Ex Beachbody Coach EXPOSES THE TRUTH behind the day in the life of a Beachbody coach | #antimlm

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hey you guys and welcome back to my

channel I'm so excited to have you here

so today I'm about to expose the

out of myself once again if you guys

were here and have been a subscriber of

mine since last Wednesday I uploaded a

video of me pretty much exposing my old

Instagram post my old Facebook post and

my old videos that I used to make when I

was in an MLM yeah and now I decided I

was going to do the same thing I

literally sat down and I was like I'm

gonna do a part two then I was like

I've got something better okay I look a

little ratchet today I don't look the

best but y'all got to deal because we're

boss babes and we are fueling it up in

here shout out to my girl Ashley though

she was unfortunately in my downline but

I love her and she is a really a close

friend of mine now and she ended up

buying me this cup it is cute and I

thought it was just fitting for this

video to have our boss babe fuel to get

us through the day so today I'm going to

walk you through a real and true day in

the life of being in an MLM more

specifically being in Beachbody but

everything that I'm going to say it

pretty much relays everyone the

MLM besides the minut details okay and

I'm sick of seeing these MLM errs come

out with videos of what I do in a day

how I do it in a day what is it like

being in an MLM for a day like those

stupid ass videos or Beachbody Coaches

being like what it's like to be a coach

for a day and they lion they line the

asses off in that video

and I'm sick of it so we are going to

expose it I am going to walk you through

and show you also videos of mine yes old

videos that I used to have in

information sessions that I used to give

people so I used to run information

sessions that I would put people in that

would want to sign up and it would

pretty much give them all of the

information about Beachbody and I

planes always they always kill

them I buy about your but in that route

that impose

group I would essentially walk them

through a day of what it's like to be a

coach yes I used the word coach because

I was stupid when I was in my MLM and I

used to say I was a health and fitness

coach sofa knowing that I said that but

anyways long-ass intro I really wanted

to just explain you know everything

that's going on so morning do you miss

tee time okay and let's get into the

video oh yeah

so the first thing I want you to know

about being a Beachbody Coach is they

have what is called a success Club

tracker or a business activity tracker I

thought of going over this but I didn't

know if it was gonna be entertaining

enough so this is going to give you a

good twist on that so I just want you to

know you can google that Google beach

body success club tracker business

activity tracker and I will link it down

below if you want to look at that it's

pretty funny I will be relying back to

that during this video but let's get

into it we are going to go into my

information session and we are going to

see if what did I tell them about the

first thing I do when I wake up and then

I have my computer with all of my notes

about what I really was doing let's see

if I lie or anything like that because

who knows I so first order of business

is I woke up around 6:00 a.m. I grabbed

my pre-workout I grabbed my cooler

called snack and then I came here into

my office and because I work my business

pretty much through Instagram I emptied

out my Instagram inbox and I also look

to my to-do list for the day

do lastork pumping honest and then the

next thing I do is get my workout in I'm

a morning workout guy I like to get my

workouts in in the morning if you like

to get them like done later on that is

totally fine too and if I'm being honest

I used to know you've been at home

workouts until I became a coach and I

actually tried them I got better results

than I did in the gym and it also saved

me time and money so here is my little

workout equipment my little workout spot

I split up my office and made it into a

workout area found that when I was going

to the gym I would make way more excuses

to not go because of time because of

money and like everything else so that

is why I bought myself like weight bench

weights and I did all that stuff because

it actually ends up being cheaper

oh so then we partner with the company a

beach party and we utilize all of their

workout programs so we have over 70 plus

workout programs in our library I like

to call it like a netflix for fitness

just how if you go on Netflix and you

have all your shows we go on app to use

our programs ok I'm gonna stop here this

part doesn't matter did you hear how I

said we partner the company called

Beachbody now you work for a

company called Beachbody why are you

always lying

ok I love that video why you always lie

and I think it was in Margaret's most

recent video so it's stuck in my head

but come on I don't like that so I did

tell the truth the first thing that I

always did when I was in Beachbody all I

would wake up so early and guess

what I don't work a full-time job right

now I go to full-time school which is

why I don't work a job so I'm really

trying to focus on graduating early

which I should be graduating this year

but I don't work a full-time job I

should have ever felt the need to wake

up this early but I did because I had so

much to do for Beachbody that it

literally felt like if I didn't wake up

early enough I would not have enough

time in my day now I just love waking up

early but the first thing that I would

always do is I would wake up I would

grab my stupid body pre-workout I would

pour it into the cup and I would take a

video of me pouring it into the cup and

then I would have to edit that and

upload that onto Instagram stories to be

a product of the product Beachbody

always says you have to be a product of

the product you have to show that you're

using the products and that they work so

