10 Common Shipt Shopper MISTAKES TO AVOID | Beginner Shipt Shopper Problems | Shipt Tips & Tricks

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what is up everybody it's your girl

tyrone i'm coming back at you again with


you already guessed it shipped video you

guys like my new setup

oh my gosh i literally just painted this

wall behind me so i really wanted to

do a couple of videos to see how you

guys like it so let me know if you like

this better or if you like the yellow

couch that i'm normally sitting on when

i do my videos

okay so you already read the title and

you know i do

not like to ramble at the beginning of

my videos so let's get right into the

video i'm going to be giving you 10

shift shopper mistakes to avoid so the

first mistake that you want to avoid

is shopping for cold items first now

some people may be saying this is

self-explanatory but sometimes you don't

really think about it

sometimes you just want to go right into

the store because the frozen section

is kind of close to the entrance of most

grocery stores

so some people may just go there first

and by the time you finish shopping for

everything else

you may end up with some unfrozen items

and then the customer

rightfully so will be upset about it so

if you do have a lot of frozen items

make sure that you are using an

insulated bag and you are shopping for

those items

last the next mistake that you want to

avoid is

not aiming to deliver the order at the

beginning of the delivery window now

there are tons of things that can happen

in a shop and you want to make sure that

you have ample amount of time

to get that order to the customer on

time so if you're aiming to get there

at five o'clock and five o'clock is the

end of the delivery window

you're more likely to get a late order

and then your ratings will go

down and when your ratings go down

you'll get less orders when you put


on the schedule so it's just a snowball

effect to

not delivering orders on time number

three is

taking large orders before you are ready

now i did this once and it was honestly

a show but i actually learned from

my mistake when you are just a new ship

shopper and you just get out of that 10

order window where you can only do one

order at a time take on two smaller

orders before you begin taking on

orders with over a hundred items because

it can get

real crazy real quick especially if you

have a difficult customer or a customer

that requires a bunch of substitutions

it can just get jumbled up and it's just

too much

save those bigger orders to do only by

themselves so you can focus solely on

that order

or stick to stacking smaller orders and

once you master those smaller orders

then slowly but surely add in bigger and

bigger orders

and you'll eventually get there another

mistake that people may not think is a


is not communicating with the customer

at every step of the order

i've been reading a lot of blogs and a

lot of customers

complain if they don't hear from their

ship shopper even if the customer

doesn't want to respond they just want

to know that you are doing their order

so i just recently posted a video about

text message examples to customers so

check that out if you do not know how to

communicate with your customer


it can increase your tips if you're

keeping that customer in the know about

everything that's going on mistake

number five showing the customer the

actual price of the item or giving them

the receipt

now ship tells you this in the

orientation do not give the customer the

receipt but what happens when you

send the customer a photo of the actual

aisle and they see the prices this has

happened to me before and now i've been

more cognizant of it but i have not

mentioned this in any of my previous


you want to make sure that the price is

not in the photo

because when they see their final

receipt from shipped

the two numbers nine times out of ten

will not match and you don't want them

to be upset with you

always shift and decrease your tips so

don't show them any prices and


do not give them the store receipt they

will always receive a final receipt

through their email number six is

working too many zones

in one delivery window now when you set

yourself up on the schedule

you have default zones that you have

picked that will automatically show up

on the schedule

and whether you pick one zone two three

ten zones

you will start receiving push

notifications for orders available in


zones when you are on the schedule now

if you have multiple zones set then you

will be getting orders from all over the

place and it can get confusing to know

okay i have an order in zone a zone b

and zone c

and we're really close to the delivery

window will i have time to do these so


mindful and cognizant of how far away

each zone is from one another

and if you can realistically work in

that many zones

at the same time typically for me i only

do two zones

i'm in los angeles so the zones are kind

of far apart

so i typically like to stay in the

beverly hills and west hollywood zone

because they

are right on the edge of each other but

if i wanted to do

something like pasadena and downtown l.a

pasadena is about a 35 minute drive from

downtown l.a

i would never work in both of those

zones in one delivery window so be

mindful of that

number seven is not taking yourself off

of the schedule

once you have received enough orders for

that delivery window

now as i said when you put yourself on a

schedule you receive push notifications

for orders that are available for that

delivery window now you have a minute to

accept these orders if you do not accept

these orders within that minute

the order will go away and your

acceptance rate will decrease

now what happens when you have all the

orders that you can possibly do

in that delivery window you need to take

yourself off of the schedule

so that ship will not keep sending you

all these orders because ship won't say

oh tyra has enough orders let's stop

pushing her orders

no it's a computer so you need to take

yourself off of the schedule and you'll

still have those orders that you have

already accepted

so your acceptance rate is safe and you

can focus on the orders that you have to

get delivered to the customers

mistake number eight is not reviewing

the item list

before accepting the order i used to be

bad at this because i would just say oh

i got an order let me just do it

but what if someone wants you to pick up

a fridge 20 gallons of water

a bicycle i had to pick up a child's


one time and luckily that was my only

order and that was the only item but

what if i had

three orders that i was trying to do at

the same time i wouldn't have had space

and if it was already within the

delivery window or within an hour before

the delivery window

i wouldn't be able to drop the order so

you need to make sure that you are

looking at the item list and making sure

that you have ample amount of space in

your car

and that you can carry these things

before you accept an

order mistake number nine is not

tracking your mileage or your expenses


you are an independent contractor i

actually just posted a video on my

channel talking all about doing taxes

as a ship shopper so make sure you check

that video out if you need a little help

on keeping track of your mileage and all

of that stuff i have tons of pertinent

information in that video

and mistake number 10 is not having the

right equipment to be efficient on your


i've seen so many shoppers that are just

making so much extra work for themselves


they have not invested in the proper

equipment to be

an efficient ship shopper i actually did

a video

i know i'm plugging a bunch of videos

but i also did a video on how to

increase your earnings as a ship shopper

and in that video i went through

all of my essential equipment so check

that video out or even click the link in

the description box below i actually

have an amazon store that has everything

that i use

in the store already so all you have to

do is go through and see

what items you can use what can make

your shopping experience

a little bit better so make sure that

you check that out because

honestly you guys even something as

simple as a cart

can definitely be a game changer and

save you tons of time

rather than going back and forth to the

car so i hope you guys enjoyed that and

i hope you guys

learned something if you guys have any

questions about any of the mistakes that

i put

in this video let me know in the comment

sections below and if there are any

other common mistakes that you know

about that i did not mention in this


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