How To Stop Binge Drinking

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hey don't I'm Kevin O'Hara for alcohol

mastery calm today's video is called how

to stop binge drinking and I know this

is a bit outside the norm for me but I

just wanted to define binge drinking

first I mean what does it mean to to

binge consume an excessive amount of

alcohol is the dictionary definition now

that's a red herring itself you know

it's sort of a misleading misdirection

and the excessive power of it because

you know alcohol is a drug no matter

what way you look at it it's a drug it's

a psycho and it changes your your brain

chemistry and it's one of those things

where you you have to sort of binge

drink in order to get the same boss that

you're getting at the beginning so when

you start taking and when you start

drinking alcohol at first you're gonna

get a a drunken this add up a very small

amount and I said everyone knows who

drinks it how and I mean in the UK it's

14 units per week eight units for a man

in a single session six units for a

woman in a single session in the US it's

a bit more vague it's five drinks for a

man four drinks for a woman in a single

session so that could mean that a man is

allowed to drink 28 drinks in one week

whereas in the UK it's only 14 and when

you're talking about a drink you're

talking about a half a pane not even

half a pint the unit is very small so it

would be a small glass of wine for

instance in the Guinness that I used to

drink it was two and a half units

propane so we were talking less than

half a pint for one unit of alcohol so

that was eight eight units which was

roughly speak in just over three paints

in one session and then you weren't

allowed to drink that for the rest of

the week because you know you couldn't

even have two sessions like that where

you were drinking certain paints you

couldn't have two sessions where you

were drinking three pints on each on

each session right so you know it's

deliberately vague let's pull out of

that you know it's not something that

people want to to advertise the alcohol

companies themselves know fine well that

this is what they call and it's it's

something which is when you drink it

affects your mind right it starts to

create a and I kind of the term that's

used for this they don't mind you

drinking these are telling you to drink

moderately because when you drink one it

impairs your judgment impairs the way

you think about things when you drink

two same thing happens and you've also

got this impairment of judgment over a

long time as well you know so the more

you drink the more impaired your overall

judgment is going to be right you know

this is not something that just happens

while you've got alcohol inside your

body alcohol affects your body in

general over the years that you're

drinking you know it's an accumulated

thing and it's like you get em a certain

amount of tolerance for the effects of

alcohol and that's a protection system

for your body so you you can drink more

of this stuff too you know you need more

of the stuff to get the same buzz nobody

drinks I don't give a [ __ ] what anyone

says nobody drinks alcohol and unless

they get in the buzz out of it right so

at the other end of that scale you've

got the worst role then so the more

tolerant you are to alcohol the more

your body has become a [ __ ] ooh a -

drinking it the more

the feelings of withdrawal are gonna be

when you go down the other end I've

talked about this before and it's so

sort of a sticky subject within the

community of people when they're

quitting drinking alcohol you know a lot

of people say well yeah I mean you know

you can quit drinking without going into

medical detox and stuff I don't believe

that it's a very small amount of people

I have to have to do this in general

most people can put up with the

discomfort of withdrawal and that's

basically what it is is you know once

there you're not putting alcohol in


your body your mind more than anything

else is going through stages of

psychological withdrawal more than

anything else and that psychological

withdrawal can often cause a lot more

discomfort than the actual physical

symptoms you know because you know

dependency is a psychological thing

there's a physical element to it but at

the end of the day it's mostly

psychological you know it's mind over

matter down I'm not talking about there

are people who have got so much

tolerance in their bodies they've been

drinking so much alcohol that it is

dangerous for them to to stop you know

and they could go into seizures they

could have a heart attack you know they

because there's a lot of bad [ __ ] that

can happen to these people and they

definitely need to be tapered off so

they definitely need to be under medical

treatment you know and if not

hospitalized but that's as I say very

few people need to do that you know and

anyone who's at that stage where they

need to do that has drank themselves

into almost oblivion do you know what I

mean most of the people that I talk to

most of the people that I ever deal with

are people that have had the let's play

this there's a there's a big thing

called rock bottom that everyone talks

