What Happens If You Quit | Fail | Get Hurt At Army Basic Training

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what is going on guys so you decided to

join the army and you are just curious

and the unlikely event that you quit

fail or get injured at basic training

what the heck happens so I just got back

to my run today and I was thinking about

you know a video to do and whatnot and

recently I made a video about the only

way to fail basic training and that is

to quit and if you haven't watched that

video I'll link it up here somewhere or

in the description or whatever so check

here we're here and in the description

if you want to check out how to film

which I really just talked about saying

that you quit basic train that's really

the only way to fail but in this case in

this video I want to talk about what

happens if you quit what happens if you

get hurt also so that's another thing

because you can get sent home if you get

hurt but what actually happens I'm going

to tell you guys right now don't quit do

not quit basic training especially if

you're you know wanting to quit just so

you can go home right if you're wanting

to quit basic training because you're

like oh I miss home I want to go home

that's probably the worst recent reason

ever to quit this train you want to know

why you're not going to go home it's not

like alright I'm my basic training you

know it's been a week or so I really

hate it and I miss my family and I miss

you know my wife and my kids if you have

a wife and kids or I miss my boyfriend I

miss my girlfriend I want to go home

drill sergeant I quit I'm done right and

do you think the drill sergeants going

to be like yeah sure all right we'll

ship you up you know put you on a bus or

a plane and and send you home that's not

how it works the thing that they

actually tried to do right if you quit

at basic training they will literally

basically make sure that you do not

leave basic training until your class

that you are there with graduates basic

training right it'll be a really rare

occasion that you might leave you know

week or so before but if you quit if you

just decide all you want to up and quit

at basic training

you're going to stay there longer than

the guys at your list now another thing

I want to talk about is if you quit our

reception you will also not leave for a

while now

sometimes you will stay there for let's

say a minimum of three to four weeks or

so but even at reception you're still

still going to stay there for a long

time and if you watch my reception video

especially if you're going to xxx AG and

you don't have your phone and you don't

have all the stuff and you're doing

duties and on stuff like you don't want

to stay at reception like I would rather

stay at basic training for eight weeks

then stay at reception for four weeks

like half the time I would somewhat try

to do that because reception at xxx AG

at Fort Benning was just horrible I

really hated it now let's say at

reception you decide to quit in a rack

that those people that did that for us

right those people that quit at

reception there was a guy who tried to

kill himself for a reception just so we

could go home and that happens right so

a reception if you quit you become a

holdover enough conscious the term at

basic training and reception a holdover

is basically when you quit you get

injured or you're basically and

processing to leave or you are you know

you're just injured and you're waiting

you know until your injury is healed

like maybe you broke your ankle or

something you're waiting right so what

holdovers do is they're in a training

environment so you read that reception

or you're going to be at like basic

training and you're going to basically

wake up and clean all day long right so

you're not going to be doing any

training you're not going to be really

doing anything at all aside from

cleaning so at reception I remember when

we were there there were these guys who

were holdovers they have these like

weird patches and stuff on their arms

and I was like oh who are these guys

they look like they've been here for a

while like they know what's going on I

didn't know that they were all quitters

so actually if I kind of looked out and

like asking them for advice and stuff

like that but later on I found out that

they all they stay work

so they basically just every day I was

out reception you see them out mowing

the grass you know picking up trash you

know doing stuff like that on there

sweeping around and that's really all

you do when you're holdover and you'll

do that for weeks or even months in some

people's cases some people were even at

reception and basic training for over a

year right so it is possible to quit get

hurt you know have your papers in

processing I don't know what the heck

that means sometimes because sometimes

in processing just takes two seconds and

then sometimes it literally will take

people a year to sign your paper and

that's mainly just because it's the

military and people they really look

down on you quitting right so if you

have a battalion commander or whatever

the the officer level is that signs off

on all these you know papers to you know

kick you out of the army they're really

not in any rush they're looking at you

like all these guys are a bunch of

quitters you know we can just use them

they're going to be cleaning up stuff

you know I'm really in no rush to sign

these papers to get them you know kicked

out of the army and I've been told that

that's kind of what they do they just

really just let the paper stack up and

then eventually one day they just decide

to sign the papers and you know then

those people are kicked out and you know

it could have been just one day but like

I said before you are going to wait as a

hold over for a long time if you decide

to quit now a basic training

if you quit like I said you're going to

be there until your company graduates

you're going to be there longer than the

guys that you are originally with now

what happens if you get injured right so

there's really two cases and at this and

in this scenario I'm talking about basic

training kind of at reception too but

we'll just apply this the basic training

there's really two cases that applies if

you get injured right it kind of depends

on the severity of your injury so let's

say you're a basic training and you

tweaked your ankle or you hurt your

shoulder or something like that and you

are no longer able to do your physical

activities and duties of the

daily routines adds a strain you will

then become a holdover you'll get

recycled right so I don't know if I've

talked about this before in my past

videos but especially this is your first

video I'll go ahead and explain it so

getting recycled at basic training

basically just means that your company

is going on the little timeline right so

you're doing these things you know red

phase white phase blue phase and if you

get recycled it means you are going back

to another point in time in the cycle

with another company right so you won't

end up staying with your company the

whole time so whenever you guys are

going through outpatient training you

will notice that there will be holdovers

to end up you know they might come to

your platoon they might come to your

company or whatever and these are guys

who have been recycled back to your to

your cycle so a basic training session

is called a cycle so they will be

recycled back to you and I said cycle

like fifty thousand times but that's

pretty much what happens right that's