that's what I did with the pre-workout

then I would come into my office

literally where I'm at right now and I

would while drinking my pre-workout cuz

I usually would start drinking it and it

would take 30 minutes to kick in so I

would and by the way I do like their

pre-workout is it is good honestly but I

would sit down and I would literally

empty out all of my DMS all of my

questions I was getting from my downline

question I was getting from my client

even hate saying clients because so fake

then I would get my workout in and my

workouts usually range from 40 to 50

minutes when I was doing a programs in

Beachbody so I wouldn't do my workout

and guess what the

you after that I would have to record

workout moves so that would take even

more time out of my day right so still I

haven't done anything else but Beachbody

woke up did the pre workout took a photo

then uploaded it came to my office took

thirty minutes to empty DMS and answer

questions from people in Beachbody then

I did my 40 minute workout and then I

had some record workout moves and then I

had to edit those workout moves on my

phone and then I had to upload that to

Instagram all that happened in the

morning and it's like what about school

what about live

what about chilling and watching some

Netflix in the morning I love to do that

said after my workout let's see what I

said I would do in this info sesh

okay so after my workout I check in with

my accountability group this is my

favorite part of coaching okay I don't

want to get copyrighted so I won't be

able to play that song but I pretty much

scroll through and show people locking

their workouts my accountability group

and I say this is where all coaches and

clients come to log their workouts daily

to stay accountable so I'm pretty much

trying to show people that every day I

have to come and log my workout which is

true after my workout after I recorded

my workout videos and after I showered I

would take a selfie well take a selfie

before the shower I would take a selfie

and uploaded it in to this group then

the next thing that I said I did was now

I spent about six to eight hours on

schoolwork it's honestly like a

full-time job though from 12 to 7 I

generally do not do anything related to

coaching which was true back then

so I am looking at my list of what I

would do so I would stop after that I

wouldn't be able to do anything for

coaching because I have full-time school

like I can't just stop doing school so I

would sit down guys I do want to be

honest about something I wouldn't just

not do anything

unfortunately had a downline yes I

recruited women into the amazing

opportunity so I really did truly think

that it was going to change my life and

then I was going to be able to change

other people's lives but that was before

I truly knew what MLMs were about and

what be tried it was about it was really

before I was educated literally during

that time of school I would have to keep

stopping I feel like every 30 minutes to

answer questions from new coaches right

from new people I had recruited I had to

answer questions from clients I had to

feel the need to do pretty much not my

schoolwork now I sit down and I'm able

to do just my schoolwork and not worry

about anything else not have thoughts of

oh my god did one of my recruits message

me do they need help it's something oh

my god do they need help signing someone

up like it was like this non-stop thing

when these Beachbody Coaches when they

like to make these videos of what they

do in a day they don't like to show all

that they'll be like for seven hours

from 12:00 to 6:00

I just chilled on the couch and didn't

do anything I just hung out with my kids

boss babe stop that's not true because

guess what if one of the people they

recruited into Beachbody had a question

like hey I want to sign someone up right

now how do I do it or hey how do you

access the workouts like whatever you

would have to be at your team's beckon

call because if you weren't that's what

maybe they wouldn't like you maybe they

want to quit you always just feel the

need to cater to those people asking you

questions now that's personally just me

I know a lot of people who are high up

in Beachbody who won't do that they

don't give a about their downline I

did so I always felt like I needed to

answer that whenever they would message

me so would really mess with my whole

school schedule so let's see on my thing

what was the next thing I told them that

I would do told you I'd be back in six

hours you're probably so sick of hearing

me talk now I could talk for days that's

why I'm making a youtube channel anyways

it has nothing to do with this so you

guys seem I took about an hour in the

morning to work on coaching I did my 40

minute workout and then I

which did school all day and tomorrow

I'll talk a little bit about time and

time management and stuff like that but

now at night time after I'm done with

all my schoolwork which I am done I try

and take one more hour to really

dedicate to coaching so what we do is

coach is like the IG TV i posted a

you've already pretty much know what I


oh so since I did those things in the

morning where I checked up with my

coaches my clients did my workout all of

that now I'm going to dedicate time to

really like sharing this opportunity

with people on how I do this through

social media so I literally block out an

hour where I come into my office this is

my cute little office space but I come

into my office and I work on my business

I tell my husband like hey I need an

hour that is it and I'll be done with

coaching and I pretty much just share

this opportunity with people I invite

people to join you know as a client or

in an information session just like this

and what's super cool about tonight is

the whole entire team is hopping on so

the team is right there and we do what I

like to call a power hour and the power

hours just for one hour at night where

you're going at it like you're hustling

and you're working the business like in

your office and your bed wherever you