about right and I'm not going to go into

this and too much detail it rock bottom

is different for every single person but

you'll find that on the way down to your

own personal rock bottom there are loads

and loads and loads of signs you know on

the way st. you stop [ __ ] doing this

to yourself don't do this anymore this

is not good for you not good for your

body it's not good for your mind it's

not good for your life it's not good for

the people around you it's not good for

anything right signpost after same post

after same post and those people that

need that medical intervention because

they you know really just drank

themselves into oblivion they're the

people I've just ignored those things

you know all the way down they've said

it's not going to happen to me you know

I'm all right I'll get out of this

tomorrow you know whatever it is right

and but you know for most people you

don't have to go down to that to that

length right and so go back to the binge

drinking you know you're talking about a

build-up and a breakdown of both the

tolerance and withdrawal right so you've

got that over over time you've got you

know whether you're a binge drinker is

going to depend as well on the society

and the culture that you come from you

know your own personal society in terms

of your family your friends your closest

acquaintances and stuff at that did they

drink heavily as a course of you know as

a part of their lives you know if they

don't you're less likely to be a binge

drinker and they are you know do you

fringe binge drink when you binge drink

is there's a cycle of moderation and

then binging and moderation of injured

people tend to do that you know they

drink too much they get the hangover

they get the really bad hangovers and

stuff of that they decide they want to

moderate their moderate for a while and

then go back into the cycle of binge

drinking again right now for me to truly

stop this cycle and to truly stop binge

drinking you've got to stop drinking you

know I'm off the alcohol now for five

years and I'm telling you now it was the

best decision that I've ever made in my

entire life right without a doubt I

there's been better things that have

happened to me in my life but this was

the best decision this was the thing

that has forced me to reevaluate so many

other things about my life to look at

things from a different perspective but

more importantly it's just led me from

one strength to another strength to

another strength and just given me so

much and in return just for making that

one personal choice right so and I just

think that you know you've really got to

sit down and think about this when

you're thinking about binge drinking it

when you think it how do I stop binge

drinking you've gotta look at this as if

not the only thing to do then it's at

the top of the list that shoot you

should be really thinking about stopping

drinking getting it out of your life

because you are only going to go on this

cycle again and again and again I mean

you're asking how to stop binge drinking

is really asking how to moderate it's

just a different way of saying you know

binge drinking is what most people do

when they get themselves into this into

problems with alcohol so you have to

realise that sort of all psychiatric

sake psychoactive drugs to finish

diminish your capacity to understand and

realize the harmful effects that are

happening to you you know while you're

drinking it's whether you get any your

euphoric feeling or you don't think

about your problems your you know your

capacity to slide things under the cap

and not think about them is enhanced

right you know people drink to forget

about the problems people drink to not

have to worry about things and you know

this is part of the problem and it's not

just when you're drinking that this

happens to you is as I say an

accumulation of many things over a long

period of time so if you want to know

how to stop binge drinking long term

stop drinking altogether right

discomfort at first it's gonna be

uncomfortable you're gonna go through

the discomfort

having to change many parts of your life

having to extract the alcohol go through

the initial detox where the alcohol is

taken out of your system but that's

nothing I mean the end of the day the

the biggest parts of this are in

changing your mind and changing some of

the parts of your life which used to be

involved around involved around alcohol

but it's mostly in your mind if you can

do that you'll have no problem any other

all suggestion that anyone's going to

give you you know like to try counting

your drinks or to you know only take so

much money out with you these are on the

it's like putting a sticking-plaster

over a wound that needs stitches right

it's not going to heal the thing off

right it's not going to do anything for

it you know you're still going to have

to deal with it

deal with the real underlying problem

anyone who is looking for moderation and

trying to keep drinking is they're

basically going to keep going through

that cycle of moderation and binge

drinking moderation and binge drinking

right I'll leave it there if you have

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