How To Quit Porn Forever

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what's up guys Brandon here from 1%

better with a video that will teach you

how to quit porn forever there's an

endless list of reasons to quit porn

which I cover in another video but

fundamentally watching porn on a regular

basis messes with your dopamine reward

system dopamine is a neurotransmitter in

your brain responsible for your Drive

and zest for life if your dopamine isn't

functioning right you probably won't

feel motivated to tackle your goals

catch up with friends and the other

essentials of living a fruitful life

it's absolutely critical that you make a

full-blown commitment to quitting porn

otherwise the following tips won't be of

much use to you the first tip is to

identify your triggers what happens

immediately before you hop onto your

favorite porn site where are you what

are you doing how do you feel

ask these questions to identify what

triggers you common triggers are feeling

bored seeing provocative images on insta

or being home alone

once you identify your triggers seek out

a replacement activity which is tip

number 2 this could be going for a run

calling a friend or working out do what

works for you the idea is to reprogram

your mind to do an activity other than

porn as soon as you're triggered tip

number 3 make porn as inaccessible as


unfollow provocative Instagram as you

follow install the stay focus browser

extension and block all porn sites not

only does it make it more of an arduous

task to view porn but you remove visual

triggers as well tip number 4 brainwash

your mind into realizing how bad porn is

for you the bottom line is pawn

desensitizes you to sex the more porn

you watch the more it will take to get

aroused and you'll become numb to sexual

images the signals of arousal from your

brain to your penis get weaker and

weaker and like any addict it will take

more stimulants to get the same effect

each time until you hit the point of

complete erectile dysfunction edie rates

have gone up during the last two decades

especially among younger guys according

to a study from the Journal of Sexual

Medicine one out of every four new IDI

patients is under 40 years old on the

bright side the problem has a simple

solution but you must fully commit to

quitting porn forever this change will

have a beneficial impact on every aspect

of your life a big thank you to mark for

having me on this channel head over to

my channel and watch our video on micro

dosing to find out why the craze is

kicking off and how you can do it too