Overcome Addiction • One Powerful Solution to Stop All Your Addictions

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we usually think that the word addiction

is exclusive to drug users like a holux

and that this concept is irrelevant to

us therefore it doesn't concern us the

concept of addiction is defined by the

fact of being physically and

psychologically craving a substance or a


does it ring any bells we all struggle

against activities that don't produce

real happiness just in some pleasure

addictions affect all of us and if

you're honest with yourself you need to

recognize your addictions and then face

them there are two types of addiction to

a substance or to an activity let's take

a look at the top five addictions in the

US coffee gambling shopping internet and

junk food to be clear these things in

moderation are acceptable the problem is

to rely on them to feel instant

satisfaction that means to drink coffee

when you feel tired to eat junk food

when you're anxious or to go shopping to

feel happy an efficient way to know what

you're addicted to is to stop doing

something for a week for example if you

think you can be addicted to TV try to

stop watching TV shows and movies for a

whole week after that if you experience

cravings it means that you are addicted

to TV many people decide to ignore their

addictions building a life that revolves

around those activities or substances

for example you get home from work and

then you go straight to your computer or

your TV and then when people ask you how

is your workout going you justify

yourself saying that you don't have any

time living an addiction is an extremely

difficult task first of all you have to

believe that the quality of your life

can be improved and can be transformed

in a very positive way

if you remove your addiction

to begin with there are two main ways in

which you can create a healthy

environment for yourself

number one surround yourself with love

your family and friends can help you

build a solid social structure where you

can talk about how to improve they will

support you on this difficult path on

the other hand stay away from toxic

people who only want you for their own


number two invest imagination and effort

to adopt new and healthier habits if

your addiction is eating junk food learn

to cook and make healthier meals for you

if you love watching Netflix all

afternoon spend that time learning how

to play a musical instrument if you

spend two hours a day on Instagram study

painting and learn how to express

yourself with a paintbrush if you really

want to have a life with more enriching

experiences you have to discard the

empty activities that more society

throws at you the reality is that

although these methods can help you a

lot at the end they are only covers of

the problem addictions do not reside

outter they are deeply rooted in the

depths of your mind therefore the

fundamental solution can be found

outside you're going to have to fix the

problem from the inside the truth is

that the process of overcoming

addictions is extremely difficult when

you want to overcome something that

gives you so much

quote-unquote pleasure it will be very

exhausting to you it is a battle between

your awareness and your mind / body

studies show that less than 25 percent

of people who go to rehab avoid relapse

Inc this is a clear example of the

uphill battle to overcome an addiction

however there is a solution that is

highly underrated but that has been

proved to be very effective according to

many scientific research instead of

wanting to suppress or fight against

your cravings learn to observe them from

a third-person perspective next time you

try to quit your addiction you will

start to feel physical and psychological

cravings but just watch them without

judging maintain an outsider's

perspective as if you were observing the

behavior of a monkey and stay like that

until the sensation disappears

quiet and just watching you'll notice

the cravings on two different levels

physically you will feel a strong

sensation in your stomach or your chest

psychologically your mind will bombard

you with negative thoughts to make you

fall but remember don't move and keep

observing eventually if you steak like

these for a while the cravings will

begin to disappear this technique is

extremely effective because you know

these cravings as an external element to

you you will stop identifying yourself

with the physical and psychological

dependence and in this way the cravings

that cause your addiction lose their

power it is a fascinating process but it

requires a lot of attention from your


remember not to fight or to judge just

to observe the sensation for what he

really is in this way your psychological

and physical anxiety will decrease by

extracting this craving from your life

you will experience more freedom for

example if all your life you associated

energy with coffee you will notice that

you no longer require coffee to feel

energetic sure you can still take a cup

of coffee if you want to but no longer

as an addiction simply to enjoy it your

cravings for coffee will cease to exist

when you stop needing external

stimulation you can focus on what's

really important to you you will have

the option to leave more aligned with

your purpose and your values and you can

still enjoy a beer a cup of coffee or

five minutes on Facebook but you will

notice that you do these things in

moderation because just by observing the

addiction that your mind and body create

for has already been removed thank you

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