Lyft drivers quitting left and right

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how's it going my fellow uber and

delivery drivers and anybody wanting to

learn welcome back to the driver man

Channel I'm your man Jose so most of you

have been impacted by these lyft rate

cut instead of happening around the

country not everybody quite yet but lyft

drivers have been impacted by this

noticing that their rights have gone

from example like $60.00 to $45 to where

they were used to more money so I wanted

to share some information that I got

from a video that I recently posted in

the comments section lyft drivers are

quitting all over the place which makes

perfect sense because of how much less

money they're making so let me show you

a few of these here okay here's one

commented it's 33 cents now here in

Charlotte North Carolina I won't be

taking lift rides anymore I picked up on

this comm job immediately

another gentleman mentioned happened

this week in Nashville I made $15 less

on a black car pickup I deleted both the

rider and the driver app immediately

very disappointed in lyft and their

shadiness next one

I have been making $10 an hour on

average with a 90% acceptance rate much

better off working at McDonald's no joke

yeah at this point you probably would be

better off working at McDonald's that's

the sad thing but true

lift made the same change here in Austin

Texas I could not help but notice the

average pay had decreased significantly

for the ride anyway I contacted lyft and

told them to delete my account for good

and I told them why they are scamming

the drivers and last but not least it'll

go through with you in Philadelphia we

get 24 cents a mile

so you guys it's nuts I realized a b5 is

going through the motions but even if it

does get final approval from the

assembly and governor Gavin Newsom signs

it it's not going to go into effect

anyway until January first and people

got to make money for the next three

months of the year so even with that

they still got to figure it out so they

are quitting and they got to find a

better way to make money in the meantime

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lovely week