Going off of Birth Control? Prepare for These Possible Side Effects

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the following program contains mature

subject matter fewer discretion is

advised when it comes to your most

urgent female health questions you have

to join us now via Skype shall be

welcome what's going on so I've been on

the same birth control for the last 12

years in a row and I just got off of it

six months about cold turkey because I

was getting chronic migraines and since

I've been off of it

I have only gotten about nine migraines

in the last five months where usually I

get three or four a week so the problem

is that I have a ton of symptoms that

have come up since getting off the birth

control my hair gets oily after like one

day I'm broken out on my neck on both


I have little bumps on my arms that I've

absolutely never seen anything like it


on my body ever I've gained about eight

pounds in six months for no reason and

all I've done is half my portion sizes

and it won't budge and I just want to

know if there is something I can do to

speed up this process or get myself back

to normal let's start with the acne

issue with the acne you are on a really

good birth control pill for acne we know

that when it comes to hormones we have

different things that happen during the

menstrual cycle than up at a particular

point we have an increase in androgens

those are Bill hormones even as women we

will make some of those and those male

hormones can cause you to have oily skin

and they can cause you to have acne well

you are on one of the three fda-approved

hormonal contraceptives to treat acne

prone skin so your birth control pills

we're doing a lot for your skin it was

kind of balancing those hormones out so

that may be what's going on with that

now I know you are taking the the maca

root right fool yes I've tried maca root

extract okay are you still using that

yeah yes okay well the issue with that

is of course we know that it's not

regulated by the FDA and also some

people will take it for acne but some

people will say that it

we'll increase their acne especially

when they first started until those

hormones kind of level out because

that's what it's supposed to do I will

say I don't think that's the best option

for you and I would want you to maybe

try some different things what I would

recommend is consider watching your diet

of course because if you're having any

allergies if you notice that your skin

gets worse when you eat something stay

away from that there are also studies

showing that maybe dairy products or

foods with a high glycemic index can

kind of trigger acne like stuff so watch

your diet also your skincare regimen

talking to a dermatologist coming up

with a good skin care regimen is

important now curious are you on birth

control at all no I know how six months

ago and I haven't touched it since you

haven't touched any birth control so

another thing with the maca root

remember that we don't know exactly what

will happen if you get pregnant or if a

woman is breastfeeding on that

particular supplement so you want to be

mindful of that when you're doing it and

you're not using some type of birth

control so that's what I would say for

your acne try those things so now let's

talk about your oily hair once again you

are on the birth control pill and it was

leveling the hormones out so you didn't

have all of those androgens helping with

the oil production and acne so you're

still getting that oil so it makes sense

oily skin oily hair okay so kind of

talking to a dermatologist and then

finding a shampoo that's good for you

and trying a few things out everything

isn't going to work for everybody so you

have to find what works for you and last

but not least the weight change know

that at certain points in your cycle you

can get a little water weight exercising

and having a balanced diet so portion

control is important but eating the

right things as well and avoiding salty

processed food all of those things can

help and if you've noticed that you

gained weight and you're constantly

feeling bloated or you get full really

fast communicate that to your doctor

because sometimes not all of the time

but sometimes that can mean there's

something going on with the ovaries so

those would be my recommendations for

you just to kind of go through things

and like just have your doctor look at

all your medications do a complete

history and physical do the necessary

labs and get you on a good regimen but

everything that you're describing is


thank you so much I really appreciate it

Thank You Shelby