How I Stopped Biting my Nails for GOOD!!

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hey everyone its Ellie welcome back to

my channel in this video I'm going to be

telling you how I stopped biting my

nails cold turkey and giving you a few

things that I have done that really

helped me stop biting my nails

quick little backstory I have been a

nail biter my whole life pretty much

everyone in my family bites their nails

and I've never really thought about

stopping because I thought that I just

couldn't stop and when I say I was a

nail biter I mean I was a nail biter I

used to bite my nails as far down as I

could I'm gonna try to insert any

pictures or videos that I have you can

see that my nails were just not there I

had no nails I just decided to stop

biting my nails I was like you know what

I'm gonna try to do it for some weird

reason I just wanted to stop biting my

nails as you can see they're so much

healthier and they're long now like I

have nails and this might not be long

for many of you guys watching this

compared to how I used to have my nails

this is like the best my nails have ever

looked and I'm actually so proud of

myself for stopping a habit that I've

had my whole life and it just goes to

show that if you really want to do

something you can do anything you want

to stop telling yourself that you can't

my whole life I was like there's no way

I can stop biting my nails because I've

just done it for so long that there's no

way that I can just stop and I did stop

one day I just decided that I wanted to

stop and I stopped cold turkey and if I

can do it so can you so I'm just gonna

tell you guys my few little tips and

tricks that have helped me yeah let's

get into the video I don't know if you

can see it oh there it is today on this

poop thingy so if it makes noise I'm

sorry I just did not want to sit on the

floor also if you hear any background

noise it's my little sister her and her

friends are over and they're just

playing and stuff so there's yelling in

the background and that's that a lot

comes into play when you have a habit

whether it's biting your nails or just

anything in general there's a lot of

things that come into play to stop it

you can't just be like I'm gonna stop

and stop I mean you can but there's

reasons why you have formed these habits

over the course of your life the first

thing that I did was I tried to pinpoint

why I was biting my nails I tried to

pinpoint different rays

and different triggers I guess that

would trigger me to want to bite my

nails for me that was pretty much any

time I was stressed or if I was anxious

or I was just nervous anything along

those lines

I would bite my nails specifically

stressed whenever I was stressed out I

would buy my nails a lot more once you

pinpoint the reason why you do these

habits you can really work around to try

to stop yourself from doing it when you

are in a situation that makes you want

to do it if that makes sense I had to

change a lot of things in all aspects of

my life to just stop me from biting my

nails because there is just a lot of

different things that made me want to

bite my nails I realized if I just

procrastinated in my schoolwork and I

just didn't do my schoolwork I would

just be a lot more stressed than I would

be if I were to just get everything out

of the way

and just finish all of my schoolwork so

what I did to lessen my stress when I

had to do anything relating to school

because that's really all that stressing

me out right now because I'm in college

just doing my schoolwork stresses me out

the first thing that I did was I got a

planner and I've always used planners

but I did something different I started

to plan out when I would do my

schoolwork cuz I probably should mention

that I have ADHD so planning is very

difficult for me to do just because I

tend to kind of just keep it all in my

head then I stress myself out because

it's in my head instead of it being on

paper what really helped me was getting

a planner and not just writing what I

have to do but planning out when I would

do these certain things and that really

helped me get like a whole view of when

I was gonna do all of my schoolwork and

when I would do everything that I needed

to do so then I wouldn't be stressed out

and thinking about everything that I

have to do all the time if that makes

sense let me see if I can show you an

example so my planner I have a to-do

list so I write everything that I need

to do on the to-do list and then I have

a month view of everything that I have

do for the whole month and then I have

my week view planning everything that I

had to do and breaking it up into these

little things made me not think about

everything that I had to do normally

what I would do is I would think about

all the schoolwork that I have to do and

think about what I'm going to do

and I would just be thinking about that

all the time and that would just make me

super stressed out but having it in a

planner and not having to stress about

me forgetting to do something made me

less stressed and following the planner

is also something that you should do so

if you're planning on doing this

actually follow the planner because then

it defeats the whole purpose if you do

all of this but don't actually use it

that is the first thing that I

definitely think helped me a lot this

will be different for everyone depending

on what triggers you to want to bite

your nails so you just kind of have to

like self reflect and try to figure out

why you're doing these certain things

and what causes them and then you have

to attack those things could that cause

you to feel anxious or stress or it

caused you to just want to fight your

nails off that was kind of like the

mental tip how to mentally stop biting

