Binge Eating: Signs, Symptoms & Tips - How To Stop Binge Eating

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today I want to talk a little bit about

binge eating this is a topic some of

you've reached out to me about and I

know it's something that could be

difficult to talk about so I want to go

through some of the signs and symptoms

and different ways you can treat it and

stop binge eating okay so the first

thing I want to do is kind of

distinguish the difference between binge

eating and emotional eating because I

think these can be intertwined sometimes

and they are very different you know

emotional eating is something that

almost everyone's experience like it's

pretty common to go through periods of

it you know if you're doing it all the

time that's something that you could try

to fix and that's a different issue but

if you ever came home from a long day

and just ordered a pizza or had a

cupcake like this is emotional eating if

you're going through a hard time you

know like I said that's kind of common

binge eating is something that's almost

a little bit mindless like you're not

conscious of what you're doing you're

just sitting there kind of eating you

never really feel full it's a really

large amount so you even keep eating

after you feel full or sometimes there's

a behavior associated with it where

you're like well I've already done bad

so I might as well keep on going that's

a common like association or trigger

with being with binge eating so as you

can see one is definitely a little bit

more serious and there's a lot more

psychological and emotional aspects to

it versus just I had a bad day and I

want to have this cookie or cupcake or

ice cream whatever it is so now that

I've kind of explained a little bit of

the difference I want to go a little

more into binge eating and help you know

just explain signs and symptoms and way

you can move past it and treat it so

there's three kind of associations with

binge eating that I just want to lay out

and explain the first one is a diet

mentality so diet mentality is kind of

having that like almost the mentality

that goes along with a diet so you're

constantly restricting yourself you're

always thinking about food it's almost

like where you never really feel like

you're gonna be fully satisfied because

you're always on a diet like you can't

have these full portions you're always

thinking it's less about eating foods

that make you happy and nourish you and

knowing they're doing good for your body

versus like it's constantly thinking

about restriction just that mindset in


is a huge cause and trigger of binge

eating the next one is psychological so

this could be any feelings of stress

anxiety low self-esteem you know

anything even if you associate anxiety

or fear or worry with food any of those

symptoms can definitely trigger and make

binge eating worse and the last one is

social pressure I think this is even

more common now in our generation so you

know first of all there's always been

societal social pressure a way you're

supposed to look you know whether you're

looking in magazines or billboards and

now especially with social media and

Instagram you know and a lot of these

things that fortunately aren't even real

there's so much photo retouching and you

know everyone that puts out things on

social media tends to be just the

perfect things or just the right angles

but these social pressures when you're

looking at it can make you think that

you have to look a certain way and you

know look like this and that can

definitely you know trigger signs of any

kind of eating disorder but also binge

eating so those are the three I think

most common factors there's definitely

other things that go into it but I

wanted to cover those because I think

those are the most relatable and maybe

something that I know may be anyone's

even experience some of them one or all

three now let's get in to signs and

symptoms of binge eating binge eating is

a little bit mindless and another big

sign of it is when you're doing it alone

so if you're by yourself maybe you don't

want anyone to see you if you're

embarrassed eating alone like that are

making sure that no one's watching you

is definitely a sign of binge eating

also if you're eating past the time when

you're fuller past the point when you're

full it's not even like you're eating

because you're hungry or maybe eating

because you enjoy it you're just eating

to eat it's almost like a feeling of

control that's the biggest difference

between you know just having a good like

veg out session with your friends or

family versus like actual binge eating

one more thing I want to go over is the

main repercussions or Consequences of

binge eating now obviously you know it's

a negative to be overweight or to

underweight but really it's it's looks

aside it's damaging your health

so if binge eating can lead to high

blood pressure high cholesterol obesity

type 2 diabetes even mental and

emotional disorders where you can get

anxiety fear depression if you associate


with negative thoughts if it's always

like fearful eating or anxiety or you

feel stressed or anxious unless you eat

continuously these are signs of binge

eating and it just overall be

detrimental to your health so now that

I've gone through signs and symptoms of

you know emotional eating binge eating I

really want to share some great tips on

how to treat it and you know this is not


specifically try to treat any of you out

there I just want to share things that

I've learned and researched through

education and I think could really help

so the first thing like we said is diet

mentality I think this may be like one

of the top things that everyone should

focus on even if you're not binge eating

maybe working on this now could prevent

you from ever getting to that point

because you never know what triggers

could lead you into something else

I think prevention is key for everything

diet mentality is just not sustainable

it's not something that anyone's gonna

do long term which is why I mean if

you've watched my other videos I hate

any kind of like crazy diet that leaves

makes you restrict so many things I'm

always thinking about like overall

picture for your body for your health

and if it's something that you can't

happily maintain longer than like three

to six months that's kind of my rule

then why would I even get into it

because I'm not gonna be able to do it

