Why I quit my job at BiteSquad

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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

a girl jasmine and I'm back today with

another video for you so as you all know

about two months ago I posted a video

about my first anti it squad around like

how much money you could make and all

those things well sadly I had to quit

about a month after I posted that video

and it wasn't anything like the company

did to like cause me to feel that way or

anything like that like it was

straightening it was strictly just the

fact that I had to make sacrifices and I

had to do what was best for me because I

have bills and the amount of money that

I was making there was not enough to pay

my bills so yeah anyways I'm not trying

to like throw

any shade at this company because I mean

they were very nice people it's just it

could be a little better you know if you

guys are unfamiliar with what mind Squad

is it's basically like doordash and


you know any of your local food delivery

services you basically would like

download app it give you a list of food

within like 5 to 15 mile radius and you

could basically click the place you

wanted to order her get all your food

place the order and then it was send

your order to one of the people most of

the time it would be someone who was

really close to you so that they could

pick up your food your food would still

be hot and get to you high but on some

occasions it was not like that but

anyways now that I've told you guys like

what my squad is I'm going to get into

the reasons why I'd wait ok so let's

just start with the first thing and that

would be my car I mean I have a 2015 Kia

Forte as you guys may know if you've

seen my car tour videos

and my car used to be really good on gas

I don't know if it was from this job or

what but now I feel like I feel my gas

tank up all the time

this job put quite a few miles on my

card like it was lots of driving back

and forth lots of sitting in my car

while places would prepare the food

because when I would get there to pick

up the food the food wouldn't be ready

I'm not gonna sit in the restaurant

because if it's gonna take more than

like five to 10 minutes they tell you to

go sit back in your car and then go back

inside and check so it was a lot of

doing that now you guys made like if

you're someone who worked for mine squad

and you're watching this you probably

like well they reimburse you for gas

it's not even like that like I would

work five to ten hour shifts and for my

gas reimbursed in it my gas

reimbursement it would say like two

dollars for one dollar and some change

they're like if I would work all day

maybe get up to five ten dollars but um

if you guys live in Florida you would

know that gas right now is like two nine

like gas here is almost three dollars a

gallon so some days I wasn't even

getting I'm not money to get a gallon of

gas so when I was getting gas it was

always coming straight from my pockets

it wasn't

coming from their gas reimbursement

because no it was not another thing that

was a huge issue for me was the distance

I had to drive sometimes so on it like I

would be okay with picking up within

like in town or sometimes going over to

the beach side but sometimes if I got

okay here's how it works when you get an

order and that's the order is for town

like everything's fine you staying in

town most of the time but as soon as you

get an order from the beachside excuse

me once you get over to the beach you're

kind of like stuck on the beach until

your shift ends and that sucks because

the traffic each traffic here sucks

really bad but that's not even the worst


so by the time that I get on the beach

and I make like three four deliveries

they would send me to what's called

thirty eight or rosemary or seaside I

don't know if you guys are familiar with

those but that's like an hour away from

my house so I would have to drive

another 45 minutes this way and then

once like they would only give you like

one delivered on that side then you got

the head all the way back into town so

you have to drive a whole hour meanwhile

you're not making any livery so you're

not really making any money

and another thing before I forget about

this because I just told you guys about

how like I would stay on this side until

my shift foot in you tell them like if

you're working a shift and let's say my

ship is from tended to they wouldn't

even like wait for your permission they

would text you be like hey is it

possible for you to work past two

o'clock if you would respond saying like

no I'm sorry you have this to do I have

that to do they totally like disregard

that you said hey I cannot continue to

work and sometimes you'd end up working

until five o'clock at night at seven

o'clock at night just because they're

short-staffed and I'm sorry but it's not

my problem or my issue that you're

short-staffed like if I say I have to go

or I can't continue to work you guys

need to respect that but no it was not

like that at all

secondly so yeah basically how the pay

works is you get paid what we I like to

call Cerberus wage because you're making

tips so servers would just like five

dollars it some change so you have to

depend on people tipping you for

delivering their food and if no one tips

you then you're only getting paid that

five dollars so

however you look at it like that's not a

lot of money it's not enough so


it sucked like there will be times and I

don't mean like communication with the

bosses that mean communication with the

customers and just all-around like the

way it was set up like it was really bad

like there would be times I'm sorry I

keep saying like my book I guess you can

see how long my vocabulary is now I'm

just kidding but I would get to like

somebody's house or something like

somebody's job or anything like that

trying to deliver their food and I would

call the numbers that they give you and

no one would answer I'd send a text


no one answered so then I would have to

get on my little app on my phone and

contact somebody that's in charge like

somebody doesn't charge me not so when

they tried to dial person and basically

let them know like hey I've been here

for about 20 minutes the customer hasn't

answered the phone no one's come out

like all that and then sit there another

20 minutes you know waiting for them to

figure it out and then finally like they

get a hold of the customer and all that

good stuff but that's just annoying

because again you're sitting there you

wasting your time you're not making

deliveries and then say you're sitting

there caught up on that person and then

that person that just caused you all

that trouble doesn't tip you or tips you

like two dollars and then you're like

okay thanks for that thanks for your

whole $2.00 you could have kept that hmm

yeah that was another problem for me or

an issue or whatever you want to call it

was the schedule so with more with more

with most places or delivery food

services you know you decide when you

want to work like one day you're maybe

not doing anything you just hit start

working in go to work forever like you

want to go to work but bites water

doesn't work like that

they guess they guess I guess they

consider themselves to be an actual like

I mean it is a job but like an actual

job so you have to make a schedule and

you have to work by that schedule so you

can't just decide hey I want to work

Monday Tuesday Wednesday this week but

the next week I don't want to work

Monday Tuesday Wednesday no you have to

go ahead and tell them I'm available

this day this day this day this day this

this date is thing whatever from this

time to this I remember I changed my

schedule a week in advance and they

still scheduled me and I was like listen

I'm sorry I can't work I'm out of town I

told you guys like before you hired me

like I had these days

I had a trip going on and I even like

requested the days off too and they

still were scheduling me and so when

they finally got ahold of like well

Donna finally got ahold of me but they

messaged me because I didn't show up for

that shift and I was like I've told you

guys multiple times like there's emails

all this of them even saying okay like

enjoy your trip we'll see you when you

get back and stuff like that and so when

we don't show up for your shift they

have like this page of like how like

you're standing like you started a

hundred percent and then I guess if you

miss shifts or you call out or you do

this like it starts getting grid and

mine started going down from those ships

that I miss even though they told me

like it was okay like I was excused or

whatever get rid of like all of my

shifts this is when I was getting close

to like quitting and I was like only

working one day a weekend and they would

like keep messaging me hey are you able

to come work today can you hop on right

now can you pick up the shift like no

I'm not even know

no no so long story short about two days

later I quit and

that's what it is but with all that

being said I know I mean that all seemed

kind of negative I still feel like

working for them was a great experience

and I don't regret it at all I mean when

I first started I really really liked it

it was cool it was fun and then it just

slowly all these things just started

progressing and making me realize man

like I don't need Mike you know I

probably should find something else

something that can support me and get me

through all this stuff this is made like

if I would just mainly say like don't do

this as your wanting only job if

anything have this as like a little side

gig to make some extra change because

that's really all it's gonna be it's

extra change you're not gonna be making

big bucks or like making Bank trust me

when I say that but yeah that is all for

I quit by its quad video if you guys

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hope I was able to give you a little

insight on what it's like to work for

them and I will see you guys in the next

video bye