How Much Does An It Works Distributor Really Make

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hey and welcome back to my channel in

this video I'm gonna talk to you guys

about my experience with network

marketing along my journey of

entrepreneurship network market is one

of the many of many things that I have

tried so in this video I'm gonna give

you guys a realistic experience of what

to expect when you join a network

marketing company I'm going to

specifically be talking about it works

because out of them maybe three or four

different opportunities I've tried I can

honestly say that it works was the one

thing that I did put the most time and

effort and energy and money into so I

think I can give you guys an unbiased

opinion so I'm going to be talking about

three different things number one I want

to try to give you guys a realistic view

on how much money you can make or how

much money that average person will make

in network marketing or an it work

specifically the second thing you want

to do is talk to you guys about what

actually works like what can you

actually do that's going to grow your

team and grow your commission checks and

then the last thing I'm going to talk

about is what does not work regardless

of how many times your upline tries to

tell you to do it it just simply isn't a

logical tactic to grow your team or grow

your commission check so let's get into


the first thing how much do I get paid

or did I get paid as a it works

distributor so I made it to the rank of

Ruby it took me about about five to six

months to grow a team of over 100 people

I want to say it was maybe a 120 of us I

should have did some realistic like

pulled up the stats and receipts but if

this is something that you guys are

really really interested in just leave

comments and I could dig deeper and I

can create more videos that just talks

about specific topics cuz this is gonna

kind of be like a big overview view so

back to the money so with the team of

let's just say 120 and as a ruby my

checks range from $200 to about 890

dollars that was probably my biggest

check now even on that biggest check I

probably had about two or three fast

start bonuses so that would put me at

about a thousand to eleven hundred

dollars and one month was about the most

that I made and it works and that

experience is coming from someone who I

feel like I honestly did put in the work

I did in home parties I blitz I use the

products I went live on Facebook I did

DMing I did scripting I pretty much

tried every single thing in every

strategy that I was you know guided to

do or I learn how to do from YouTube I

really did try and hustle in my it works

business and my biggest check was about

eleven hundred dollars including the

bonuses and Commission check right so

and that's also coming from someone who

started with like no network I was in

the military but I didn't really talk to

a lot of people I'm not a part of a

sorority I just wasn't a popular person

and I didn't have a huge network so if

you're someone who's jumping into

network marketing and they're saying

like oh you don't have to have a network

no you don't but understand that you're

gonna have to build a network if you

want to build your income so about

anywhere between 200 to $8,000 is what

you'll make as a ruby with a team of

about 100 and working working working to

growing your business I want to say I

put in maybe 20 to 30 hours a week just

concentrating on building that business

and really it felt like I was doing it

24/7 because every time I was on social

media I was posting and commenting and

unboxing for the intention of growing my

business so I try to say I saved those

hours loosely but it was really every

time I had my phone in my hand I was

running my it works business so that's

money again if you guys want more

details on that what did I actually do

what the actual numbers were those are

pretty accurate but if I could get into

my esuite I can probably still pull up

the Commission checks and show you guys

how much money was made okay so the next

thing that I want to talk about is what

actually works to grow your team there's

a lot of advice on you too

there's a lot advice that you're gonna

get from your upline from your teammates

from your recruiters to tell you how to

grow your it works business I'm gonna

give you my unbiased opinion I'm not a

part of the company or any MLM or

anything like that but from my

experience the theme that actually works

is number one using the product so using

the product and going live about it and

talking about it on social media and

really just talking about it

authentically don't use any type of

scripts don't steal anybody's pictures

and try to finesse it and do too much

just genuinely use the products and

share it and talk about it and what

really worked for me and my lives is

that I didn't just say here's greens on

the go you should try them inbox me for

a free sample I actually broke down the

ingredients it's about it works you're

like I was serious about the product

line I still love the products and all

that like I would sit there and go

through the ingredients researching to

see okay what is maca for what is

spirulina for what is this for and I

would talk about those things in my life

and that really really helped also

whenever you're talking on social media

or you're talking on Facebook live or

any of those things make sure you have

your Google Voice number because it just

makes it easier for people if you just

say text Greens 275 seven whatever your

number is I got a lot of Elsie's that

way just simply going live and being

genuine doing my research on the product

so people knew I wasn't just trying to

sell them something they saw me using it

I was always posting about it I kept

myself up and again I could go on and on

and I can probably create another video

on how to bring yourself as a network

marketer but Brandon is a big part of it

don't just use the products go work out

go lose weight because that's what's

gonna get you customers using the

products getting your own results yeah

sure I know in the beginning you're

advised to use your partners or

teammates on mental results and that's

totally fine but not since out of ten

the people went your time I have already

seen those results and you need to go

get your own results so getting your own

results and talking about it on Facebook

really works the second thing that

really works is doing in home parties I

do not care what anybody says

I know social

is great but in order to get on-the-spot

loyal customers and distributors you

need to have that impressive interaction

and you need to do those in home parties

and get other people to host them from

for you and you have to be really good

at presenting I did really well and it

works because I can talk about a product

and I can be I can sell it to a person

in a way that doesn't sound Scelzi and