forever I'm not gonna be happy and if

you really think about it if you're

doing all this dieting so that you can

look good and that's gonna make you

happy but you're so miserable day to day

doing the dieting you're defeating the

end purpose anyway which is happiness

and I think that's everyone's biggest

goal in life is to just you know

everything you're searching for or

looking for is to make you happy so day

to day this is really important and day

to day leads to month which to see gear

and then that's how you just live an

overall happy life so if you are dieting

I highly recommend changing your mindset

not on like what you can't have and what

you shouldn't eat and thinking about

what foods you should be eating and when

you just make this shift in your head

it's not like I shouldn't eat these

desserts or I shouldn't eat this rice

because it's high carb whereas think of

it like oh I should eat these lentils

because they're so full of iron and

healthy carbs and protein and they're

gonna keep you really full and healthy I

should eat these like dark leafy greens

in the salad because they're full of

antioxidants and they're

make my skin glow and they're gonna give

me energy literally thinking of food

like that that's what I did that made

you know it's really made me stick to

what I do and makes me feel like I'm not

on a diet like I've heard the task 9 or

10 years I've been eating this way and

I've never felt like I was in a diet

it's really just a lifestyle so you

think about that and also eat certain

foods that really satiate you and keep

you full this is super important I think

one mistake I even made when I first got

into healthy eating was that I thought I

should just be eating like veggies and

salads and like super light all the time

I actually thought that was the right

thing but I got way too skinny

I just even when I look back at pictures

I hate it I feel like I'm so much

happier not with where I'm at so

focusing on eating like very healthy but

dense in satiating foods so I love like

raw almond butter avocado like fresh

coconut is high in fat it's great for

energy certain sprouted grains like I

love quinoa you know even like

vegetables like starchy or vegetables

like a sweet potato or red potato

focusing on things like that that are

actually good whole foods you start to

build kind of like mindful eating when

you're eating them knowing what you're

eating what's what it's doing for you

and then you have like a positive

relationship with food instead of a

negative and once you have that positive

relationship with certain foods it will

kind of by default make you like not

want the other things because you're

gonna be more mindful of like what

you're doing for your body and what

different foods you should be eating so

that kind of brings me into the next one

so we've got diet mentality and the next

one is mindfulness in general there's so

many times even if you have never been

done binge eating or experienced it

there's so many times where we're not

mindful of what we're even eating you're

putting into our mouth and I this is one

thing I love to tell people because this

can help you avoid so much unnecessary

snacking like if you're starving and

driving and just like eating chips

they're not paying attention you're not

even gonna enjoy it like if you're gonna

eat something unhealthy you might as

well like really enjoy and savor it's

not even worth all that extra fat and

calories that's what I tell myself I'm

gonna eat it I better enjoy it so I've

made a huge

into sitting and like letting that be my

time to eat even trying not to like work

as much of course isn't like realistic

every single day but I like to really

like savor and be mindful and like know

what I'm eating and take that little

time you know even if it's 15 minutes

like for a lunch break whatever it is

and just focus on what you're doing and

eating and mindfulness in general we'll

just make you make better decisions

throughout the day you know tips on that

yoga meditation really trying to be

patient and like learn to get into

practices like that will help you stay

mindful throughout like other decisions

in your day and the last thing I want to

go over is really just practicing health

and every size every shape I think this

is something that is so misconstrued and

confused on social media

this can be unlike whether it's video

Instagram anything you know we all have

this idea of what the ideal body size

should be and it almost gives us the

false impression of goals we have for

ourselves everyone is born with their

own body shape in size now you can

definitely get very fit like lose weight

gain weight and that can change but your

actual shape like whether or not you're

a little more pear-shaped or straight

down or if you have big hips your small

hips you know if your legs are like more

muscular or thinner like everyone is

born with a specific body shape and yes

you can change it but you're not gonna

ever be able to get someone else's body

shape and knowing and accepting that is

just a huge step in general because you

can work and work I mean - like the day

you die and like work harder than anyone

but that's just the way you were born I

think accepting it and finding a form of

self-love will just put you at so much

more peace and also give you more

realistic expectations and just to kind

of mention again don't live your life

through social media or Instagram you

know it's funny for me to say because I

post so much content on social media but

I really always try to make sure that

I'm portraying something a little more

realistic but so much out there can you

know tends to not be and things can be

certain angles or filters or Photoshop

so you know don't don't give yourself

unrealistic expectations that you see

online and like let it make you feel bad


do social media for inspiration and

happiness and there's something that's

making you feel bad or triggering an

emotion especially when it comes to

eating just click the info button and

you don't have to see it anymore it's as

easy as that out of sight out of mind I

hope you guys like this video if you

relate to this at all i'm also gonna

leave some resources below in the

description if you want to read a little

more on this topic if you have any

questions please leave it in the

comments and i'll make sure to try to

get to as many as i can and i'll see you

guys next time