How to Stop Biting Your Nails

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it's your most annoying and embarrassing

addiction and millions of you are even

doing it right now by chewing your nails

is more than a bad habit it could

seriously be affecting your health so

Christine is here I want to thank you

very much for coming clean about your

nail biting it's the next phone thing

right now I know what you're hiding your

heads so how long I've been biting your

nails as long as I can remember really

since I was a youngster but definitely

as a teenager and till now and how has

it affected your life it's embarrassing

it's gross disgusting I know this I know

I should be better but I feel like how

can I tell my six-year-old daughter to

stop sucking her thumb when mommy has

her hands in her mouth how can I be

president of the PTA and seem like an

adult when I think you know the number

of people do this is stunning it's you

know more than 50% of people bite their

nails at some point in their life so

it's pretty common questions why do most

of us stop by 30 I am I still doing it

perfect so today I'm opening up the nail

files get it

finally some stuff okay I'm going to

show you how this stuff could be

affecting your health so I want to

attack a little different I don't want

to insult you or bother you it's so

common that it's obviously it's

something that somehow in our genes do

it but there are things they can do to

us it can really be harmful and let's

get clear on those don't get some clips

where the first concern with nail biting

is actually infections make sense you

know think about it you your mop has a

lot of bacteria in it you've got these

beautiful nails and if you're chewing on

them all the time you actually can get

small cuts you have any cuts on your

hands oh I watched the last segment

yes so sure it's just this is the last

segment results a little bit of blood

that you see there I don't think it's

yeah you can see it right there

everybody so I'm more concerned about

that blood than the nail themselves

because like this I won't stop until

that is what course does mean it stop

when it hurts or when it's bloody like I

don't stop until it's too bad well often

times that's why you stop because it's

gotten bad enough that you know

something's going on but this is what I

see a lot in people this is an infection

it can be bacterial or fungal it's

called a paronychia when you chip away

at this at this border

protection of the nail those little

openings can allow bacteria to grow and

here's the thing you know this is a

treatable problem but this can spread to

other parts of the body gets into your

bloodstream infection so is it just your

nails did it seem like it's your nail

connected to the rest of your body all

right so that's the first thing you know

we won't be walking around with this

with this you know that already

hey come on over here I've got I'll come

to you there's a second big issue which

is to erosion let me see your teeth your

beautiful teeth

but nail biting is not just a problem

for enamel it does other things as well

it can literally reshape the teeth so

let's say your your teeth there and

there's a finger in there your chipping

away the nails but y'all stripping away

the tooth shape of the tooth it's curved

over let's rotate this this is what's

gonna start the same curved teeth in the

front you didn't tell me this when I was

a teenager

oh I don't anyone forgetting this

because here so on a fan of the show

kindly said this is picture this is a

real person front teeth how they're

curved over because of chronic nail

biting $15,000 and dental bills later he

fixed that it had oral surgery to fix

that problem you need to stop this we're

gonna stop that happy the third concern

is that it represents pathological

grooming that you're doing something

that you don't want to do that makes you

upset about doing it so I asked

psychologists Doctore should Nara join

me or your joining us this is something

that's not talked about in a serious

manner it's just thought of as a little

quirk but it's become a bigger deal in

your specialty until recently it's been

considered just another bad habit but

it's more than that on the American

Psychiatric Association has classified

it as an obsessive-compulsive related

disorder it resembles OCD in that

there's a compulsive need to relieve

anxiety or tension shopping to ask these

questions in your behalf into my house I

mean how do you know if it's crossed

from simple little bit of nail biting

into a more pathological state

well the behavior gets out of control it

starts to interfere with your life on a

daily basis people feel so much shame so

much embarrassment that they stop going

out with friends they're always hiding

their hands and they feel like they're

always gonna be ridiculed we just did

that all down their set with me right

now all right so what's the first step

for some of the things that may have an

issue that's a bit more severe

if people seek the right treatment the

right protocol they can stop the

behavior in my practice we're able to

have a success rate of 98% for patients

who follow the protocol we use a type of

cognitive behavior therapy that's more

specifically called habit reversal

training we help people become more

aware more accountable for the behavior

and they also we help them build this

barrier the physical barrier to stop

them from having their teeth touch the

nails I'm gonna give you some tips if

you don't mind it I just know we're

using his behavioural therapy

these are simple tips you can start

today I'm not sure you pick one that you

like a lot okay bandes are the first

idea you can cover over the nails they

serve as a physical reminder that you

don't want to do it cuz you don't want

to do it so the subconscious movement

towards your nails there's some of you

in the audience right now we're doing by

the way I'm noticing and if you're

motivated the right way it'll actually

slow you down a little bit so you won't

be biting on those nails stops number

two is bitter nail polish which I

doesn't worked yeah you're gonna like it

if they're really if you're there is

that right laughs you gotta like it you

can rip that right off real quick how

about how a pina Peppers would they work

too I haven't tried that try that wake

up your taste buds and would you try the

band-aids I would try their hand answer

but that's the problem too is I feel

like like you're saying it is a nervous

habit so what happened was when I when I

stopped this well then what's that

stopping me from chortling my hair pick

it it's a bad habit at least that so

have it you can get present there like

we all have we're all messed up right

what makes it so fast if we do the show

is I deal with myself my own issues

every day and everyone else's and I see

that it's through those crazy habits

that we actually find out who we really

are your growth to us and learn about it

from that but I think if some of these

may be good crutches in the meantime we

do me a favor

I want you put a vitamin E oil on your

cuticles I could do that that you can do

and actually that doesn't even taste bad

but I want to do that a couple times a

day for all the nail biters out there to

at least prevent damage to your nails

and is there anything to do that is good

for nail growth take your nails grow

because of biotin which is the type of B

vitamin so foods that have lots of

biotin them egg egg yolks are a good

example will be valuable for you be sure

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