How to stop drinking beer - getting sober without willpower

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I know this is Craig back from stop

drinking expert calm welcome into

today's video blog and today's video is

kind of a reaction to a comment on a

video I made last week and when I was

talking about people who claim that they

genuinely liked the taste of alcohol and

what we talked about in that video was

that it is an illusion you know the

first time you tasted alcohol that was

the truth when you first sneaked a sip

of your dad's whiskey and you spat it

all over the floor

that is what alcohol really tastes like

but the druggist tricked you over the

years and adjusted your palate so that

you now tolerate it and perhaps even

more than that so I made this video if

you want more on that you can watch the

video but someone commented and said

you're wrong because nothing tastes

better than a cold beer on a hot day and

it reminded me of something that

happened to me a few years ago so I

thought I'd make a video about it today

I live in Cyprus and in the

Mediterranean temperatures get up to

about 45 degrees I don't know what that

is in Fahrenheit probably 120 130

degrees from another and one day I went

to a bar with a friend of mine and I

ordered a diet coke and my friend

ordered a large beer and I noticed the

two drinks arrived in very very

different ways my drink arrived in a

straight glass with a little bit of ice

in it and it was put in front of me and

I was charged 3 euros for this half pint

of Diet Coke on the table there you go

now my friends be his glass came out of

the freezer and it it crackled as it

came out of the freezer I was covered in

you know but ice on the outside of the

glass and in the sunshine it started to

melt and condensation started to drip

down this elegant glass I mean wasn't

even a glass it was a it was like a

chalice you know it was intricately

designed and all these patterns on the


glowing in the sunshine with all this

condensation dripping down the outside

of it I mean already it looked amazing

it was a specially designed glass by the

manufacturer of that beer

out of the freezer absolutely ice-cold

and then the barman poured the beer out

of an another elegant beer tap and the

bubbles frost up in there and then and

then a special beer mat was placed down

branded with the beer and the glass was

presented to the customer and he was

charged one euro sixty nearly half the

price of my crappy little glass of Diet

Coke and I sat there and I looked at the

situation on their toward I want that

not that I want the beer I want the

theater I want the drama I want the

experience don't just give me my drink

like here there you go you you're

worthless to me when the beer came it

was like this celebration of life here

you drink the nectar of the gods and why

why do teetotalers get treated so badly

in bars and pubs and here's the answer

because we're worthless we're not you

know the thing is with alcohol is even

if you intend to just have one drink the

first thing the alcohol is going to do

is interfere with the part of your brain

that makes rational decisions so the

first thing it's going to do is take

away the filter that that you know you

set when you went in there that I'm

going to have one drink the bar knows

this the alcohol manufacturer knows this

when you walk into a bar they don't see

one beer

you're not one beer you could be ten

beers if you walk into a bar as a

teetotaler at best they're going to get

two cokes out of you you know because

when you when you're drinking fluids

because you're thirsty and not because

you're an addict I mean how many how

much coke do you want to drink in a

night you know genuinely you know I go

out with people and I will have maybe

one pint of Diet Coke and during the

time they drink nine pints of lager I

mean are they that thirsty that they

need to drink nine pints I mean I would

I would literally if I drank nine pints

now I would be up every 20 minutes

during the night I would get

no sleep at all I think about that point

in my life now but so when people say

that you know there's nothing better

than a cold beer in the sunshine

look come on wake up you've got to be

aware that this there's it's not just

it's not a straight fight you know this

is not just one drink versus another

drink you've got one drink that you're

almost penalized for asking for and then

another drink that comes with all this

celebration drama and marketing and

special branding and it's an experience

you know the company that made that

attractively packaged poison have

invested a lot of money in the

experience I mean look at Stella Artois

you know the advertising they even have

one advertising that says it's not a

glasses of chalice you know we don't

drink out we don't drink our product out

of a standard glass we have a special

ornate chalice so look you know this

process is a is it awakening to the

truth it's about seeing things as they

really are and not seeing the smoke you

know the smoke screen that the the

alcohol manufacturers have generated

around their products it's seeing the

reality and seeing that you're being

conned you know you've been fooled and

it's working because most people believe

that story nothing tastes better than a

cold beer in the sunshine does it really

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