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hi guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you're all really really well

today's video is gonna be a video all

about being an Avon rep and I wanted to

make this like a really honest video and

so I'm gonna be talking all about how it

works what it's like to be a rep how

much money can you make from Avon and

just generally answering all the

questions that I have received over the

last five years and since being an Avon

rep and so I'm gonna do that in this

video I don't want it to be too long and

rambly so I'm trying my best to mention

everything I have got myself some notes

and so hopefully I can cover as much

that physically can think of and if

there's something that I don't talk

about or answer and please feel free to

leave a question down below in the

comment section I will always always

reply to them and and if you want a one

rep yourself and you have an experience

that you can share also please do down

below in the comment section because if

somebody is watching this and they want

to know about being a rep I think it

would be a nice thing to have someone

else's opinion to kind of like go off

and so yeah please pop her little

comment down below or maybe you are a

lover of things Avon and you can

recommend some products anything like

that pop them down below in the comment

section I'm going to try my best to

cover all bases and so I'm just gonna

get into it so I'm gonna start off with

like what is Avon and who are they as a

company so Avon is a company I'm sure

everyone has heard of it I feel like a

lot of people think it's for older

people definitely not I always always

without doubts order stuff from Avon

over the last five years I've seen a

massive difference in things that they

have brought out they don't just do

makeup and skincare and perfume they do

home stuff they do food too utensils and

really clever gadgets and um even like

little things for cameras and like em

men's gadgets men's skin care and hair

care and all stuff like that and they do

shoes and clothes and they do a lot of

stuff I don't think I can reel off

everything that you do in this video but

they do a lot of stuff that is not just

makeup related so if you didn't know

that how you do and how it works so you

basically is a rep and get the brochures

this is one of the and brochures I have

also got a few overlays which I'll be

doing throughout this video I'm just

it's not boring and we just sit in here

anyway this is a brochure this the

current brochure and a brochure tends to

last two to three weeks so you can have

the brochure you get a couple of

brochures for out the month if that

makes sense this is the current one and

in it you can see I just be flicking

printed pages in it goes all the way

through from makeup which is a lot of it

through to men's stuff through to now

the whole with the holiday season coming

up and through to holidays

clothes all the way to fruits or

perfumes and then at the back you tend

to have like on offer exclusive what's

new this campaign and those kind of

things and there's really really good

things net if you're watching this and

who've never ordered anything through

Avon have a look at the website a pop it

down below or find your local Avon

representative a little flick through

because you will be very very surprised

so I've been for the last five years as

I've mentioned and even in that five

years a lot of stuff has changed I think

it's now really really suited to a lot

younger people they have makeup brands

which are suited for you know teenagers

and that goes all the way up to you know

older people in the nicest way say it

into much mature people and so if you

were interested in becoming an Avon rep

how it works you would go online if I

can find the link or pop it down below

you call online and you basically just

sign up and basically somebody who is

your local area manager I personally

have never met mine and will come out to

you when I first started to live a lived

elsewhere so

I met her she's lighting me up with it

but since I've moved I've not met my

local area manager but you don't need

them if you're the kind of person you

want to keep yourself to yourself it's

absolutely brilliant because you don't

need to talk to your area manager

because I don't and so you have your own

manager she'll come over to you talk you

through Avon tell you the pros and cons

with it be like hopefully completely

honest with you and um you can say yeah

I want to go with it or no I don't

she'll set you up with everything you


ie brochures and order forms and they

look like this they're like you know -

so like it prints itself and someone is

writing with the order forms you will

fill out your representative details on

the one side the customer client will

fill out their bit and fill out whatever

they like to purchase and then the

bottom there's just a little thing that

says I'll come and collect your brochure

on this date here and then and depending

on when the order dates are so that's

down to you it's a very simple to do not

gonna lie it's so easy to do you do have

to have a passion for Avon as a brand

obviously and you have to have a passion

for the things that they sell I do I'm

makeup artist I'm into makeup I love my

beauty stuff love fragrances love

interior stuff so this is right up my

street and now I have a boyfriend

finally but now I have a boyfriend I'm

now really interested in the men's stuff

and what they sell so so you do have to

have a bit of an interest or a lot of an

interest you can't just try and wing it

because it won't work you can decide how

you want to do it I personally don't go

knocking on people's doors with Avon you

can if you and live in a nice close

tight area and you love your neighbors

and get Omri one of your neighbors pop

and fruit won't hurt anyone

I personally don't I live like I do not

have a few neighbors and live it I kind

of completely separate place I don't

live on a big housing estate so it's

slightly harder for me but I advertise

myself on Facebook and you can make

yourself a Facebook page I personally

don't have a Facebook page of that but I

have my like makeup and like YouTube

Facebook page so I do mention it on

there but you can make your own and Avon

