eBay Tutorial - How To Cancel or Retract A Bid On eBay

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hey guys welcome back again to another

techguru video where i make your

technology life easy today we are in

eBay and I'm going to be showing you how

to retract or cancel a bid now I will

say this

eBay has strict regulations and rules

about you canceling a bid you cannot bid

on something to drive the price up you

cannot do things such as that the only

reason why you can retract or cancel a

bid would be if you did not understand

the description or if you type the

number wrong when you place your bid so

this is the only reason as to why you

should be retracting or cancelling your

bid the first thing you want to do is

lock into your eBay account once you do

that go up to the my eBay section and

then go to bids and offers click on that

option I don't have any currently but if

you do have one and you should if you're

trying to retract a bid click on that

listing once you have done that you will

see a item number I'm going to click on

a random item here and then if you go

down you'll see right over here in the

right-hand corner and item number you

either write that down or highlight that

number with your mouse and right click

or command ctrl C and copy that number

once you have done that go up to the top

of eBay where you see customer support

click on customer support in the right

hand corner you will then be prompted to

the eBay customer support page once you

are here you will see an option down

here in the left hand corner that says

self-service tools click on the retract

a bid option once you are there make

sure you read all of Bayes rules and

regulations as to why you're retracting

the bid once you have done that click on

the green retract bid option here in the

bottom corner once you have done that

you right here where it says find the

item you will need to click there and

paste that item number in define the

item option if you've done it correctly

and you've already bid on this

Item it should be in the list here like

I have some toothpaste here that I just

recently purchased I can click on that

and say I made an incorrect bid once you

do that click on that and then click on

the continue option here in the right

hand corner once you have done that you

will then be prompted with a few

different options if you've already won

the listing you will be prompted with

this option here which says I want to

pay for the item and complete the sale

or I want to ask the seller to kindly

cancel the transaction if the item is

still up for bid and you want to cancel

your current bid you will have options

down here that will say why you are

canceling the bid you typed in the wrong

you know amount you didn't understand

the description correctly the

description has changed and then you

click on the green continue button here

and it will finish the process and the

bid will now be retracted or canceled

again I cannot stress enough you cannot

do this just because you're trying to

raise the price of an item or because

you just you know willy-nilly decided

you do not want the item any longer you

can only do this for legit reasons as I

have already stated I really hope this

video helped you out this is how you

cancel and retract a bid within eBay

eBay is a great auction site on how to

you know you can get some really good

deals on eBay but there may be an

occasion where you place the wrong bid

on an item you really didn't want to and

this is how you get rid of that bid so

anyways guys thanks as always for

watching my videos I have all kinds of

different tech tutorials on how to do

different things with design programs

and internet websites go ahead and check

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contents coming out daily again thank

you so much for watching my video and I

will see you guys next time