Why I quit my job at BiteSquad

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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

a girl jasmine and I'm back today with

another video for you so as you all know

about two months ago I posted a video

about my first anti it squad around like

how much money you could make and all

those things well sadly I had to quit

about a month after I posted that video

and it wasn't anything like the company

did to like cause me to feel that way or

anything like that like it was

straightening it was strictly just the

fact that I had to make sacrifices and I

had to do what was best for me because I

have bills and the amount of money that

I was making there was not enough to pay

my bills so yeah anyways I'm not trying

to like throw

any shade at this company because I mean

they were very nice people it's just it

could be a little better you know if you