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hello hello hello I am chance to be

honest and tell you guys all those who

know something about this company are

joined called it works please don't ever

join take it from me you spend more

money than you make okay this thing okay

it was started in April end of April and

I got five loyal customers my five loyal

customers have spent over three hundred

and sixty dollars cap on that receipt

they have spent well over three hundred

and sixty dollars okay you can even

pause the video on the map this is just

what I've spent alone look at that see

that okay and look what they're paying

me what stuff what am I gonna do with

thirty six dollars fifteen cents when my

customers spent over three hundred fifty

dollars and I myself spent over two

hundred and sixty dollars I spent over

two ninety excuse me

I forgot it was just another thirty five

dollar charge at they don't tell you

that in order to get these bonuses and

they just dish out the good stuff they

don't tell you that you have to pay

twenty dollars extra a month they don't

tell you that if you don't get any loyal

customers that your website is going to

be closed out because you don't have

money to pay for it they'll all these

are things that they leave oh nobody

ever told me I had to pay twenty dollars

extra I had to spend anywhere between 80

to a hundred dollars a month just to be

a part of the company nobody said

anything like that they put all the

goods out there but they don't tell you

everything that actually matters and

then they they don't they're doing

because they're targeting moms single

mothers they're targeting people to

actually need their money it's really

really a pyramid scam trust me my

customers really spent over three

hundred and sixty dollars and I'm only

going to get thirty six dollars and

fifteen cents I can't even get my nails

in with that like what am I supposed to

do with that

my rent is eleven hundred I pay nothing

included something like those said the

gas though what am I going to do with

that the company can keep it and I quit

like I'm so so please people please

please please do not ever join that

shade especially if you I mean you can

join buy it buy the products do that do

not be a distributor do not become a

distributor for it works because like I

said you're gonna spend eleven your

mates and even if your customers spent

hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of


look what I just went through literally

and I've been busting my behind for this

so that and like I said it's crazy

because my loyal customers

spent this and that busy that equals up

to money too so with all this money

like not issue it's just it says do not

ever ever become a customer for this

crap you see this ship run take it from

me do not do it don't do it do not

become a distributor for it works

you get please they take your money and

you spend more than you make don't do it

I'm warning you you'll see