Conquering depression: how I became my own hero | Hunter Kent | TEDxYouth@CEHS

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Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Denise RQ

I'm sure all of us can remember

a time when we were sad, upset, or discouraged:

a pet died, you got a bad grade,

you had a fight with your best friend, and you're sad.

That's natural.

But eventually, a day, a week, a month passes,

and we feel better,

and even though the pain may not be completely forgotten,

even though those brief periods of unhappiness

should still be taken seriously,

it passes, we feel better.

But when you're living with depression, it doesn't just pass.

It can strike after a tragedy, or emerge out of the blue.

It can come from stress and pressure from school, friends, and family,

bullying and emotional abuse,

and the media that damages our perception of self-image and self-worth.

I grew up as a shy, quiet, and introverted kid.

I had friends,

but in third grade, my sister, who I was very close to,

left to live with another family, and after she left, I became lonely.