that's another thing if you guys want me

to go into detail about how to do that a

lot of that for me comes natural to just

talk about a product and someone will

listen to me and be like I want to try

it but I could do a video on that as

well but those are the two things that

really work you you're gonna have to do

those parties I don't care what your

appliances especially if you're not

somebody and you guys have to understand

that I am speaking from the experience

of someone who I'm not a popular girl

and every was wasn't a part of a store

or I didn't have a big network so in

order for me to sell a product I had to

grow my network and actually get in

front of real people some people have

that influence if you already have a

following on social media and you're

already kind of an influencer on social

media then boom you probably won't have

to do as many in home parties but if

you're somebody that's starting off from

scratch and all you know is your friends

and family yeah you'll probably get a

couple of old classmates and friends

that just want to support but after that

in order to still growing your business

you're going to need to do those in home

parties and do things in person so those

are two things that I have experienced

that actually work when you're going

your it works business all right

so let's get into what does not work at

the end of the day I want you guys to

always understand that you are in a

business and it is your upline job to

get you to buy product and to get you to

continue to push push push push push

a lot of up lines they will always push

this whole is possible if possible

you're just not working hard enough and

in some cases that is true but in some

cases you're just putting your energy


that aren't going to work and to them

it's just the numbers game so as many

people that can get trying all these

different things the better for them

because you guys know the money flows up

in this um in this industry and I don't

necessarily have a problem with that I

may create another video that just talks

about the pros and cons of network

marketing because I do feel like network

marketing has its place in

entrepreneurship but that's another

story so let's talk about what I think

does not work and I want this to speak

directly to my demographic so black

women who are in a beauty based business

or wellness based business and you're

trying to grow your your business on

social media to things that absolutely

do not work is inviting people with

strips we are already as black women

skip school and we already know that

people are only trying to sell us

something because they're starting to

see how powerful the black dollar is and

so when you slide into somebody's inbox

with that same old raggedy skirt that

somebody else has sent them they're

gonna immediately roll their eyes

probably ignore you then go on their

timeline and talk about don't message me

with that it works scams out under than


scripts do not work it does not work for

us it does not work for us and the only

time it's gonna work for you to slide

into somebody's DM is if you kind of

already built that social media

relationship with them and that is going

to take time and that is going to take

you actually engaging with your audience

on social media and learning about them

and not just slide it into their DMS a

lot of people send out these scripts

because their upline tells them you know

send them out as many as you can today

so not a hundred a day if you're sending

out a hundred a day you don't have time

to sit there and look at a hundred

peoples profiles and learn something

about them

I get scripts from people about it works

that I've seen other people tell me to

use and I'm like if you just took two

seconds to look at my pictures you'd

already known that I used to be heavy

heavy heavy on day it works and if you

guys want some examples of how to posts

and things that work if you go to my

facebook my personal Facebook page

scroll back a lot of my captions were

like right on they got me ill scenes my

live videos we're really good at getting

me Elsie's but keep in mind a lot of the

people that bought from me we're friends


trust in me because they were already my

friends for a long long time I did get a

lot of new people that just found me on

social media and purchase from me but

you have to be personable don't do that

script thing because it's gonna be an

instant turnoff and and it's really just

gonna be a waste of your time and at end

of the day I know people preach the

whole numbers game but if you really

want to build to me I feel like you

should just feel silent and not try to

build fast because a lot of people that

you draw in offer some quick LC or some

quick DT stuff are gonna be people that

quit and that is why it's so hard to

make money because you get all these

numbers in and then they end up being

dead weight that's why I had like over a

hundred people on my team as DTS and was

only making $1,000 so anyway though

that's something that doesn't work also

that whole fake I'm an entrepreneur

based Bob a thing where I see

distributors get online and try to say

like basically down talk nine to fivers

and say oh y'all are skeptical about

joining me but y'all will spend your

money on that that doesn't work what

that does is like you'll probably get

like some other people that are DTS and

other people that are in the industry

but that is not going to help you get

new customers and that's not gonna help

people open up their mindset to what

you're offering them because they're

gonna feel attacked so those are two

things that do not work do not set up

you're wasting your time sending a bunch

of scripts to people's themes especially

if you were in the black email community

like we are over it talk trash about you

on our time lines not not me a lot of

times when I get those scripts I try to

reach back out to the women and say hey

like I was in it works and this is what

worked for me and this is what didn't

work for me but neither here nor there

scripts do not work in bashing people

and pretending to be this girl boss on

line and talking down about nine to

fivers and judging people about how they

spend their money does not work to grab

you new attention at all that's maybe

some good camaraderie stuff because I

mean your team is probably gonna like it

and share it but it's not gonna get any

new eyes on your business so overall

those are my tips on what not my tips

but basically my experience and what is

a realistic amount of money

you're gonna make some couple of things

that work to grow your it works business

and a couple of things that are proven

by me to not work to grow your business

so if you guys have any more questions

about network marketing in general

especially it works because I used to it

works used to be my life okay put the

comment put your questions in the

comment section and I would do videos

based on that