feel like doing it and most the time I

do these by myself so I do these

literally average sumo night seven days

a week just one hour at nighttime so

diannemurray could we count could we

have a counter on how many times I said

business that's a little bit true right

I wouldn't actually sit down for about

an hour at night and what sucks is think

about this I have been up since 6

o'clock in the morning working the

business doll know what I mean business

all morning then I spent some time on

school where every 30 minutes I was

having to answer questions I was having

to be on my phone I was always feeling

that need to be on my phone at all

moments of the day you don't just get

time off you don't you work 24/7

you might as well go work a nine-to-five

right you might as well because I would

rather work a 9:00 to 5:00 job which

these MLM errs love to talk about I

would rather work at 9:00 to 5:00 where

I can clock in I'll go clock in clock

not have to worry about unless I'm

cocked into work so let's see what else

I would do oh there is one thing I

forgot so you guys know how I say after

I log my work out in that like

accountability group challenge group

whatever I would shower eat and then I

would always curate an Instagram post so

this is not anything out of the ordinary

to what I do already you guys know if

you follow me on Instagram I upload a

lot upload usually every day of the week

maybe take one or two days off in the

week but I always upload on my Instagram

stories all of that in Jude as you know

so I would curate a fake-ass Instagram

post let me just show you an example of

the kind of posts I would upload so look

at me with my pizza thinking I know

everything it says as you see my

excitement for some gluten free pizza

was through the roof y'all like the

emoji oh my god

the fact that I can follow a nutrition

plan that does not restrict me from my

now and then cravings is amazing I can

still enjoy the little things like a

slice of pizza and not feel bad about

myself afterwards being on a nutrition

plan does not mean cutting out every

little thing it is honestly a way to

learn how to get healthier fuel your

body and control those cravings then you

learn when you should indulge in

something that you have been craving you

guys I can do another video on this

comment it down below but beach parties

nutrition plans and I'm gonna say

disclaimer everything said in this video

is my opinion and what I'm about to say

is my opinion don't want to be served

with papers

okay don't want to be sued in here beach

parties nutrition plans will literally

starve you allegedly I will link down

below a nutritionist who reviewed their

dietician she's either or nutritionist

or dietitian or both whatever she

reviewed beach bodies nutrition plans

and it literally showed that they under

feed you feel very restricted and that's

not okay so I can go into further detail

for those kind of things in another

video but that is

an example of the sanctuary ated post I

would make and I would upload it now

like I said in the video for what I do

in a day I would sit down and spend an

hour doing all the things I'm about to

tell you so in that hour I would spend

time responding to all new likes

comments and story views from the

previous day and you guys I'm not joking

I used to do that I used to go back to

the photo from the day before that I had

uploaded right that curated fake post

from the day before and I would look at

every individual who liked or commented

on that photo and I would message them I

may not have invited them but maybe I

just messaged them to get to know them

maybe I gave them a follow out with

people that were similar to me right and

then I would go to my stories you guys

personally right now I get a lot of

people to give you my stories I get over

five hundred people who view my stories

okay I would never have enough time and

day to scroll down through my stories

and message every single person who

wouldn't have time for that who would

have time please tell me because it

would not be me and it would not take me

an hour to do that but I would block out

like 20 minutes to respond to all new

likes comments and views the next thing

I would do is invite at least five

people to my challenge group which is

that accountability group essentially

meaning you're gonna invite people to be

a client or to join the opportunity so

this would be the time where I would

send those messages I wasn't actually

never someone who just sent a cold

message like here's someone I've never

talked to I never had a conversation

with and I am in their DMS That's not me

I would always invite someone that I had

at least spoken to before so I would

invite at least five people let me tell

you when this tracker says to invite

five people most Beachbody Coaches I

know a lot of them guys I have watched a

lot of them I was a coach for two years

I know the ins and outs

most of them would invite 50 or more a

day that doesn't take two hours that

takes way longer than that so be twenty

coaches need to stop saying you can fit

this business into pockets of your time

because you can't

so the next thing I would do is follow

up with people I have invited before so

anyone and I mean think about that so

years where every day you're inviting

people you know how many people that is

to follow up with you know how many it

is a lot of people I literally actually

I should have took a photo of it but I

just went through my office drawers from

when I was in Beachbody and I had eight

thick-ass notebooks of people's

Instagram handles and names of who I

invited that is like insane to me

okay so I would have to follow up with

people I invited before and that takes

so much effort it's so much work and

it's draining these things are not

fulfilling these things are not fun they

are freaking draining okay so these

coaches are so happy to show that like

yay I'm working my business you know

right now it's not what it looks like

it's not all good outfits chilling with