one of the ways you can get recycled the

other way is basically if you do

something bad right so you can I don't

know try and let's say you steal

something at the PX right so there's

still something at the PX you're going

to get basically find and that get extra

duty and stuff like that and you could

also possibly get recycles back to

another unit now if you fail every

single fail every single event a better

training you're probably you might get

recycled back to another company

so that's possibility but but the other

scenario for a more major injury is

you're basically going to be sent home

to come back to basic training at a

later date this happened in my platoon

personally at the final FTX there was

this guy it was you know we're after

doing some reckon and stuff like that he

was complaining about his hips right so

one of the things you do not want to

complain about is your hips

if you go to sit call and you tell them

your hips is hurting you know they're

going to do an x-ray and MRI or whatever

the heck they do and if they see little

minor fractures or anything it could be

like barely even nothing where you would

be fine don't just don't complain by

your hips because like this guy he was

sent home for I think six months and

after six months he was supposed to come

back and start basic training all over

again right so that's the scenario if

you have a major injury you could be

sent home for X amount of days and

months or whatever and then come back to

basic training to start over the other

thing the final possibility of getting

injured is if for some reason your

papers are in processing again this has

happened if you get injured you will

just be a holdover for as long as that

injuries is over so it's like it's like

majorly fractured your arm and you know

the bone was sticking out or something

like that if your papers just happen to

be in processing for it the entirety of

that time you could be stuck as a

holdover add basic training for out of

eight months or something so it could be

a ridiculous amount of time yes you get

paid for all that time and it's not fun

right so you're getting paid but you're

going to be cleaning and doing bullcrap

stuff and it's just not fun and finally

the only way really that I know of that

you can be sent home from basic training

basically within the week of you wanting

to is really once nearing you do not

want to do this thing again so you do

not want to do this but it's happened

multiple times right and that is

basically trying to kill yourself and or

just being a danger to everybody around

you right so if you're a danger to

everybody around you you're trying to

kill yourself like every single night

every single chance you get you're

trying to kill yourself every single

chance you get you're trying to run away

every single chance you get you're just

starting fights and doing all this stuff

because you want to get out you're going

to get out right they're not going to

keep you around for very long

you could get some sent home like two

days after you

of this major event that you did has

happened you maybe you've tried to kill

yourself like freaking three times and

after that they're like right with this

dude clearly is freaking going crazy

right now so we got to send them home

and what happens after that is pretty

horrible right so you could get a

dishonorable discharge from the military

which just ruins your life right you're

not going to be able to really get a job

anywhere you might be having to get paid

under the table for like the rest of

your life if you get a dishonorable

discharge that's just it's pretty

freakin bad you could also get a failure

to adapt which is more of a mild thing

and that may not happen if you are

suicidal and all this stuff goes on your

record guys so let's say you try to kill

yourself at basic training you guys

might think it's crazy that I'm talking

about trying to kill herself but it

happened multiple times at reception

dude drink

he drank laundry detergent until he was

throwing up blood and I remember I was

on my my fire guard shift and this guy

was throwing up blood because he tried

to essentially kill himself by chugging

like an entire big bottle of launching

detergent which is a which is a basic

basic acid because acid is whatever but

you know it's a basic chemical and your

body and it just throws off your body as

you know chemical balance and you know

he was throwing up throwing up blood so

it happened at reception multiple guys

trying to kill himself now I want to say

is to scare you I think these people

honestly were semi weak-minded I don't

want to say that in a bad way but I just

don't understand when people try to kill

themselves especially for something as

not difficult as basic training but

anyway so killing yourself goes on if

you try to kill yourself it's going to

go on the record if you run away a whole

bunch of times and you get dishonorable

discharge and you start a whole bunch of

fights these things going to record and

you might think I'm just going to go

home and everything's gonna be fine

that's really not how it is these things

are gonna be on your record if you go

try to get a job and they do a

background check it's going to come up

and you're going to wish that you had

just stuck it out at basic train

and you know just did what you had to do

to get over with finish out your first

contract and be like peace out I'm going

to get my DD 214 and never think about

the military ever again so that is what

happens if you quit sale or and get

injured or basically try to kill

yourself at basic training that's pretty

much what happens to you all the snares

you don't want to do it you want to not

quit you don't want to quit you want to

you're as best as you can to pass all

the courses on subsidies that you don't

get recycled now you can keep you can

get recycled doesn't mean you have

failed basic training this means you

know you might need a little bit extra

time at the range or something like that

because you couldn't qualify or whatever

but you're still going to graduate base

train getting injured you know you could

be sent home or you could be held as a

holdover and if you try to kill yourself

and that is just please don't do that

guys it's really not that bad you know

train the training environment TRADOC it

sucks a lot worse than the Regular Army

just remember that when you're going

through it so those are basically the

four scenarios I talked about in this

video so yeah make sure you encourage

your friends whenever you go to basic

training hopefully this doesn't apply to

any of you guys but when you're around

people when you get to basic training

when you get to reception make sure you

try to encourage your battle buddies and

stuff you know to keep pushing forward

all the ones who are wanting to quit and

do our stuff try to encourage them you

know not to do it not to quit not to you

know give up and just keep pushing

forward because like I said basic

training is only a certain amount of

links is a finite number of days it's

not going to last forever so keep that

in mind and make sure you remind your

battle buddies who seem to have a rough

time so this video goes out to them I

guess so I hope you guys enjoyed it if

you did like the video if you have any

questions comment them down below

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I'm trying to post these videos as much

as I can before I leave next week for

awhile so yeah hope you enjoyed it and

I'll see you guys later