Gambling Addiction Help: How to stop gambling Forever and End Your Addiction

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you want to quit gambling addiction but

you're not able to you might want to

watch this video because I'm a

recovering addict who broke addictions

to cocaine x2 the alcohol cigarettes

weed and of course gambling I've been

sober for more than five years and you

might want to listen to my advice this

is YouTube channel where I'm training

brains to become addiction free now

before we get into the steps of how to

break your addiction you have to know a

couple of things about gambling

addiction of course it does not include

the physical addiction to gambling to

playing but it comes from your brain

your brain is addicted to gambling of

course and what you have to know about

brain is that there is a chemical called

dopamine which is released every time

you accomplish something in your life

and that gives you this satisfaction

feeling that you get so whenever you

achieve any kind of call you get this

type get this chemical released in your

brain and that gives you pleasure now

this can be okay for many people but for

you as an addict type of person it can

be extremely dangerous

because he will try to chase this

chemical all your life from different

kind of sources like form any type of

addictions that we know it can be

shopping that you might get this

dopamine release it can be smoking

drinking and many other but for some

people and I talk about this a lot in my

other videos how addict type of people

are different from normal type of people

okay so if you're a big type of person

you can take the small test about this

and realize how if you are an addict or

not it's just simple if you start eating

your best favorite

click and you try one simple bite

can you stop there if you can't and you

have to eat as much as possible that you

are addictive type of personality you

have so now I'm going to share my steps

how to break your addiction to gambling

and if you wanted to break your

addiction in general make sure that you

subscribe for this YouTube channel

because I'm sharing many tips for the

different type of addictions now as with

many other addictions the first step you

have to take is to admit that you are a

drug addict or you are an addict in

general admitting this is step number

one for all the addictions and gambling

is no different in this situation so

wanting to quit and admitting that you

are an addicted you are an addict and

you're addicted to this kind of

addiction which is gambling is step

number one step number two is so-called

cognitive behavioral therapy and what is


it's identifying your triggers ok so

knowing what triggers your addiction for

example you're passing by next to the

Calvino and you see the casino it

triggers your thoughts that wow I would

like to play right now it would be such

a good feeling because your thought of

playing creates the feeling in your body

that is excitement that wow I want to go

so you feel good about it and this

feeling of that excitement triggers

again your behavior just taking action

and going inside a cognitive behavioral

therapy I'm going to put a picture over

here what is it it works like this that

you still trigger it affects your

thought your thought effects your

emotion your emotion affects the

behavior and then it's the cycle and we

just do simple something because of the

trigger so identifying what is

triggering your addiction it can be

for example every time you get into a

stressful situation you have assorted oh

I want to go play cause you know it

gives you excitement feeling and then

you take action so identifying is the

step number two knowing what your

triggers are and also knowing that

cognitive behavioral therapy can be

reversed meaning I have a lot of videos

about this on my channel you can go

ahead and watch them but to quickly

explain it is that you can take action

so instead of relying on the trigger and

having thought and any motion and then

the behavior you can take action you can

just decide that I want to do something

right now so you take you effect on your

behavior and the behavior will affect

your emotions because for example I

always give this example that you want

to go to gym but you don't feel like

going to gym you take action and just

push yourself and go to gym and once

you're there you already start feeling

pumped that you want to train and it

affects your feelings and the feeling

affects your thoughts feeling that wow

it's a good feeling and I like it so the

thought creates again you keep going to

gym it effects your feeling and goes on

and on so the other way around okay

which you can do it can be reversed

that's why it's good and in addiction a

lot of people use this cognitive

behavioral therapy make sure you

identify what triggers your addiction

and follow this step that I just

explained I always say like with every

other addiction you have to find because

what is causing your addiction why are

you really addicted and it's not just

because you feel excited or you feel a

certain way when you want to go play

casino but it has a back side meaning

why your mood is not happy so why you're

not happy and completed without playing

what is it what kind of pain do you have

ask us

this question what kind of pain you have

that you want to run away from so that

you can feel better about yourself so

when you go to casino it's not simply

because you just want to play but it's

because you're running away from

something and realizing this is huge in

addiction many people don't even know

this and taking steps like just relying

on the willpower to quit your addiction

is extremely hard and in many cases it

doesn't work just simply because you

have a lot of pain inside which you're

running away from and willpower won't be

stronger than that thing and that's why

you relapse many times so make sure that

ask yourself a question why am I really

using this why am I really having this

addiction the next step I always advise

is also to make sure that you educate

your staff on the subject of addiction

in general and especially gambling

addiction by listening to videos like

this one by reading books okay I'm going

to link a couple of books that I think

might be useful for you if you really if

you're really serious to quit your

gambling addiction educating and

training your brain is the is the key

for quitting addiction okay so it's very

important to know about the subject in

order to take control on yourself and be

successful with it tip number five and

get into the right environment

okay environment that you're in right

now affects most of your life the people

that you surround yourself with affect

your life it affects your thoughts it

affects your emotions it affects your

behaviors so make sure that you are in

the right environment so-called right

what does it mean right people who might

cause you stress in life people who

might negatively affect in any ways it

it has huge

effect on your addiction so if you're

serious that you want to quit your

gambling addiction you have to change

this you have to change people around

you you have to change your friends

maybe there is somebody who asks you to

come on let's just play once because he

is not addict type and he can do it but

you can't because you're a dick so

change the situation change the

environment the place may be where you

live don't totally blame on those people

or the environment but it's good to

change it and improving that way as well

it's going to help to ease in breaking

your addiction to gambling tip number

six is that find somebody find support

group find meetings around you maybe in

your city there is the meeting where ex

gamblers or recovery addicts meet and

they share their experiences of

addiction how they felt is going to give

you a lot of hope and it's going to give

you a lot of knowledge and perspective

from other people as well and you will

see that you are not the only one who is

addicted there are people like you who

already broke addictions including me

but when you meet them in person and ask

questions and talk about this it's very

important and and just try Google it

search for groups if you don't find

groups I highly highly recommend to go

to a professional therapist

maybe psychologist or somebody who can

really help watching YouTube is

important you can take a lot of advices

from here for free if you can't afford

of course it's it's alright the next one

is try to read books as I already

mentioned in the previous step but in

this step I highly recommend to go to a

professional and find support group as

well and the last one is what to do if

you relapsed ok if you're trying to

follow these steps you went to groups

and you read a lot and you just relapse


keep relapsing also you have to know

that relapse is part of recovery don't

kill yourself don't punish yourself this

it's okay nobody ever succeeded in life

with one try okay just by making this

video I tried a lot of times it's a

simple example just to share it to be

successful with this video I had to make

a lot of shots okay so anyone who

succeeds in life they just try fail try

fail and then they succeed eventually so

it's okay relapse is part of recovery

and you have to fall down in order to

step up okay so it's fine I hope you

enjoyed this video make sure to come

back to this YouTube channel to keep

motivation and see my perspective how I

quit other drugs as well and like the

video and subscribe for my youtube

channel see you guys in the next video