your boss faith fuel just so happy no

it's not like that it's literally the

most draining unfulfilled thing you

could possibly do then I have a couple

more things I would also again answer

client or coach questions when building

a team if you or someone that is in an

MLM and you have a team below you and

you actually give a about them like

I know I hate talking about this guys

I'm so sorry I did recruit into

Beachbody I really did think it was a

great opportunity when I was in it I

realized it wasn't and I told all of the

people I had recruited what I had found

the information I found and literally

ninety-eight percent of us all quit

together because I thin them also felt

like we were being brainwashed so we

have a good ending to that story but I

would answer question the one you're

building a team that is so hard they

always want you to build a team right

and they always say to you but then

think about how many people you're

answering questions do like the same

questions over and over and over and

over and over and you are spending hours

of your day answering people's questions

it just makes no sense to me you're and

I'm gonna be real right now you're

making zero dollars doing that you're

not making money you're not signing

people up you're not making Commission

you're literally

not doing any of that by answering

questions they'll work a real job

go open up your own business where you

can make real and actual money there are

so many ways you can make money and this

isn't one of them these are not

fulfilling and then the last thing I

would do is engage in twenty minutes or

more of personal development you guys

personal development was the worst thing

ever they want to always blame you when

you're in Beachbody or in any MLM

they're going to blame you if you fail

they're going to say you didn't work

hard enough we're not good enough you

didn't do enough personal development do

more sorry for all the curse no now I'm

not gonna say sorry people have been

every once in a while I got someone who

comments like I can't even get through

your video cuz you curse then leave the

video you don't have to be here you

don't have to listen to my loud mouth

okay but anyways personal development

all they would tell you to do is

personal development if you want and you

aster upline like if I went to my upline

and I was like girl I am really

struggling but I am having a hard time

I'm not recruiting people I'm not

signing people up with the programs and

that's what I want to do I want to help

people you know what she was saying well

you're being negative go just some

personal development or she would ask

when was last time you do personal

development and I was like it has

nothing to do with personal development

it has nothing to do with it nothing

zilch first ones of elemen will only get

you so far

I do believe in a personal development

in everyday life listen to books listen

to things that are gonna motivate you

and help you get through things that

you're struggling with if you're

struggling with time management go read

a book on time management go do

something be productive if you're

struggling with something but personal

development is not going to be the

end-all be-all and these MLM is try and

make you feel like it is and it is so

stinkin annoying so as you guys can see

and hopefully you guys liked seeing all

of this but as you can see doing an MLM

takes hours and hours and hours of your

day it's unfulfilled things that you're

doing I was not doing anything

fulfilling now I am now social media is

essentially a job to me and I also love


it's not something I ever thought would

be a job I never thought I would be able

to do things like brand deals it was

never anything I thought of right I just

loved it I love social media I love

being on YouTube and talking in front of

a stinking camera right now that's what

I'm doing camera I'm by myself just

speaking I love it I love Instagram I

love uploading photos and talking to

people and helping people and bonding

with people that's what I love I don't

love sliding it to DMS inviting people

to this fake-ass opportunity inviting

people the beach bodies programs that

I've seen dietitians say it's not good

for anyone it's not going to give you a

good relationship with food so again

what was fulfilling about this I want

you guys to comment down below did you

think anything that I just said sounded

fulfilling maybe the working out you

know you got up you did your workout

you're becoming healthier maybe that was

the only good thing about Beachbody was

I did like the workouts I didn't like

the nutrition plans they were very

restrictive and they really did give you

a bad or they can give you a bad

relationship with food but their workout

programs were really really really

really really great I'm not gonna fault

them on that but everything else was

unfulfilled and doing it for two years

was extremely extremely draining looking

back again I always feel like when I'm

looking back on my old posts and stuff

how much time oh my god I'm gonna get

emotional how much time did I waste and

the guys were awesome at my last video

you got you were like in least I'm if it

wasn't for you going to experience you

wouldn't be here today and you wouldn't

be on youtube today

and that's true so I do want to let you

guys know if you ever ever see an MLM or

Beachbody stinkin rep saying that they

only work their business and pockets of

time or they don't do anything you know

that takes a long time synonym is damn

video and be like you a liar you like it

let me know what you guys thought about

this video if you have any more ideas or

a video like this anything else you want

me to walk you through it from my

experience and Beachbody do not forget

Monday's video I did have

giveaway announcement and the giveaway

is still going just make sure to go

through the video from Monday about an

it works rep begging for sales it was

such a great video then don't forget to

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