rep for let's say you're in Somerset

Somerset Avon rep you know

and bite with your friends to like it

and just like promote yourself and I

mention it a lot which really really

helps on the Facebook selling sites of

your local areas I mentioned it on there

a lot and that has got me quite a few

different customers and obviously

they're local to you so that's really

really good and you also when you sign

up with Avon which they have brought out

in the last few years is your own store

online with Avon so you have your own

store you come up with your www mine's

like Avon com forward slash store

forward slash Gracie so if you want to

go and look at my store I leave it like

here and also down below and but you can

have a look at that take whatever I put

on there use that if you want to and you

have your own store so people can order

through you online they don't need to

have the physical or visible book with

them and they can order online with you

and the best thing about this the best

thing about your online store is someone

in Australia could order through me so

let's say you're watching this now and

you live in Australia live in Canada you

can still order through me and I in the

night as where me putting it I will get

the commission for it so all you have to

do at the end of your little order when

you put it all through is choose the

courier delivery and it will go through

you'll get a little email about it and

Avon basically sort that out so anything

that says anything to do with the

courier service Avon deal with you don't

have to touch that but you'll receive

the commission for it and if they

decided to choose the I'd like my rep to

deliver it you can pop a little thing on

there that says like mine is I only

deliver within 3 miles so um if they

live within 3 miles it comes to me and

then I will take it to them and but then

you kind of build that you know

relationship like up with that person so

that's a really good way to do it but

the Avon store is a really really good

way to get clients that you potentially

wouldn't get because they're out of your

area and maybe you have friends and

family like I have family who live hours

an hours away and live down south and

live up north and it's like a really

good way to and put yourself out there

to people who you wouldn't normally like

come into contact with so definitely

sort your store out that's like a


and has a really really good way to get

extra Commission another way to get your

commission and which I've actually never

done but it's a way that you can do it

and you have your brochures here and you

will obviously have order dates that you

have to order by I'm not going to talk

too much about specific things because I

change part a lot and but they change

for the better so since I started the

order dates never think I've completely

changed and the way that everyone do it

have completely changed so now you have

an order date so let's say this order

had to be in for today and I would have

to send off for this order today at a

specific time it's normally before about

six o'clock depending on where you live

I have to sort that out before today get

it sent off and then you basically

receive the order three to four days

later whereas before it used to be a

specific order date and a specific order

day if that makes sense

but if I was to order this six days ago

I would have already received the order

by now if that makes any sense I hope it

does but a way that you can get extra

Commission let's say somebody orders

something in this book that also happens

to be in the sale book that Avon also

send you and if they send you this have

a little look through trying then like

what's in here and see what's in here

I always always buy stuff for myself

like every single time but if somebody

orders something from here let's say

it's lipstick in the shade tree pink and

that lipstick is in the sale book true

pink and order it from the sale book and

then you charge the customer the

brochure price so you get yourself

probably an extra like pound or two

pounds worth of commission I personally

don't do that I've never done that and

but that's a way that you can get

yourself a bit of an extra Commission

it's just you being like on point and a

bit smart because the customer doesn't

know that it's in the sale book and for

you they are happy to obviously pay the

brochure price for it so that's another

way you can get Commission and I don't

want to talk too much about Commission

because it does change all the time but

it tends to be you get yourself 260


worth of an order and then you get 20%

and then as you go up and up and up the

percentage goes more and more and more

but this honestly changes all the time

it just goes up and up and up and before

when I first started I think it was I'm

pretty sure I had to get 280 pounds for

20% so it does change like quite a lot

and so yeah 60 pounds isn't difficult to

get and but the maximum money you can

earn from Avon is whatever you like to

be honest you can earn yourself hundreds

and hundreds of pounds every single

month you'll probably get out of six

weeks maybe you'll get to Brocius worth

and so it's almost like getting paid

like twice the month ish if that makes

any sense and so you can make as much

money as you want to and it's not like

you're having to sit around and wait

another whole month until you get your

money again because you'll have a new

brochure out so it just needs to be like

a bit on the game and thinking about it

and but regarding how much money you can

earn you can earn as much as you put

into it if you're not bothered you're

not going to earn anything through it

you will find it hard to get your 60

pound like until you get your 60 pound

to get your 20% and however if you put

more time into it you can make loads of

money through Avon if you put your mind

to it promote yourself however you want

to like I said you can go knocking on

people's doors push them through the

letterbox but then obviously you've got

to buy more brochures the more you buy

the less it costs but that would be a

lot of brochures so that's completely up

to you but I just advertise myself as

much online as possible word-of-mouth is

amazing I also actually now have got an

offer on where I put recommend a friend

