Losing Weight With Qsymia and Belviq

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FDA has just approved its first two new

weight-loss drugs in 13 years and we

have Melinda back here with us to talk

to us about what's been going on in the

weight loss industry and why this is

such a change I guess it sounded like

this has been something that's a long

time coming yy-your weight loss drugs

gotten such a bad rap well Kelly there's

been a long list of drugs that were

approved at one point and then taken off

the market and when it turned out they

had really serious side effects

including some deaths in some cases so

FDA has been very very cautious but even

apart from that a number of weight lost

doctors had been very quietly

prescribing prescription drugs that have

weight loss as a side effect so our

lives now yes some are off-label but

some are still on label there there was

a whole group of stimulants that the FDA

approved back in the 1950s including

Fenton way leg way that have never been

taken off the market and are still out

there and so talk to me a little bit

about some of these different drugs what

you might might see in terms of

off-label use what are the what drugs

are we talking about here well there is

this group of stimulants and phentermine

is really the the most widely prescribed

this was half of the popular fen-phen

combination the other half fen flora

mean was taken off the market but

phentermine has remained on the market

it's a part of this stimulant class and

16 million prescriptions were written in

the last ten years for it there are

several others in that same group like

mantra land 10 you ate some of the ADHD

medications also have appetite

suppression as a side effect but all

these drugs have side effects and there

they should not be used by people who

have high blood pressure or heart

disease so they're not harmless you

should go and look for someone else's

ADHD medication absolutely I want to

talk to a doctor about right to make

sure you're the right candidate for it

and there's some diabetes medications

that also have weight loss as a side

effect as well as lowering the the

amount of glucose and you in your

bloodstream a couple of the

antidepressants there is quite a quite a

group out there that weight-loss

specialists have been using quietly and

how could these two new drugs change

that market do we think you think we'll

see less of this sort of other these

other prescriptions or this is just one

more Avenue for people who are obese and

want to do something about it I think

there'll be a lot of interest it's

certainly in the beginning and both of

these drugs are going to come on the

market in the fall one of them Cosima is

a combination of phentermine and Tepera

max which is an anti migraine drug that

a lot of doctors have been prescribing

together all along but this will give a

new more convenient way to take it in a

single drug and we may also see doctors

who are primary care physicians not

necessarily obesity specialists

prescribing these okay and I was

interested to see in your article you

talked about some of the red flags that

consumers might want to look for that if

you think you're a candidate for this

but you want to make sure that you've

got the right doctor what do we what are

we looking for here to make sure we're

not getting okay this whole area is just

fraught with quackery and all kinds of

unsubstantiated claims I see online

there you're telling me that's not real

absolutely yeah well it can be very hard

to tell I basically as a rule I think

it's it you're safer if you do not buy

any prescription medications over the

Internet you really need to be seen by

an MD that you can actually who will

examine you who will talk to you about

the pros and cons many of these obesity

specialists that are doing this kind of

prescribing are members of one of the

professional associations like the

American Board of obesity medicine so

that's something to look for also

members of that group told me you should

be aware of doctors who were selling and

otherwise dispensing medications from

their own offices that's kind of a red

flag and make sure that there aren't 50

people waiting for the same medication

they're in the office that kind of

smacks of a medication mill and and

those are out there