've had quite a few

comments like this so I'm just going to give you a quick explanation of what

sets reps means so imagine I was doing bicep curls and I said to do 10 reps so

that's 10 bicep curls right so by doing 3 sets of it you're going to do it 30

times in total I hope that helps so it looks like we've run out of time again

in this week's episode of responding to your comments if I didn't get back to

your comment or question I am really sorry but we are

getting so many comments these days it is quite difficult to get back to

everyone so the best advice I can give all of you is keep on leaving those

comments and eventually I will get back to you that's the end of the video

always remember you're awesome and I will see you next week

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