and I've ordered out of the sale book a

load of em I'm not the one now but I've

ordered a load and loads of perfumes

that are quite expensive in here but

they're not as expensive in here so I

have bought those with my money and I'm

saying recommend a friend get a friend

to spend a minimum of 10 pound in this

campaign and you'll receive a free

bottle of perfume so little things like

that and

get you like that extra commission and I

am trying to like get more and more

customers obviously every single

brochure so you've got to just be a

little bit smart with it and figure out

how you can make the most of it because

it's not easy to start off with and you

will get to a point where you'd be like

no one's buying anything but you have to

just like put yourself out there fight

for it and it'll be really worth it in

the end I also always order stuff myself

which isn't the best because you want to

make as much commissioners you can but I

can't help myself there's so much good

stuff there and so um maybe order

yourself like a few bits if you're new

to it and then you can say oh I've tried

it and it's really been nice you can

also buy samples and things like that

there's a big like a thing in the

brochure that you will receive I've got

people texting me and there's a big

thing in the brochure that you will get

that says samples so if there's a

perfume in there a lot of the time let's

see if I can quickly find one less I'm

talking about it a lot of the time and

there will be someone who says I really

like this perfume but I can't smell it

so what she says oh I'll get you get you

a sample of that and for the next time

all you can say is there's ever any

perfume that you want to try I can get

your sample a little thing like this

cost you about 50 P for like ten of them

or something like that and it might get

you an extra sales so Avon like do help

you out to you know try and get the

sales I'm just trying to find here not

gonna be able to find it no here okay so

this is the men's stuff or I sure don't

want to lose my dad for um Father's Day

and so not this one it's actually going

to someone that ordered my dad and

actually Jay has brought it as well this

one Avon man it smells amazing by the

way and so you get this this is a gift

set all for twelve pounds this on its

own is 13 pounds

so you're basically getting a pound off

and getting an extra three things you

get the back you get a body wash to get

deodorant and you get I don't know what

the mil of this is 75 mil of the spray

and then if you can see here it

says rub here to smell and it tells you

like the fragrance of it and basically

if you literally rub and smell oh you

can smell it's a really nice smell and

you can smell it it's like so that's

really really good they have it on a few

of them but you can see the ones next to

it don't have it so you can always say

oh if you would like to smell that let

me know and I will get you a fragrance I

have it on another one but not on that

one so you just need to like get a few

things and try them even if you bought

yourself the sample one another really

great tips I love to do and is when

you're delivering your Avon orders or

when you're going to collect at the

brochure whenever you're coming into

contact with and someone from Avon if

you own a von makeup wear it then is the

time to wear it's just all these little

things you need to think of but then is

the time to wear it I love myself the

Avon lipsticks they are beautiful

they're so so good so if you like

lipstick you like a bright lipstick wear

yourself a bright coral lipstick and

then if somebody says to you well were

like it's probably be like oh it's from

page 26 and then you're like straight

into it perfume I own quite a few Avon

perfumes they're lovely like this so

good and and I will almost judge just

before I go all these little things just

like number one create conversation if

you don't know what to talk about and

with your clip with their customers but

they also stand out and people go always

where's that from that sounds lovely

where'd you get that from and you go oh

actually it's on page 45 and you just

get it pros to Avon art it's a lovely

company to work for if you're into your

beauty your skincare your home stuff

your clothes if you've got kids they do

learn to know the kids stuff if you're

into that is definitely for you con

would be if you're not a very confident

person and to be honest I wasn't at the

start of it but I am now and if you're

not a very confident person then it

probably won't be for you because you do

have to talk to a stranger and but the

kind of people who buy stuff from Avon

are up for a conversation they're not

going to be like awkward people if that

makes sense because they know it's from

a brochure and you're gonna have to meet

a rep at some point

I can't really think of any other cons

to be honest make sure you pay over on

time and you'll be absolutely fine if

there's any questions I haven't answered

I tried to make this like a fun video at

the same time so if there's anything

that I haven't answered I hope I have

answered everything and please pop a

comment down below and if you're an able

rep yourself like I said the beginning

of video and you have an experience pop

it down below if you're just an Avon

customer I would love to know like what

your local rep is like like dish the

dirt and tell me down below in the

comment section or you know say my

favorite product is this because of this

isn't this or I love this when a rep

does this and this and this and you know

maybe get yourself like I've done a few

free gifts that don't really cost that

much money but it's like a nice gesture

and and potentially it might lead to

more sales so just try and think of as

many like your things as you possibly

can but I hope this has been helpful I

did want to do like a long ramble a

sit-down video but I hope that happen

and if you like videos like this they do

subscribe make sure to give it a thumbs

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related videos I have a few I've done

before so I'll pop them down below in

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that out I hope you're all having a

lovely day whatever you are doing and I

was thinking all very soon in my next