your nails now I'm gonna go into like

the physical tips what you can

physically do to make you physically

stop biting your nails and I have two

things that really did help me I had an

issue when I had no nails left to bite I

would pick on the skin around my nails

it really bothered me if I had any

really stuff on my nails you know what I

mean like when you have like little hang

nails and stuff that just really irked

me and I just really hated having that

the thing that really helped me with

that was vitamin E oil and vitamin E oil

it's good for skin health on here it

says it moisturizes and you know Norton

arisia's I can't even say that a lot of

people use this for their nails because

it really does moisturize your nails and

it helps your nail grow strong and it

gets rid of that pearly stuff that I

absolutely hate so helpful because I

don't know it works so fast you'll

notice results within a few days it's

kind of crazy

I was shocked the first week that I

started doing all these tips what I

would do with vitamin E oil is I would

put it on my nails and then I would just

massage each fingernail and just kind of

massage the skin around the nail and I

would do this at night when I'm watching

something on TV because I can't really

use my nails or hands or anything when

I'm doing this cuz you're massaging your

nails so my favorite time to do this was

before bed I would just massage my nails

for like 10 to 20 minutes I'm

as long as you really want I would just

do it until the vitamin E was

moisturized into my skin and then I

would just wipe the excess off onto my

hands and it just like makes your hands

really soft it's really good for your

skin just overall I will say that they

sell vitamin E capsules I would

recommend just buying like a little tube

of the vitamin E oil it's so much easier

to just buy this but if you can't find

this you can also just buy the vitamin E

capsules and just break it with like a

scissors or something and just put the

oil on your fingers this really helped

me just keep my nails clean if I have no

frilly stuff on my nails I don't really

have the urge to even bite them so this

really helps me get rid of anything that

was freely any hang nails and it kind of

just made my nails look perfect the next

thing that I would put on my nails is

this nail polish it's called the rejuve

Akoo nail growth system they saw this on

amazon you can buy it at Walmart I'm

pretty sure Target just any super store

or supermarket has it this is the only

nail polish that has ever worked on me I

tried the nail polishes that had like a

bitter taste to it that would make you

not want to bite your nails couldn't

taste so bad but the determined person

that I am I would still manage to find

ways around biting my nails when I would

use that nail polish I would bite my

nails without actually getting the nails

to touch my tongue so I would it taste

it I know it's so bad none of those

spicy nail polishes have ever worked on

me know like nail growth nail polish

system thing ever worked with me this is

the only thing that actually works for

me because nothing else ever works this

is not a sponsored video I really do

swear by this nail polish it's such a

good product so when I found this nail

polish I was like it's worth the $15

that it is because it actually does what

it claims to do on it it says it's a

nail growth system from dying nails to

nails to die for which it's pretty

accurate because my nails were dying

they look so much better and healthier

now basically what I would do is after I

put the vitamin E oil on my nails I

would put a coat of this and then I

would put a coat of any nail polish and

I would repeat this every single day the

vitamin E and

nail polish I repeated everyday I will

say though the hardest part is the

beginning it takes 21 consecutive days

to break a habit the first three weeks

it's gonna be like the hardest you're

gonna want to bite them but if you just

stick it through and just don't do it

for the first three weeks after the

first three weeks it's so much easier

you're not gonna even have the urge to

bite them anymore

it just takes three weeks to break a

habit it's hard at first but if you just

do these steps every single day for the

first three weeks you'll notice that

over time it gets easier and easier and

then the urge to want to bite your nails

gets less and less if you're just

applying all of these tips to your life

and just doing it there's no reason why

you wouldn't stop biting your nails

because my nails were so bad and if I

can do it trust me

anybody can do it because I used to be

the worst nail biter

I took my nail polish off for this video

just because I wanted you guys to see

how they looked like with no nail polish

on usually I do have my nails painted

now that I have nails I just like to

have them done and make them look nice

and stuff but yeah that is what I did to

stop biting my nails

it has been four months and I haven't

bit my nails yet I'm pretty sure I've

broke the habit I don't even have the

urge to bite my nails I will say that I

do have like a weird habit of just like

looking at them and making sure that

they're perfect so I still kind of like

pickup them and try to make them look

nice and perfect because I don't like it

when I have any really stuff on my nails

now I don't have a nail-biting habit now

I kind of have like an OCD habit with my

nails but you know what I'll take it

I'll take what I can get yeah that's

pretty much it you guys have any tips

for nail biters that I didn't mention in

this video or other tips that have

helped you stop biting your nails leave

them down in the comments below and we

can all just have like a little

discussion and help each other out if

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